Campus | Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Campus | Multipurpose WordPress Theme


Campus | Premium Multipurpose WordPress Theme is the best new theme for education and business. We Based on our new Super Skeleton 2 Framework; Over 6 months in the making, we’ve re-coded our entire “Super Skeleton” framework from the ground up to leverage the best, cleanest, fastest features that WordPress has to offer.

Latest Update: December 3rd, 2017
Version 3.2.3 Now Available
Check out the update log provided below for more information.

Quite simply, this is the best, easiest, most flexible theme that we have ever created (and we’ve been doing this for 5 years)… and it’s the foundation for what we truly believe will be some amazing websites by you guys & gals!

To celebrate our new Super Skeleton 2 Framework, we’re unrolling a brand new theme options panel that’s unlike anything we’ve released to date. Gone are the cumbersome, complex options of the past – The new SS2 theme panel features simple visual cues, nested inline documentation, and the option to preload one of our hand-crafted skins, or build your own using our professional Skin Builder.

Campus | Multipurpose WordPress Theme - 1

The entire Google Fonts library is embedded as well… you can even preview the fonts LIVE in the admin panel before selecting them.

Also gone are the 20+ page templates that we used to use. Why? Because with the new Drag & Drop Layout Builder, you won’t need them anymore… a veritable world of possibilities is at your fingertips with just ONE template. No more memorizing which template does what… What you see is, literally, what you get.

That’s all fine and well… but what we’re really geeked out about is that it’s all based on rock solid, compliant SEO friendly code that passes every “WordPress Theme Review” test that we could throw at it.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

The Full List of Theme Features

  • Recently Added: WooCommerce Support!
    • Sell anything, beautifully! It’s all possible
    • Integrate your own shop or campus bookstore
    • Utilize the most popular eCommerce plugin
    • Did we mention, it’s free
  • Latest WP Ready!
    • Be ready for the new WP update before it even comes out!
    • Rich new blog content features!
    • Play music, video, or slideshows with the touch of a finger.
    • New Admin UI Enhancements
    • Playlists from Spotify or Radio
    • Local audio/video files or use any major service (YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc.)
  • Tophat Dropdown Area
    • Use your own custom widgets, or ones included with the theme!
    • Choose from 1, 2, 3, or 4 columns.
    • Customize the trigger image.
    • Added: Customize the trigger function.
  • Dual Sidebars
    • Now available for blog and page templates!
    • Choose from full width (no sidebar), one sidebar right (primary or secondary), one sidebar left (primary or secondary), and now dual sidebars!
    • Use your own custom widgets, or ones included with the theme!
  • The Super Skeleton 2 Options Panel
    • Use the Skin Builder to color just about anything on the theme.
    • Customize individual pages with highlight colors for visual content binding.
    • Integrate easy social options.
    • Build your own header layout design.
    • Page-Sensitive options for easy customizing.
  • The Layout Premium Builder – Leveraging the Drag & Drop Visual Composer plugin, featuring the ability to not only build your own layouts, but to also drop in one of 50+ content modules – including image sliders, tabbed content, text blocks, pricing tables, buttons, notes, quotes, and more!
  • #1 best selling front end and back end drag and drop page builder
  • Version 4 lets you now create amazing pages with a front end editor
  • Powerful and easy to use, this is a must have
  • Unique “Touch Slide” navigation menu for mobile devices
  • Localized and ready for translation
  • Advanced Responsive Design. These templates scale down intelligently to any device… from mobile phones to tablets to big wide-screen monitors. Look good everywhere!
  • Designer Quality Typography
    • Over 650 Fonts – preview them live in the dashboard and pick them without looking at a single line of code.
    • Easy Typekit Integration if you want even more.
    • SEO / Semantic type elements.
    • Pure “REM” sizing & unitless scaling (fancy words for “it’s easy to customize”).
  • Intelligent Documentation
    • In-Dash, context-appropriate documentation.
    • No need to open any PDF files.
    • Discover how to use the theme features in the actual admin panel.
    • Quick Start Checklist.
    • Developer-friendly code documentation.
  • Multiple Sliders
    • WP Slider Revolution (the top selling CodeCanyon plugin!)
    • 2D / 3D Effects – Fixed or Full Width – Images, Video, or Text.
    • Simple Sliders (using an easy visual builder UI)
    • Tabbed Content Sliders (slide anything from text to videos!).
    • JetPack Carousel for WP Galleries.
  • Professional Grade Lightbox
    • Mobile-friendly.
    • Optional Social Sharing for EACH image/video (great for pinning!)
    • Pick one of 10 custom overlay effects.
    • JetPack Carousel for WP Galleries.
  • The New Skeleton Grid Template
    • Discover over 100 unique configurations (with more on the way!).
    • Perhaps the easiest “Sortable Grid” system ever.
    • Link to Posts or to a Lightbox.
    • Perfect for Images, Video, or even Audio!
  • Visual Shortcodes – Add Buttons, Sliders, Pricing tables, and so many more!
  • Add a touch-friendly Blog-Carousel at the footer of any page to keep readers on your site.
  • Ultra High Resolution Retina Graphics.
  • Free Lifetime Theme Support & Updates.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Get ready to be discovered.
  • Safe, Standards friendly jQuery Effects
  • Build your own contact forms with the incredible CF7 plugin
  • Plugin Friendly! GB passes some of the strictest theme rules out there… so if your plugin meets the standards, it’ll work with our theme.
  • Feature Requests:
  • Shopping / eCommerce | Now Available | Ask and you shall receive!
  • Events Calendar Pro | Coming Soon | TBD
  • Front End Skin Builder | Coming Soon | TBD
  • Theme Support

    Got a question about how to use the theme? We’ve got answers. Our small team is serious about customer support – check out our dedicated support site built on the easy-to-use Ticksy platform.

    Keep your ticket private for one-to-one assistance, or open your ticket up to the public and other theme users can help out as well as our expert support staff.

    You’ll have access to this support site for life. No expirations.

    The Extras

    We’ve pre-packaged lots of goodies into our theme so you don’t have to. Note that all of these deserve the full credit for their own plugins/features/etc. – we’ve done the work integrating these awesome tools into our theme – they actually built the tools though. Here’s the list:

    The Update Log

    /* ================================= */
    /* Update Log - Campus */ 
    /* ================================= */
    Version 3.2.3
    General Changes/Fixes Done: 
    - UPDATED: WPBakery Visual Composer 5.4.5
    - UPDATED: Revolution Slider
    Version 3.2.2
    General Changes/Fixes Done: 
    - UPDATED: WPBakery Visual Composer 5.1
    - UPDATED: Revolution Slider 5.4.1
    - FIXED: Mobile Accordion Styles
    - FIXED: Ajaxy Search Form plugin installation
    Version 3.2.1
    General Changes/Fixes Done: 
    - FIXED: Variable check
    Version 3.2.0
    General Changes/Fixes Done: 
    - UPDATED: WPBakery Visual Composer 5.0.1
    - UPDATED: Revolution Slider
    - UPDATED: Revolution Slider module via Visual Composer (display on mobile)
    - ADDED: Option to control default single post sidebar visibility
    - UPDATED: 404 if no sidebar widgets are found, remove sidebar and make full width
    Version 3.1.9
    General Changes/Fixes Done: 
    - UPDATED: WPBakery Visual Composer 4.12.1
    - UPDATED: Revolution Slider 5.2.6
    - UPDATED: Section-Slider
      - ADDED: New Style Options
      - FIXED: Height and Width settings
    - ADDED/FIXED: Responsive support for added footer column widths (ie. one-fifth, one-sixth)
    - UPDATED: Section-Page-Caption
      - ADDED: Template: Fallback for page_image set if no page_caption is found
      - ADDED: Load User Styles: Conditionals set for for page_image & page_caption
        - NOTES: These will set the height of this area based on the aspect ratio of the image used (not the min height option)
      - DEPRECATED: Custom Page Image Height (now falls back to image aspect ratio)
        - NOTES: This provide better responsive support for various viewport sizes
    - UPDATED: Sf-menu delay from 0 to 300(ms)
    Version 3.1.8
    General Changes/Fixes Done: 
    - FIXED: Full Width v. Fix Width, Header/Slider option toggle
    - FIXED: Revslider-wrapper height issues (unset)
    - UPDATED: WPBakery Visual Composer 4.12
    - UPDATED: Revolution Slider
    - UPDATED: Child Theme 2.0
    Version 3.1.7
    General Changes/Fixes Done: 
    - UPDATED: WPBakery Visual Composer
    - UPDATED: Revolution Slider 5.2.5
    - ADDED: Additional footer columns/widget areas
    Version 3.1.6
    General Changes/Fixes Done: 
    - UPDATED: WPBakery Visual Composer 4.11.2
    - UPDATED: Revolution Slider
    Version 3.1.5
    General Changes/Fixes Done: 
    - UPDATED: WPBakery Visual Composer 4.11.1
    - UPDATED: Revolution Slider 5.2.4
    - UPDATED: Styles for Revolution Slider 5.2.4
    - ADDED: Skin Builder - Visual Composer Tabs
      - ADDED: VC Tab - BG Color
      - ADDED: VC Tab - Font Color
      - ADDED: VC Tab:Hover - BG Color
      - ADDED: VC Tab:Hover - Font Color
      - ADDED: VC Tab:Active - BG Color
      - ADDED: VC Tab:Active - Font Color
      - ADDED: VC Tab Panel - BG Color
      - ADDED: VC Tab Panel - Highlight Border Color
    Version 3.1.4
    General Changes/Fixes Done: 
    - UPDATED: WPBakery Visual Composer 4.10
    - UPDATED: Typography 
      - CHANGE: Mueso Slab (Typekit) to Roboto Slab (Google Font)
        - MORE INFORMATION: It's been brought to my attention that Typekit has resently removed Mueso Slab from their list of included/free fonts on a single install. Because of this, we are now using the Google Font "Roboto Slab" which we are really happy with. This also removes the need for an extra step (originally included in the documentation).
      - UPDATED: Documentation to version .7 to coincide with this change. 
      - UPDATED: OptionTree-Options.txt file updated for new typography usage
    - FIXED: Header Slider Shortcode option now accepts alias="" (old versions will continue to work also) (Thanks @Patrick)
    - FIXED: Tags for single posts & posts on Blog page template (Thanks @DAnte)
      - ADDED: Post Tags Options On/Off (Single)
      - ADDED: Post Tags Options On/Off (Blog)
    General Changes/Fixes Done: 
    - UPDATED: WPBakery Visual Composer 4.9.1
    - UPDATED: Revolution Slider 5.1.6
    - UPDATED: Theme styles for new VC Tabs/Tour
    - FIXED: Removed array_key_exsists check in ot-google-fonts.php line 251
    - UPDATED: Easy Theme & Plugin Upgrades plugin removed from Recommended Plugin list
    - ADDED: Bonus Sidebar: Facebook Feed
    - UPDATED: Resources > Theme Demo Data
        - UPDATED: Demo-Content.xml
        - UPDATED: OptionTree-Options.txt
        - UPDATED: Widgets.wie
    General Changes/Fixes Done: 
    - UPDATED: Styles for left align image/icons (ie. Home Page)
    - UPDATED: WPBakery Visual Composer 4.8.1
    - UPDATED: Revolution Slider 5.1.4
    - UPDATED: Mobile_Walker function updated for compatibility with strict standards
    - FIXED: Undefined variable db_font_array in ot-google-fonts
    General Changes/Fixes Done: 
    - FIXED - XSS Vulnerabilities:
        - UPDATED: WPBakery Visual Composer 4.7.4
    - UPDATED: Revolution Slider 5.0.9
    General Changes/Fixes Done: 
    - FIXED: Overlapping content-inner/container v. Revolution Sliderfor Chrome (viewports below 767px)
    - UPDATED: WPBakery Visual Composer 4.6.2
    - FIXED: Styles for inline sliders (mix up with new VC columns)
    - UPDATED: Importing plugins updated to "Recommended" status
    - UPDATED: WPBakery Visual Composer 4.5.3 - prettyPhoto XSS fix
    - UPDATED: Default std for mdnw-dynamic-css updated for menu li strong scenarios
    - FIXED: template-post-grid v. pre-scripts lightbox function
    - ADDED: Fallback for VC Separators on Mobile (theme.css 461)
    General Changes/Fixes Done:
    - UPDATED: WPBakery Visual Composer 4.5.2
    - ADDED: New Theme Options > Post Options panel to help manage global post options across the site:
      - Single: Post Options
        - Show the Title?
        - Show the Title HR?
        - Show the Featured Image?
        - **Show the Post Meta Row?
          - Show the Post Format Icon?
          - Show the Author?
          - Show the Date?
          - Show the Categories?
          - Show the Comments Count?
        - Show the Sub Meta HR?
        - **Show the Post Footer?
          - Show the Author Box?
          - Show the Comments?
      - Blog: Post Options
        - Show the Title?
        - Show the Title HR?
        - Show the Featured Image?
        - **Show the Post Meta Row?
          - Show the Post Format Icon?
          - Show the Author?
          - Show the Date?
          - Show the Categories?
          - Show the Comments Count?
        - Show the Sub Meta HR?
    - UPDATED: Single.php now gets format-single.php template
    - ADDED: New format-single.php to handle single post specific options
    - UPDATED: Template-blog.php
    - UPDATED: Format.php updated to handle global blog post specific options
    - UPDATED: Candy-admin-simple.css _notes hook added for multiple ot-theme-options Note sections
    - UDPATED: Cross browser support for header/logo image styling when larger than container (FF)
    - ADDED: New Theme Options > Header Options
      - Custom Promotional Banner Functionality
        - Tophat Dropdown Trigger (default)
        - Custom Link/URL
            - New Window
            - Same Window
        - No Action
    - UPDATED: Header.php tophat dropdown markup
    - UPDATED: Load-user-styles.php updates promotional banner css
    General Changes/Fixes Done:
    - UPDATED - OptionTree-Options.txt (now includes the updated std for the new Typography panel)
    - ADDED - Responsive fallback styling for VC single image
    - UPDATED: Mythology Core 1.1.3: 
        - WPBakery Visual Composer 4.5.1
        - Revolution Slider 4.6.93
        - OptionTree 2.5.5
    General Changes/Fixes Done:
    - FIXED - XSS Vulnerability:
        - UPDATED: Mythology Core 1.1.2: 
            - WPBakery Visual Composer 4.5
            - Revolution Slider 4.6.9
            - OptionTree 2.5.4
            - TGM-Plugin-Activation 2.4.1
            - Plugin sources updated from http to https
            - Plugin sources updated to use "latest-stable" 
    UPDATED: VC align-left for single-images with titles
    ADDED: Fallback styles for VC Progress Bar
    FIXED: Theme Option descriptions z-index
    FIXED: Typography Font-Replacement z-index
    General Changes/Fixes Done:
    Plugin Update: WPBakery Visual Composer to 4.4.2
    UPDATE: Functions.php OptionTree loading, removed docs and options ui from view to limit confusion
    UPDATE: OptionTree to 4.5.0
    UPDATE: Typography panel options extendend and updated
    UPDATE: Candy-admin-simple.css styles for new typography panel
    UPDATE: Update_log.txt moved to theme files.
    UPDATE: Load-user-styles.php inclusion of new typography options
    UPDATE: Skeleton-theme-options.php inclusion of new typography options
    ADDED: Simplified typography options for font family replacement
    ADDED: Advanced typography options for font property replacement
    ADDED: Advanced beta custom typography options for font replacement
    General Changes/Fixes Done:
    - Plugin Update: WPBakery Visual Composer to 4.4.1
    - Plugin Update: WP Revolution Slider to 4.6.5
    - FIXED: Footer font color
    - FIXED: Header navigation & modile menu z-index v. footer
    - FIXED: Responsive menu scrolling
    - UPDATE: Small footer style tweaks
    - UPDATE: Revolution Slider content module style tweaks
    - UPDATE: Responsive menu style tweaks
    - UPDATE: List styles for WooCommerce
    General Changes/Fixes Done:
    - Ot-google-fonts patched
    - Child theme support fixed
    General Changes/Fixes Done:
    - Plugin Update: WPBakery Visual Composer - Version 4.2.3 to 4.3.3
    - Plugin Update: WP Revolution Slider - Version 4.3.8 to 4.6.0
    - Recommended plugins are now provided via the plugins promp
    - OptionTree-Options.txt file updated
    - Widgets.wie file updated
    - OptionTree Import options updated. Removed advanced/un-needed options to limit confusion
    - Theme Sliders re-exported to Resourses folder to make importing easier
    - Example Sliders now included in Resources folder
    - Revolution Slider documentation updated in Resources folder
    - Mobile styles updated for latest version of Visual Composer
    - Responsive menu styles updated
    - dl-menu animation lag fix and style update. This speeds up the load time and animation for this on mobile devices
    - Fix included for VC Google Map Module not showing up
    - Fixed font color for tophat and subfooter not overriding body font color option
    - Added font color options for Tophat Dropdown section
    - Post Author Box options updated. Select "No" to remove all Author Boxes globally from posts. Select "Yes" to display the author box at the bottom of blog posts and/or want to control this from individual posts
    General Changes/Fixes:
    - Theme Option Added: Responsive Mode option (On/Off)
    - Mythology/ot-google-fonts.php updated. This fixes the error produced in the admin panel.
    - Plugin Update: Contact Form 7 now included as recommended. 
    - All premium plugins are now included as required, force_activate, and force_deactivate. This "cleans up" included plugins when theme is deactivated. These can still be used after deactivating this theme, but will need to be re-activated.
    General Changes/Fixes:
    - Plugin Update: WPBakery Visual Composer - Version 4.2.1 to 4.2.3 (includes fix for tabbed content sections)
    General Changes/Fixes:
    - Responsive Layout Update
    General Changes/Fixes:
    - OptionTree theme version now baked in
    - New styles and updates to Theme Options panels
    - Footer color option updated
    General Changes/Fixes:
    - Plugin Update: WPBakery Visual Composer - Version 4.1.1 to 4.2.1
    - Plugin Update: WP Revolution Slider - Version 4.3.6 to 4.3.8
    General Changes/Fixes:
    - OT-Google Fonts Updated
    - Font styles now available
    - Mythology Core now included
    General Changes/Fixes:
    - WooCommerce now supported
    - Plugin Update: WPBakery Visual Composer - Version 4.0.4 to 4.1.1
    - Plugin Update: WP Revolution Slider - Version 4.3.3 to 4.3.6
    - Google Fonts Connection Updated
    - Visual Composer .wpb_wrapper margins updated
    - Full Start Guide documentation updated
    General Changes/Fixes:
    - Plugin Update: WPBakery Visual Composer - Version to 4.0.4
    - Plugin Update: WP Revolution Slider - Version 4.1.4 to 4.3.3
    - Update functions.php with new OptionTree version patch (setting theme mode to false)
    (removed VC update)
    - Fix Post Slider option
    - Post Option "Slider Shortcode for Page Header" fixed, skeleton-meta-boxes.php line 843.
    General Changes/Fixes:
    - New Visual Composer "Carousel" module supported and styled
    - Update Header Alignment option (this no longer manages the menu alignment)
    - Feature Added: Number of footer columns option
    - Widgets.wie file updated
    General Changes/Fixes:
    - Plugin Update: WPBakery Visual Composer - Version to Version: 3.7.3
    - Plugin Update: WP Revolution Slider - Version: 3.0.95 to Version: 4.1.4
    - Bug fix: ot-google-fonts.php file ( The function/add action (line 106) for notice_no_connection_possible v. msg_no_connection_possible. Reference: by Momekh.
    - Pulled mobile support for parent item self generation within child list.
    - Updated speed parameters for supersubs dropdown menu (fixes menu flickering).
    - Demo Content XML updated for new su_ default prefix.
    - Styling Updates: 
      - OptionTree/ThemeOptions Styling fix for WP 3.8. Fixes panel from getting kicked down, increases width of panel, and other small tweeks. Also added styling to remove the depreciated XML option to decrease confusion.
      - WP3.8 Current Menu Item Color
      - Added dynamic menu list item strong (Theme Specific for font family read)
            - Option is to manually add this font style:
            .sf-menu > li > a 
              font-family: "museo-slab";
      - Added Flagdropdown BG color and image background options
      - Linked Secondary Color option to Tabs, Touring, and Highlight Row.
    General Changes/Fixes:
    - OptionTree is now baked in.
    - Added new code to functions.php to initiate OptionTree.
    - OT Google Fonts is updated to the latest version. 
    - Added a fallback for WALKER menu - basically, if a menu has not been set yet, it just lists the Pages rather than throwing errors for undefined variables.
    - Removed OptionTree ZIP from the tgm-plugin-activation folder.
    General Changes/Fixes: Full Start Guide and How to Update Plugins Updated. Demo widgets included. Flag styles updated for IE and Safari. Premium Plugins Updated:
     - Visual Composer Version: 
     - Revolution Slider Version: 3.0.95
    General Changes/Fixes: First Release.