B2B Quick Order Plugin for WooCommerce

B2B Quick Order Plugin for WooCommerce


Quick Order for WooCommerce

Quick Order for WooCommerce facilitates buyers to quickly purchase a bulk number of different products without visiting every product page. It is designed to reduce the number of steps required to place an order and allow customers to add products quickly.

It provides the most convenient steps for a wholesaler to place orders with an autocomplete search box and displays the auto-suggestions for products. When customers enter the product’s name into the field it helps to pick up items instantly. Additionally, this allows customers to import CSV files to add to a cart bunch of Products.

WooCommerce Quick Order plugin enhance the overall shopping experience for your customer by adding a simple, intuitive way to purchase your products.

Note –
The B2B Quick Order Plugin for WooCommerce is compatible with Multisite.
This plugin does not support External/Affiliate and Grouped product types.

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Why Use B2B Quick Order Plugin for WooCommerce

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Features of Quick Order for WooCommerce

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  • Allow customers to purchase products from a single page.
  • The admin can allow the customer to view an empty set of fields while quick ordering the products.
  • Auto-suggestion along with ajax search to find the product quickly.
  • One click action to add multiple products in the shopping cart.
  • CSV import feature to add to cart bunch of products in one go.
  • Customers can search for a product using the product name.
  • Update product quantity on the quick order page.
  • Add multiple different products to quick order.
  • Select variable product options such as – color, size.
  • The customer can add additional rows as needed.

Business Use

This plugin is convenient for the customer to purchase bulk products from different sellers within a single click. There is no need to visit each product page to buy it.

It is also beneficial to search any of the products with autosuggestions. Customers will receive complete product information after entering the product name.

This module allows customers to import CSV files for adding bulk products to the cart. It helps to get the product details and buy products with different sellers.

This plugin makes the shopping process easy for the customers.


"Initial release v 1.0.0", "Current release v 1.1.4"
v 1.1.4
Update : Updated Plugin code structure.
Update : Hide Grouped and External Products.
v 1.1.3
Enhancement : Added WooCommerce activate check.
Enhancement : Responsive Quick order table.
Enhancement: Added feature to search products by SKU also.
Enhancement: Provide an option to show/hide the combination field.
Enhancement: Add filter to show/hide SKU field.
Enhancement: Added option to allow Quick order from CSV file, Quick order Table or both.
Enhancement: Admin can quick order template on any page just by pasting '[quick_order]' shortcode.
Enhancement: Admin can allow product search by SKU, Product Name or Both.
Enhancement : Added .pot file.
I updated: Error handling in a file upload.
Updated : CSV file direction.
I fixed: The popup and file upload CSS issue.
Fixed: Fixed issue loading all products.
v 1.1.2
Enhancement: Enhancement added product SKU in the temporary order table.
Fixed: Fixed Translation string issue.
Added: Added option to show default rows in quick order table blank or filled.
Fixed: Fixed Shortcode issue.
Fixed: Fixed Adding Draft product in the cart.
Fixed: Fixed Price and SKU issue of variable products.
v 1.1.1
Fixed: Fixed bug regarding adding variable product to cart.
v 1.0.0
Initial release