Calendarista Premium – WP Appointment Booking Plugin and Schedule System

Calendarista Premium - WP Appointment Booking Plugin and Schedule System



Calendarista is software designed to provide a faster and more efficient online booking experience to your customers.

Front-end demo:

Backend demo:

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Video tutorials

  1. Intro1 – schedule a meeting room

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Our goal is to make it super-fast and easy for businesses to add their services and begin taking bookings online. If you are someone wanting a complete hotel reservation system, car rental, apartment rental, travel agency, beauty salons, restaurants and so forth, you will be able to enable your website for online bookings quickly and easily.

The plugin offers 12 booking modes out of the box, 3 payment gateways and if that is not enough, it also supports Woocommerce, a custom form builder, flexible optional extras, google maps to setup departure and destination and calculate route distance and cost, a backend calendar to view your appointments, just to name a few of the features.

It’s time to fall back in love with booking!

More information is available on our dedicated website:


No add-ons required. All features listed below are natively supported

  • Customers can book by selecting a single start date.
  • Customers can book by selecting both a start date and start time (multiple slot selection supported).
  • Customers can book by selecting both a start date and start time with padding.
  • Customers can book by selecting a start date and time range.
  • Customers can book by selecting a date range.
  • Customers can book by selecting a date and time range.
  • Customers can book by selecting a date range with changeover days (check-in/check-out).
  • Customers can book a round trip by selecting pickup and drop dates.
  • Customers can book a round trip by selecting pickup an drop dates with time.
  • Customers can book by selecting a package – A package consists of one or more dates.
  • Customers can book multiple dates in any order – Non sequential.
  • Customers can book multiple dates and time in any order – Non sequential.
  • Add a service or list multiple services in the front-end via short-code.
  • Add to Google Calendar, iCAL and Outlook buttons for your custom.
  • iCAL live feeds to sync your appointments on Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook etc. (2 way sync).
  • Natively sync your appointments with Google Calendar (2 way sync).
  • Export to CSV.
  • Custom Fields – Allows you to collect any additional information from the customer during the booking.
  • Unlimited categorized Extras. Allow customers to include optional elements that are free or have a cost.
  • Translations – WPML and Polylang support. Translate in multiple languages.
  • Fully customizable email notifications sent to staff and your customers.
  • SMTP settings – Avoid email notifications ending up in the dreadful spam folder.
  • Customizable Email reminders sent to your customers for upcoming appointments.
  • Booking with and without payment supported – Customize at the service level.
  • Payments with WooCommerce.
  • Payments with Stripe and Paypal (supported out of the box, no third party required).
  • Collect payments offline.
  • Seasonal rates supported.
  • Multiple date formats.
  • AM/PM or 24h time format.
  • Tax
  • Departure or departure and destination input fields with google maps autocomplete support.
  • Predefined departure or departure and destination dropdown fields.
  • Waypoints(stops) between departure and destination.
  • Calculate cost by travel distance.
  • Display directions on a live google map within your site (no redirect).
  • Select departure and destination directly on google map using right click context menu.
  • Allow customers to cancel a booking with time limit.
  • GDPR ready – EU law compliant on data protection and privacy.
  • Add staff members – A staff member can manage appointments.
  • Holidays – Take time off.
  • Discount coupons.
  • Public Calendar with daily, weekly and monthly view.
  • Deposits – Pay reminder upon arrival on premises.
  • Create or Edit an appointment from the back-end.
  • View and manage appointments in the backend.
  • View and manage sales in the backend.
  • Style booking form by choosing a color that matches your website design.
  • Add Search form with search attributes via short-code – allow customers to find matching appointments.
  • Unlimited Guests – Allow customers to specify how many guests are coming.
  • Seats – Control your availability with seats.
  • Group booking – Allows your customers to select multiple seats.
  • Automatic updates – Insert your purchase code and receive automated updates for product life time.

Change log

= 9.8.8 =

  • Posted on 24/10/2020
  • Added: search feature now supports opening search results in a new tab (if enabled).
  • Added: back-end appointments listview now supports an order by filter.
  • Added: back-end appointments search filter now adds searching by customer name, email and invoice ID.
  • Added: new feature in availability. you can now add invidiual days and additionally have them repeat montly/yearly.
  • Improved: cost set in availability when using new package option in single day mode now applies to entire package.
  • Fixed: when certain conditions were met, clicking the start date did not launch the calendar popup.
  • Fixed: when using the search feature and all slots were booked for the day, clicking a start or end date did nothing.
  • Fixed: the availability description field wouldn’t get translated.

= 9.8.6 =

  • Posted on 05/10/2020
  • Added: single day mode now supports setting up a package.
  • Improved: cost summary now provides more relevant data regarding the current selection breakdown.
  • Fixed: synched feeds did not display in the appointments page (specifically when show imported appointments was enabled).
  • Fixed: end time string in the front-end did not get translated.

= 9.8.4 =

  • Posted on 24/09/2020
  • Fixed: search form field translations eg: Find, Select, Sold out etc.
  • Fixed: regression bug when trying to create an appointment from backend on service with multiple availabilities broken.
  • Fixed: when adding more than one service/availability in woocommerce cart, the same date from different service/availability remained unavailable.

= 9.8 =

  • Posted on 20/09/2020
    Fixed: regression bug caused by version 9.7.9

= 9.7.9 =

  • Posted on 19/09/2020
  • Fixed: when using multiple payment operators, paypal did not work.
  • Improved: when using the search filter and no dates were selected, availability will by default be checked against the current day.

= 9.7.8 =

  • Posted on 18/09/2020
  • Fixed: using multiple short-codes on a page or post did not work.
  • Fixed: multi date and multi date and time mode did not respect guests validation when required.

= 9.7.5 =

  • Posted on 15/09/2020
  • Improved: google calendar sync now deletes exported appointments if these were deleted from google calendar.
  • Fixed: setting an image in the services->availability page did not display the image in the booking form front-end.
  • Fixed: season cost miscalculated when applying by week day (su,mo,tu,we,th,fr,sa).
  • Fixed: when using a single guest field (limit by seats), the last guest was not selectable.
  • Fixed: when paypal is enabled along with Multi date or multi date and time mode, booking form broke on checkout step and payment failed.

= 9.7.4 =

  • Posted on 05/09/2020
  • Fixed: a regression bug with changeover mode.
  • Fixed: translation of the search fields did not work if the settings->general was saved.
  • Fixed: when multiple payment providers are enabled, the selected payment provider radio button did not highlight the selection.
  • Fixed: success message after booking did not disappear when clicking close.
  • Fixed: when using maps and the distance is pretty large, over 1000km, the values were truncated and the wrong distance displayed.
  • Fixed: regression bug regarding seats in combination with guests caused overbooking.
  • Added: seats Max restriction if group booking is enabled.
  • Added: a new option in services->availability page to display/hide the remaining seats message.

= 9.7.2 =

  • Posted on 31/08/2020
  • Fixed: regression bug, multi date range and changeover accepted bookings even if there were booked out dates in between the selected range.

= 9.7.1 =

  • Posted on 29/08/2020
  • Fixed: WordPress 5.5 broke multi timeslot selection listbox.

= 9.7 =

  • Posted on 28/08/2020
  • Added: Feeds synching now supports updates and deletes.
  • Added: font-size setting in the settings->general page. This affects the booking form.
  • Updated: documentation.
  • Fixed: feeds synched into the system had the description truncated.
  • Fixed: front-end, reclicking the calendar input field without closing the calendar caused it to choke.
  • Fixed: stripe input fields on mobile had overlapping text.
  • Fixed: start date and start time did not get translated when using wpml or polylang.
  • Fixed: when selecting a date range with a weekly repeat pattern, validation failed.
  • Improved: search result now takes into consideration the availabilities Min/Max days restriction.
  • Deprecated: 2checkout payment operator is no longer supported. please use woocommerce in case you want 2checkout.

= 9.6 =

  • Posted on 28/07/2020
  • Added: email template new control statement: #if_service_id_123content here/if_service_id_123
  • Added: email template new control statement: #if_availability_id_123content here/if_availability_id_123
  • Added: public calendar now supports single day view
  • Added: search attributes. you can now create attributes from the services->search attributes page. These will be added to the front-end search form
  • Improved: guests with required option now uses a default value of None editable from Services -> Text page.
  • Improved: appointments listview now includes all booking information at a glance (custom form fields, optionals, guests, seats).
  • Improved: appointments page will now always open the last tab viewed first.
  • Fixed: stripe payments were concluded anyway even though the customer was told the booking was out of stock.
  • Fixed: front-end search filter did not allow searching the current date and only allowed the next day onwards.
  • Fixed: email reminders did not send out the reminders at the correct time and current day bookings were totally skipped as well.
  • Fixed: sanitized name field in the booking form to allow insertion of special characters and what not.

= 9.5.6 =

  • Posted on 10/07/2020
  • Added: drag and drop sort order for availabilities.
  • Added: a required option to check when creating guests. this forces the user to select any value other than 0 when selecting guests.
  • Added: search filter now supports setting a theme color. new option can be found in the Settings -> General page.
  • Improved: The booking date and time is now included in paypal item title.
  • Improved: Google calendar sync will now use customer name and seats booked in the title instead of generic servicename – availability name.
  • Fixed: regression bug. PHP 5.3 compatibility, though this is getting quite old so dont expect miracles in the future.
  • Fixed: twenty twenty wordpress theme compatbility. Font sizes and pretty much form elements appeared shrunk.
  • Fixed: public calendar displayed a gridview in tablet portrait mode even when you specified you want it to display as a list.

= 9.5.4 =

  • Posted on 30/06/2020
  • Added: Single day and time range now supports group booking.
  • Fixed: improved guests to respect the remaining seats value when group booking is not enabled.
  • Fixed: ical feeds description truncated the extra info such as seats, custom form fields, guests, etc.
  • Fixed: saving style template in services -> styles -> advanced caused styling issues.

= 9.5.3 =

  • Posted on 26/06/2020
  • Added: WordPress CRON job support for Google Calendar. Previously only True CRON jobs were supported.
  • Fixed: removed dependency on php-mbstring.

= 9.5.2 =

  • Posted on 23/06/2020
  • Fixed: Multi date and time range did not multiply optional extras x selected days.
  • Fixed: booking form messed up when setting thumbnail or font-family with style ‘none’.
  • Fixed: regression 9.5 version, caused a spinning wheel loading forever when viewing the booking form.

= 9.5 =

  • Posted on 16/06/2020
  • Added: Google calendar now has a manual sync option.
  • Added: Google calendar now has a manual delete option that deletes imported/exported data on an availability.
  • Fixed: Google calendar did not sync customform fields, guests etc.
  • Fixed: 3d secure on Stripe had some issues on the new API. Migrated old code to the new API.
  • Fixed: changeover days with seats did not allow check-in/check-out on changeover even though there were still seats left.
  • Fixed: calendar allowed selecting unavailable days when certain conditions were met.

= 9.4.9 =

  • Posted on 11/06/2020
  • Added: public calendar now supports weekly listview
  • Fixed: invoices are now only sent on bookings that opt to pay offline.
  • Fixed: padding time was not showing in the backend timeslots page when using single day and time with padding mode.
  • Fixed: single day and time with padding ignored seats when group booking was enabled.

= 9.4.8 =

  • Posted on 08/06/2020
  • Fixed: regression bug, custom charge was not applied.
  • Fixed: when using decimal based values for cost, stripe did not work. rounding now.

= 9.4.7 =

  • Posted on 29/05/2020
  • Added: New option in Settings->Payments page to change the number format. You can now set your own decimal and thousands separator.
  • Added: Single day and time with padding service mode now supports seats and group booking.
  • Added: Round trip with time now supports setting cost at the time slot level.
  • Fixed: oxygen builder failing? This is due to debug mode being enabled for AJAX requests which caused issues with third party plugins that threw warnings.
  • Fixed: When using a service mode with the end date, moving back and forth within the wizard caused wrong date selection.
  • Fixed: When using inclusive tax mode, the back-end appointments page displayed exclusive tax amount when viewing the details.

= 9.4.6 =

  • Posted on 16/05/2020
  • Fixed: single day and time email notification displayed a date range message when the appointment is only for a single slot.
  • Fixed: when using seasons without pricing scheme, the cost calculation only included the season cost while truncating any selected days outside the season.
  • Fixed: deleting imported feeds did nothing.
  • Fixed: when timezone is enabled on the availability, the first available date is in the past.
  • Added: importing feeds will now take into account timezone if one is present. exporting feeds to ics now includes the timezone set in WordPress.

= 9.4.3 =

  • Posted on 08/05/2020
  • Fixed: woocommerce Single Product Sale Flash compatibility fix.
  • Fixed: when syncing an appointment from google calendar, this did not block appointments in the front-end. A regression bug.

= 9.4.1 =

  • Posted on 06/05/2020
  • Fixed: when google calendar sync is enabled, placing a booking caused errors. A regression bug.

= 9.4 =

  • Posted on 05/05/2020
  • Fixed: when using a short-code of a service that does not exist, we handle this gracefully now.
  • Fixed: regression bug, fixing a second time: single day and time range mode missed a slot.
  • Fixed: when using a coupon with fixed cost, payment was still required if the total amount was zero.
  • Fixed: when using a fixed coupon, if the value exceeds the total amount, it is considered invalid and will not apply.
  • Fixed: when using a service with membership enabled, switching from new customer to returning customer, threw warnings.
  • Fixed: deleting a sale record now works correctly.

= 9.3.9 =

  • Posted on 01/05/2020
  • Added: search filter now allows adding any custom post type, so should work with most listing themes.
  • Fixed: cancel URL in email notification was missing start and end dates.
  • Fixed: regression bug, where time slots being booked ignored seats.

= 9.3.7 =

  • Posted on 22/04/2020 (available via auto update)
  • Fixed: deleting an availability that previously had bookings did not delete appointments, leaving orphaned records.
  • Fixed: woocommerce bookings that had tax applied displayed cost without tax in the backend sales page.
  • Fixed: some systems displayed a mustache templating engine warning.
  • Fixed: short-code tab in services displayed a warning stating that a service selection is required, when it is not.

= 9.3.5 =

  • Posted on 20/04/2020
  • Fixed: when including multiple short-codes on the same page, if the services had optional extras the plugin will choke.
  • Fixed: optional groups that are to multiply cost by seats displayed 0 cost when navigating away from optional step backwards and returning back to it.

= 9.3.4 =

  • Posted on 16/04/2020
  • Fixed: Multi date mode did not calculate custom charge.
  • Fixed: Multi date mode did not calculate pricing scheme.
  • Fixed: sales page bugged after viewing an order detail.
  • Fixed: woocommerce product type calendarista now allows setting the individual product as taxable with tax class and also inventory.
  • Fixed: sales page now provides a button that links an order to woocommerce.

= 9.3 =

  • Posted on 25/03/2020
  • Fixed: guests did not deduct seats if group booking wasn’t enabled.
  • Fixed: regression bug: single day and time range mode missed a slot if this was previously booked.
  • Added: 2 new service modes: Multi date and Multi date and time. Allows booking multiple dates that are not in sequence.

= 9.2.7 =

  • Posted on 09/03/2020
  • Fixed: stopped using utf8_encode as some PHP versions do not ship with this by default.
  • Fixed: woocommerce checkout was broken due to recent 9.2 update.
  • Fixed: regression bug, bookings broken.
  • Fixed: search broken, regression bug.
  • Fixed: optimization for speed. most notable in changeover mode.
  • Fixed: regression bug: Paypal bookings not registered after payment.

= 9.2.2 =

  • Posted on 03/03/2020
  • Fixed: regression bug. Editing an appointment in the backend was broken.

= 9.2.1 =

  • Posted on 29/02/2020
  • Fixed: holidays page time off dialog missing translation.
  • Fixed: misc inconsistencies.

= 9.2 =

  • Posted on 27/02/2020
  • Fixed: currency symbol not showing. regression bug.
  • Improved: revamped guests functionality. more intuitive and now seats will be spread around all guest fields.
  • Fixed: unavailable slots strikethrough appeared as an underline.
  • Fixed: sync’d appointments in listview did not display the appointment details when clicking the edit button.
  • Fixed: search end date is no longer set by default.
  • Fixed: race condition which can cause overbooking, if two people try to book the same appointment, the first to checkout wins.
  • Added: new email notification to inform customer that a race condition.
  • Updated: french and italian language files.

= 9.1 =

  • Posted on 08/02/2020
  • Fixed: checkbox text overflow hiding part of the text.
  • Fixed: search filter result did not link to the correct service/availability if the result item did not match the search date.
  • Fixed: search filter not returning results correctly if the availability had a termination date.
  • Fixed: miscellaneous bug fixes and PHP 7.3+ warnings in our integrated third party updater.

= 9.0 =

  • Posted on 05/02/2020
  • Added: Search. You can now add a search filter to find available bookings, check example:
  • Improved: places aggregate cost list is now paged.
  • Updated bootstrap to latest version 4.4.1
  • Fixed: when editing an appointment in the back-end, where the availability was changed, the update did not take place correctly.
  • Fixed: staff member did not receive a notification if the user making the booking was logged in to WordPress.

= 8.8 =

  • Posted January 03, 2020
  • Improvement: UI color enhancements to overall tabs and booking form.
  • Fix: with woocommerce enabled, some webservers have an issue with early call to WC() function, which broke the details step.

= 8.5 =

  • Posted December 17, 2019
  • Added: backend appointments calendar will auto translate based on your WordPress locale and will switch to listview in responsive mode.
  • Added: new short code generator in appointments page to display all your public appointments so these are visible within a full calendar in the front-end.
  • Improved: negative cost in optional extra now show the cost as a discount.
  • Improved: auto filling woocommerce billing name and billing email in checkout page. data also remembered when coming back to the booking form from woocommerce checkout/cart.
  • Fixed: bookings that were already in a cancelled state, send out a booking cancel notification when deleted by admin.
  • Fixed: the new email template tokens introduced in 8.2 were not printing the correct date and time.
  • Fixed: first day of week option was doing nothing to the font-end calendar.
  • Fixed: several text strings that were not translatable in the plugins back-end.
  • Fixed: text strings that were not getting translated when loading timeslots eg: start time place holder text and the reset label.
  • Fixed: setting empty values in Services->Map page did nothing.
  • Fixed: setting the booking start date in the availability settings, to a date in the future (1month+) caused issues in the frontend calendar when clicking the clear button.
  • Updated: translation files.

= 8.2 =

  • Posted December 6, 2019
  • Added: new short-code [confirmation-message] that can be added to the designated custom confirmation page.
  • Added: new tokens for email templates that separate date from time: start_date, start_time, end_date, end_time
  • Added: French translation.
  • Fixed: regression bug in appointments page where time was displayed with an hour difference.
  • Fixed: miscellaneous strings that were missing translation.
  • Fixed: some css conflicts with themes where overall text appears to be too small, along with the form elements.
  • Fixed: regression bug, using custom charge if selected num of days exceed the minimum requirement, did not apply.
  • Fixed: optional group did not display the cost correctly with a mode that calculates by seat.

= 8.1 =

  • Posted November 26, 2019
  • Fixed: stripe payments that are not 3d secure/SCA will redirect to success page after a successful operation.
  • Fixed: when creating/editing woocommerce regular product type pricing, it reset automatically to 0.
  • Fixed: regression bug, the current day in the front-end calendar was always unavailable for booking.

= 8.0 =

  • Posted November 14, 2019
  • Added: stronger woocommerce support with misc fixes. now the booking form will automatically get added to woocommerce product pages and behave as any product.
  • Added: when creating the woocommerce calendarista product, opened up more options. product is also no longer hidden from catalog etc.
  • Added: check the new woocommerce demo page:
  • Added: email subject now supports all tokens supported in the email body.
  • Added: the email master template is now editable from the settings->emails page.
  • Fixed: a piece of string in the gdpr compliance page was not translatable.

= 7.9.7 =

  • Posted November 6, 2019
  • Fixed: in case there is no availability in the current month, the next first available date will be hilighted on the front-end calendar.
  • Fixed: appointments page listview edit button did not work, regression bug.

= 7.9.6 =

  • Posted November 1, 2019
  • Fixed: multi date and time range allowed booking a discontinous period when the end date fell on a month after the start date.
  • Fixed: when taking a holiday on a single day and time range mode, you could book slots even though the slots in between the start and end were unavailable.

= 7.9.5 =

  • Posted October 27, 2019
  • Updated: fullcalendar used in the backend now uses the latest v4 release(This is the back-end calendar in the appointments page).
  • Fixed: slight ui misplacements (borders, spacing, margin etc in the dialog) when editing an appointment in the back-end.
  • Fixed: single day and time range now shows a date as unavailable if there are no available slots for the day.
  • Fixed: regression bug when using pricing scheme, the calcuated cost is wrong.

= 7.9.3 =

  • Posted October 22, 2019
  • Fixed: Google Calendar sync ignored timezone.
  • Improved: Google Calendar sync code refactored.

= 7.9.2 =

  • Posted October 17, 2019
  • Fixed: synchronizing time set in google calendar was not getting blocked in the front-end when using single day and time mode.
  • Fixed: when creating a service without an availabilty, the plugin broke in the front-end instead of showing a booking form that has no bookings.
  • Fixed: when trying to syncronize appointments where time is involved, on some circumstances, if there was a previous appointment on availability (A), then availability (B) still allowed the booking.
  • Fixed: round trip with time mode was broken when selecting return with seats enabled.

= 7.9.1 =

  • Posted October 16, 2019
  • Fixed: regression bug introduced in 7.9 update, couldn’t create a new service or update an existing one.

= 7.9 =

  • Posted October 14, 2019
  • Updated: bootstrap to latest version 4.3
  • Improved: UI changes, now we use tabs, cleaner revamped bordered layout, new buttons, better colors.
  • Remember: Due to UI changes, before updating if using styles, please remember to reset the style in Services – Styles page as the template has changed.
  • Added: Services now allow setting an image that will be displayed in the booking form header area.
  • Added: Stripe support for SCA.
  • Fixed: The front-end calendar now shows the first available date instead of the current date.
  • Fixed: changeover mode now no longer allows checkin on a day that was previously checkin, instead allows only checkout. same applies for checkout.
  • Fixed: package mode now does not show a dropdownlist selection but only the single item when there is just a single package.
  • Fixed: package mode did not show description.
  • Fixed: when setting seats minimum with your timeslots, the whole day got booked after a single booking.
  • Fixed: sales page did not allow deleting a sale after the first sale was deleted and required a page refresh.
  • Fixed: setting a season did not apply the season cost, specifically when using service mode of type multi date range & changeover.

= 7.8.5 =

  • Posted August 25, 2019
  • Fixed: tax set in woocommerce was not applied in calendarista but only the woocommerce order.

= 7.8.4 =

  • Posted August 24, 2019
  • Fixed: google maps direction service was using km even when miles was the active unit system.

= 7.8.3 =

  • Posted August 20, 2019
  • Improved: sales page, now fully ajax enabled, much faster and less time wasted waiting for page reload.
  • Fixed: single day service mode did not sync with google calendar.
  • Fixed: map unit type showed miles when km was the active unit type.

= 7.8.2 =

  • Posted August 13, 2019
  • Fixed: updated google calendar instructions (7.8.2)
  • Fixed: miscellaneous bugs relating to coupon code creation (7.8.1)
  • Fixed: some strings in the back-end were not translation ready.
  • Fixed: calendar next/prev buttons unusuable in rtl mode.
  • Fixed: slight improvements in calendar next/prev buttons and title bar.
  • Fixed: When a new booking is placed, google calendar failed to update, reported missing file error but was actually typo in class name.
  • Fixed: custom charge percentage value added base cost along with the percentage. now it just uses the percentage cost.
  • Fixed: coupon edit dialog didn’t allow editing code or changing the mode.
  • Fixed: creating a coupon with the same code is no longer allowed.
  • Fixed: when using maps aggregate cost, the cost was not displayed correctly in the back-end sales and appointments page.
  • Fixed: miles/km unit type displayed the wrong type in booking summary as you navigated the wizard steps.
  • Fixed: no more than 10 products were listed when selecting a woocommerce product in the services page.
  • Fixed: woocommerce coupons were not reported in calendarista.
  • Fixed: creating appointments from the backend did not include the routing cost when using departure/destination etc.
  • Added: miles/km setting in places – general page.
  • Improved: staff members page now fully ajax enabled, faster and less time wasted waiting for page reload.
  • Improved: coupons page now has a search filter and is fully ajax enabled.
  • Improved: error messages from payment processors such as stripe and 2checkout in case payment fails.

= 7.8 =

  • Posted August 6, 2019
  • Fixed: some strings in the back-end were not translation ready.
  • Fixed: calendar next/prev buttons unusuable in rtl mode.
  • Fixed: slight improvements in calendar next/prev buttons and title bar.
  • Fixed: When a new booking is placed, google calendar failed to update, reported missing file error but was actually typo in class name.
  • Fixed: custom charge percentage value added base cost along with the percentage. now it just uses the percentage cost.
  • Fixed: coupon edit dialog didn’t allow editing code or changing the mode.
  • Fixed: creating a coupon with the same code is no longer allowed.
  • Fixed: when using maps aggregate cost, the cost was not displayed correctly in the back-end sales and appointments page.
  • Fixed: miles/km unit type displayed the wrong type in booking summary as you navigated the wizard steps.
  • Fixed: no more than 10 products were listed when selecting a woocommerce product in the services page.
  • Fixed: woocommerce coupons were not reported in calendarista.
  • Fixed: creating appointments from the backend did not include the routing cost when using departure/destination etc.
  • Added: miles/km setting in places – general page.
  • Improved: staff members page now fully ajax enabled, faster and less time wasted waiting for page reload.
  • Improved: coupons page now has a search filter and is fully ajax enabled.
  • Improved: error messages from payment processors such as stripe and 2checkout in case payment fails.

= 7.7 =

  • Posted July 4, 2019
  • Added: smtp settings for emails. this will ensure your mail does not end up in spam as this authenticates the plugin to send mail.
  • Added: the cost of an optional extras can now multiply by selected day/timeslot and seats combined.
  • Added: honeypot captcha to solve rather unusual edge cases.
  • Added: guests are now included in csv export.
  • Fixed: editing the cost of a guest item simply did nothing.
  • Fixed: single checkbox and radio button items created by custom form builder threw an error when you had a single item not set through the content field.
  • Fixed: regression bug. translations weren’t displayed after the first step.
  • Fixed: inconsistent behavior with how cost is applied via availability when using the custom charge based on a determined number of days.
  • Updated: documentation.

= 7.6.2 =

  • Posted June 15, 2019
  • Fixed: cost applied via season was not reflected in the appointment summary.
  • Fixed: when adding other products in woocommerce that are not of type calendarista, product name was not showing.
  • Fixed: some translations done via wpml or polylang never got translated due to early load and exit by our ajax engine.
  • Fixed: Indian ruppes had the wrong currency symbol.

= 7.6 =

  • Posted June 7, 2019
  • Added: Native support for Google Calendar, two-way sync.
  • Added: New option in places – aggregate cost page to allow excluding departure/destination combo.
  • Fixed: timeslots not sorted in order when trying to take timeoff using the holidays page.
  • Fixed: woocommerce integration used a deprecated function which caused checkout page to show a session expiry error.
  • Fixed: regression bug in services – map page. selecting an availability took you away from the page.
  • Fixed: bookings as long as a month or longer were not being shown in the appointments page nor reflected as booked in the front-end.
  • Fixed: list of feeds on the feeds page had pager broken.
  • Fixed: regression bug, a service mode with multi date and time range ignored seats more than 1. eg: 5 seats were treated as 1.
  • Fixed: when using multiple services switcher, the package mode did not maintain the service list after a package was selected.
  • Fixed: round trip mode booked all dates in between the departing and return dates. now only the start and end dates get booked.
  • Fixed: round trip with time mode now does not allow booking a return trip on the same day if available slots are not continous.
  • Fixed: minimum seats requirement was not applied across all service modes.
  • Fixed: when using coupons, checkout with a payment operator excluded the tax value.
  • Fixed: GDPR email did not have the correct sender name.
  • Fixed: on some setups, when using multiple services, the first selected service was always shown in the default language resource.
  • Fixed: multi date and time range service mode did not sync correctly when multiple availabilities were involved.

= 7.5 =

  • Posted April 23, 2019
  • Fixed: changeover mode with multiple seats didn’t allow rebooking check-in/check-out days, even though there were additional seats left.
  • Fixed: season cost did not deduct from total when fixed cost was used.
  • Added: new option in the feeds page to filter by appointment status.

= 7.4 =

  • Posted April 18, 2019
  • Fixed: updating an appointment from the back-end doubled the cost.
  • Fixed: updating an appointment from the backend, when using a multi date range mode, the start date didn’t allow selection.
  • Fixed: when switching availability while updating an appointment from the backend, the appointment was updated wrongly and reset the form fields as well.
  • Fixed: appointment page, list view did not maintain search filter when paging.
  • Fixed: optional extra, such as the ones in a dropdown list displayed cost after tax.
  • Fixed: map with departure and destination did not show summary on the route step and several other inconsistencies solved.
  • Fixed: optional item with zero cost was showing cost value in summary even when service mode had payments set to none.
  • Added: kuwaiti dinar currency.
  • Added: deposit label in woocommerce checkout/cart with balance required upon arrival.
  • Added: new token appointment_management_url to add in new booking notification for admin/staff. if email template has not been modified, this is already included by default.

= 7.3 =

  • Posted April 8, 2019
  • Fixed: 24h format was being ignored.
  • Fixed: appointments in the backend calendar spanned an extra cell.
  • Fixed: ical feeds spanned an extra day and time was also ignored on some service modes.
  • Stay tuned, this is an important but minor update. More updates in the works…

= 7.2 =

  • Posted April 4, 2019
  • Fixed: appointments listed in back-end are now listed by appointment date when a date search filter is applied.
  • Fixed: regression bug, single day and time mode blocked available dates when one or more slots had no seats left.
  • Stay tuned, this is an important but minor update. More updates in the works…

= 7.0 =

  • Posted April 3, 2019
  • Fixed: appointments in the back-end, displayed a link to the sales page even when appointment had payments disabled.
  • Fixed: optional extras that had negative cost did not display cost in the booking summary.
  • Fixed: single day and time range mode now considers cost by time range i.e. each slot cost will count towards the total amount.
  • Fixed: single day/multi date and time range now allow booking the entire range of available slots.
  • Fixed: single day/multi date and time range now correctly disallow slots if the range is not continous (previously fixed but had a bug).
  • Fixed: round trip with time now does not allow booking the return date/time if it has run out of seats.
  • Fixed: add to calendar discarded time when the service mode was multi date and time range.
  • Added: date range filter in the back-end appointments page (list view).
  • Stay tuned, more updates in the works…

= 6.9 =

  • Posted March 24, 2019
  • Improved: “multi date and time range” mode now does not allow over booking.
  • Fixed: appointment time was wrong in the email notifications when setting a timezone in the availability.
  • Fixed: time ignored in google add to calendar button, when appointment was for a single day/time.
  • Fixed: regression bug with seats and timeslots. After last seat was booked, system did not block the slot from further booking.
  • Added: option to send out an appointment cancelled notification to customer when deleting an unconfirmed booking.
  • Stay tuned, more updates in the works…

= 6.8.2 =

  • Posted March 12, 2019
  • Fixed: regression, time format setting was not respected, hence if you tried to set a 24h format, this was ignored.

= 6.8.1 =

  • Posted March 10, 2019
  • Fixed: 6.8 had debug mode enabled in production code.

= 6.8 =

  • Posted March 9, 2019
  • Fixed: when using long names for week days, the days were always in english in the booking summary.
  • Fixed: timezone solution was wrong when using timeslots with timezone enabled on availability.
  • Fixed: single day and time (listbox multi selection) and single day and time range allowed booked a range even though slots in between were out of seats.
  • Fixed: strings with quotes in them were displayed with a forward slash escape sequence.
  • Fixed: the booking form in the front-end displays the wizard breadcrumb always now when in responsive mode. the toggle button has been removed.
  • Fixed: staff member not able to setup holidays. The availability filter never loaded, now resolved.
  • Added: min/max notice is now supported by service mode of type single day and time range.
  • Added: new option in settings – general page to disable booking cancelled notifications sent to customer when staff cancel a booking.
  • Fixed: the add to calendar links generated after a successful booking had the wrong time (was always an hour ahead depending on timezone).
  • Stay tuned, more updates in the works…

= 6.7 =

  • Posted March 4, 2019
  • Fixed: regression bug, “services – style” page redirected away to a separate page when selecting advanced option.
  • Added: Add to calendar links (ical, outlook and google) are now added to the booking success message.
  • Added: Add to calendar links in email notification. Look for the tokens you can use in the email settings page itself.
  • Stay tuned, more updates in the works…

= 6.6 =

  • Posted February 28, 2019
  • Added: Guests field, which can be used to create selection for an unlimited number of guest fields eg: children, people etc whose value can range based on selected seat value along with associated cost.
  • Fixed: woocommerce cart allowed changing quantity when group booking is enabled in calendarista with seat selection of value 1.
  • Fixed: when navigating the front-end wizard, scroll position is now maintained towards the start of the form.
  • Fixed: group booking selection is now maintained when moving backward in the booking form.
  • Fixed: email settings page reset button is now enabled only if a template has saved changes.
  • Fixed: front-end calendar would reset after navigating using the calendar next/previous buttons, which resulted in making unavailable dates bookable.
  • Fixed: availability start and terminate time is now in 24 hour format.
  • Fixed: export to csv date selection now correctly allows selecting a date range in the past.
  • Added: export to csv now has a filter for appointment status and includes a status column in the generated csv file.

= 6.5 =

  • Posted January 28, 2019
  • Fixed: pricing scheme in the availability page listed all schemes, including also those in seasons.
  • Fixed: sales page wasn’t showing the correct payment date.
  • Fixed: in multi date and time range mode, when selecting the end date, the start time was reset. this is bad ux, fixed.
  • Fixed: predefined departure and destination lists now maintain the selected value instead of using the original latlng address.
  • Fixed: subtotal now includes optional extras.
  • Fixed: admin was not receiving the booking cancelled notification.
  • Added: appointment page in backend now has a listview.
  • Added: new autogen feature for pricing scheme in case you wanted to apply the same cost to a range of days.
  • Added: payment_date token to email templates. check the tokens section under settings – emails page.


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