ARI Stream Quiz – WordPress Viral Quiz Creator

ARI Stream Quiz - WordPress Viral Quiz Creator


Why You Need This Quiz Module?

Quizzes add virality and help to increase traffic on your WordPress site, helps to collect leads, add more places to show ads and monetize your content, social sharing boost.

Create viral trivia and personality quizzes like on BuzzFeed in WordPress. Integrate it with ActiveCampaign, AWeber, ConstantContact, Drip, GetResponse, MailChimp, MailerLite and Zapier services, share results via popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, VKontakt and many more.

Can I try the plugin?

Sure, try the plugin in action on demo site:

Use demo/demo credentials and create your own quizzes:

Can check free version and upgrade it after to PRO version. Free edition is available in WordPress plugins repository:

User’s guide is here:

Video tutorial how to use the plugin and create the first quiz:


  • Lead capture. Integration with ActiveCampaign, AWeber, ConstantContact, Drip, GetResponse, MailChimp, MailerLite and Zapier email marketing services
  • Create unlimited quizzes with any number of questions and answers
  • Multiple answers selection is supported for personality and trivia quizzes
  • Show questions in random order and shuffle answers
  • The plugin is responsive. Works fine on all devices
  • Share results on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, VKontakt
  • Embed quizzes into posts and pages via shortcode or into IFRAME element
  • Possible to show several personalities on result page of personality quiz
  • Contains Buzzfeed and Standard themes. Supports ability to add new themes
  • Can show several quizzes on the same page
  • Show custom content at the end of quiz depends on number of correctly answered questions
  • Create trivia and personality quizzes
  • Export results to CSV
  • Can be translated to any language. Contains English, Russian and Turkish translations
  • See statistics for each quiz


1.5.4 – 01 October 2017

  • Can send results by email to quiz takers

1.5.0 – 26 July 2017

  • Improve sharing functionality. Show result text and image when share on Facebook.

1.4.17 – 26 May 2017

  • Better compatibility with jQuery 3.x

1.4.16 – 10 May 2017

  • Add Open Graph and Twitter tags

1.4.15 – 1 May 2017

  • Supports new Facebook API (v. 2.9)
  • Supports shortcodes in questions / answers

1.4.14 – 19 March 2017

  • Integration with ConstantContact service


  • Integration with MailerLite service

1.4.12 – 02 March 2017

  • Add “Content before result area” and “Content after result area” parameters to quiz settings


  • Navigate to explanation instead of results section when last question is answered
  • Fix bug: “Play again” something works incorrectly on https sites
  • Possible to use a CSS selector as value for “Scroll offset” parameter


  • Fix bug: sometimes a quiz is not started and “Trying to get property of non-object” error occurs


  • Add 100 and -100 options to score drop-down for personality tests
  • Add “Show image in description” parameter to quiz settings
  • Add hooks:asq_ui_quiz_settings_top, asq_ui_quiz_settings_bottom


  • Possible to use shortcode in quiz description and results

1.4.4 – 04 February 2017

  • Add “Support shortcodes” parameter to quiz settings
  • Add “Lockout single answers” parameter to plugin settings
  • Add userScorePercent and maxScore predefined variables for personality tests

1.4.2 – 30 January 2017

  • Add Buzzfeed theme

1.4.0 – 29 January 2017

  • Add support of multiple answers selection
  • Improve usability and performance of quiz builder

1.3.11 – 21 January 2017

  • Possible to define default values on “Settings” screen for [streamquiz] shortcode parameters
  • Use animation when question page is changed
  • Fix bug: shortcode shows quizzes before post content
  • Fix bug: automatic update is not available immediately when API key is entered

1.3.10 – 19 January 2017

  • Fix bug: the plugin doesn’t work properly in WordPress version less than 4.5

1.3.9 – 10 January 2017

  • Add missed Turkish translation for WYSIWYG editor

1.3.8 – 04 January 2017

  • Add Russian translation


  • Add translations for WYSIWYG editor
  • Fix bug: incorrect percent values are shown on diagram for personality quiz results

1.3.6 – 03 January 2017

  • Add “Show several personalities” parameter to personality quiz settings

1.3.5 – 02 January 2017

  • Show name and email for registered users on “Results” page
  • Changed size of WYSIWYG editor
  • Fix bug: “Shuffle answers” is working incorrectly when “Start immediately” option is disabled

1.3.4 – 01 January 2017

  • Fix bug with “Is the correct answer” and “Add explanation to question” checkboxes in trivia quiz. It was saved incorrectly

1.3.3 – 26 December 2016

  • Show image credits. Description from media gallery is used as image credit
  • Add “Advanced -> Prefetch quiz session” parameter to plugin settings
  • Turkish translation is added. Thank you to Günay Say

1.3.2 – 20 December 2016

  • Add “Email” to share buttons

1.3.1 – 8 December 2016

  • Export results to CSV
  • Show statistics
  • Show detailed results on backend