All in One Support Button + Callback Request. WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, LiveChat and more…

All in One Support Button + Callback Request. WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, LiveChat and more...


All in One Support Button displays on every page of your site and provide as many contact methods as you want.

You can choose what of contact methods will be displayed on desktop and mobile versions of your site separately. Also that way you can set one link for desktop version and another for mobile.

Facebook Customer Chat, WhatsApp, live chat, Intercom, Zendesk chat, Call Me Back, Crisp, VK chat, Skype, Slack, Viber, Telegram, Email, Smartsupp, LiveChat, LiveHelper Chat and more social communication support channels all in one message module!

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  • WordPress 3.7.x or above


  • Button customization – customize button position, color, size, icon, label. All the settings can be set separately for mobile and desktop version of widget
  • Menu customization – customize menu size, menu background, menu icons style, text color, etc… All the settings can be set separately for mobile and desktop version of widget
  • Menu items – choose items you whant, add/edit/remove menu items
  • Menu items visibility – choose what items will be displayed on desktop and mobile devices separately
  • Custom javascript handler – you can write custom JavaScript item hadler to integrate widget with live-chat widgets, run Google Analytics code, etc…
  • Live chat integrations – you can use this functionality to integrate with one or few live chats such as FaceBook Customer Chat,, Zendesk chat etc… (please see full list below)
  • Customize prompt messages – add/edit/remove prompt messages
  • Callback request – customer can easily request a call-back to his/her phone number
  • Email – when visitor request a callback you will receive an email
  • Twilio integration – you can use Twilio integration to receive SMS when visitor request a callback
  • Telegram chatbot – you can create and integrate Telegram chatbot to receive Telegram message when visitor request a callback
  • Onesignal integration – you can use Onesignal integration to receive Web Push Notifications when visitor request a callback
  • Callback requests in admin panel – you can manage all callback requests in admin panel (please see screenshots)
  • Google reCaptcha V3 integration – prevent bots to send call-back request via invisible Google reCaptcha V3 (please see screenshots)
  • Countdown timer – display countdown timer when customer request a call-back
  • Theme color – customize button color (please see screenshots)
  • Hashtag commands – you can use simple link with hashtag href to send some commands (open menu, close menu, open call back popup etc…) to widget. Please see documentation for details.
  • Shortcodes – you can use shortcodes on any of your site pages to display contact buttons (please see screenshots)
  • Export/import settings – science version 1.5.0 you can easily export all plugin data to file. This tool allows you to migrate to newer version without data loss.

This plugin can be integrated with following live chat widgets:

  • Facebook customer chat
  • Skype web control
  • Crisp
  • Intercom
  • Zendesk chat or Zopim
  • Zalo
  • VK Community messages
  • Live Helper Chat
  • Smartsupp
  • LiveChat (
  • This list will be extended…

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##[1.6.6] - 2019-09-03
### Added
- Tidio Integration
- Jivosite integration
- Added comments functionality to callback requests
- Updated translation template
- Updated Russian translation
- Added Google Analytics integration

### Fixed
- Callback requests admin table mobile view

##[1.6.3] - 2019-07-31
### Added
- Name and referer fileds to email notification
- Name and referer fileds to webpush notification
- Name and referer fileds to sms notification
- Name and referer fileds to telegram notification
- Export callback requests to CSV file
- Delay initialization
- Disable initialization
- Open menu after timeout automatically

##[1.6.2] - 2019-06-01
### Fixed
- Crisp integration issue
- Callback customer name field

##[1.6.1] - 2019-05-27
### Added 
- Custom popup item type - allows to open popup with text/html content by clicking menu item
- Name field to callback form
- Activation functionality

##[1.5.9] - 2019-05-01
### Added 
- Background and color option for shortcode

### Fixed
- Exporting data issue on some PHP versions
- Button and menu z-index
- Modal conflict with SimpleModal
- Safari item editing/adding

##[1.5.8] - 2019-04-29
### Added 
- GDPR checkbox

##[1.5.7] - 2019-04-25
### Added
- WooCommerce StoreFront theme integration to mobile footer
- New Menu style - icons without background
- 1-click auto update
- LiveZilla integration
- StoreFront theme compliant - now you can add "contact-us" button to storefront mobile footer

### Fixed
- LiveChat Pro integration issue
- Update issue
- Generate css after import

##[1.5.5] - 2019-04-08
### Added
- LiveChat Pro integration
- Close callback popup timeout
- Menu items subtitles
- Option to display menu item for all users or registred users or unregistred users only
- FontAwesome icons support

### Fixed
- Performance improved

Please visit our site to view full changelog.


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