Clear – VueJS + Laravel Admin Template

Clear - VueJS + Laravel Admin Template


Clear - VueJS + Laravel Admin Template - 1

Note: We use jQuery along with Vue
Clear - VueJS + Laravel Admin Template - 2
Clear – Bootstrap + VueJS Admin Template is a bootstrap based admin template for professionals who are looking for clear and clean admin template.

It comes in following versions

  • Bootstrap 4: HTML, CSS files will be provided
  • VueJS:VueJS powered Admin Template following VueJS structure which is blazing fast
  • Laravel versoin:Bootstrap version converted to laravel blade files
  • Laravel + VueJS:VueJS powered laravel admin template

It comes with two versions… light and dark, you can choose the color scheme you like.

Code is very clean and developer friendly, in no time, you can start using Clear admin template just by following code and our documentation.


  • Fully Responsive – Thanks to bootstrap
  • Blazing fast
  • Clean and modular code – CSS, JS seperated properly
  • Build with SAAS – so you can build new color scheme easily
  • Lots of Custom pages
  • 2 Versions
  • Multiple page layouts
  • 70+ pages
  • 4 Icon Families – 2000+ icons to choose

Plugins Used

  • Bootstrap
  • datatables
  • select2
  • icheck
  • GMaps
  • Full Calendar
  • Chart plugins

… and 50 more other plugins

Clear - VueJS + Laravel Admin Template - 3
Note: Images used in demo are not included with final package.


Version 4.5 – 30-march-2019

1)Modified to vue-laravel,laravel to latest laravel5.8 version.
2)Updated bootstrap,bootstrap-vue packages.
3)Updated vue-slimscroll with vue2-scrollbar packages.
4)Added vue datatable in adavanced data tables page.
5)Added vue bar  page in the charts.
6)Added Dashboard3 page.
7)Added quick vue section in navbar.
8)Fixed issues in radio_checkbox page.
9)Fixed issues with boxed header layout.
10)All image path issues fixed.

Version: 4.3 – 30-Oct-2018

Updated to latest spark 7

Version: 4.3 – 30-Oct-2018

1. added chat, notification sections in dashboard
2. Added todo list, server load, device seperation sections in dashboard 2 page
3. updated to latest vue-bootstrap 4.1
4. updated to latest laravel version 5.7

4.2 – 20 Apr 2018

Added Contacts and Tasks page.
Moved bower packages to npm.
Fixed bugs.

4.1 – 10 Apr 2018

1. Converted bower to npm in HTML and laravel version.
2. Fixed bugs in all versions.
3. Updated spark to 6.0.

4.0 – 12 Feb 2018

Added new calendar, circle sliders, jstrees, vue_chartist charts, flip packages in vue version.
Converted few section from jquery to vue in vue version.
Added new e-commerce section and listjs in vue version.
Updated bootstrapvue to 2.0.0-rc.1 in vue version.
Updated spark to 5.0.3.
Updated bootstrap to 4.0.0 in all versions.
Fixed bugs.

3.2 – 10 jan 2018

1. Added new Calendar, Vue Table, Datepicker.
2. Converted few sections from jquery to vue.
3. Fixed bugs.

3.1.1 – 23 Dec 2017

1. Added two packages.
2. moved two sections from jquery to vue.
3. Fixed bugs

3.1 – 19 Dec 2017

1. Added layouts back.
2. Converted few section to vue from jquery.
3. Added new packages.
4. Fixed bugs

3.0-09 Dec 2017

1. Converted HTML and laravel version to Bootstrap beta2 version.
2. Converted few sections from jquery to vue.
3.  Added new datepicker and color picker packages, new form wizards.
4. Fixed bugs.

2.9.2– 15 Nov 2017

  1. updated to bs4-beta2
  2. removed jquery dependency in layout so only some plugin pages require jquery now
  3. optimized the code to make site load faster
  4. removed some pages (which will be added back later with native vuejs code)
  5. converted some jQuery dependant pages to vuejs based
  6. improved sass code
  7. uses vue 2.5+ now
  8. uses latest bootstrap-vue (beta-2)

2.9 – 25 Oct 2017
Updated html versions to bootstrap 4 beta
Note: Some pages are not working with bootstrap4 so we removed them, if you need those pages please stick to bootstrap3 only.
zip contains both bootstrap3 and bootstrap 4 version files
2.8.4 – 24 Sep 2017
Laravel spark skin updated to 5.0
2.8 – 21 Aug 2017
Added JsTree plugin into all versions
fixed some small ui issues.

2.7 – 20 june 2017
Added an example component in laravel spark and added documentation of how to do it yourself
By following that guide, you should be able to use any Clear components inside spark!

Now clear includes Laravel files aswell.

inside “Laravel Version” folder, you can find two folders for

  • Laravel + HTML version
  • Laravel + VueJS version

If you have any feedback, feel free to contact us
2.6 – 08 june 2017

  • Added missing features to bootstrap table in VueJs-version
  • Fixed a bug in calendar in HTML-version

2.5 – 27th may 2017

  • Added a demo page in spark version on how to import .vue files from clear
  • Updated some dependencies in spark skin
  • Fixed issues in charts & maps pages due to left-menu toggle/
  • Minor bug fixes in advanced datatables, datepickers and image magnifier
  • Following pages are free from jQuery now
    • ChartJS
    • Toastr Notifications

    We will be making more pages jQuery dependency free in coming versions

2.4 – 14th May 2017

Added pricing tables page
improved UI in many pages

2.3 – 15th April 2017

updated dependencies

added npm-shrinkwrap.json

fixed the error when running npm run hot

removed unused and duplicated packages from bower.json

added es6-promise polyfill for IE support(

removed seperate webpack.conf.js-- using default laravel-mix webpack.conf.js (easy updates)

removed unnecessary js files

added vuex and moved user data to global store

added a custom scroll plugin based on simple-scroll(

2.2 – 10th march 2017

  • Fixed issue with breaking update of laravel mix and cross-end package

2.1 – 8th march 2017

  • Improved some pages UI

2.0 – 3rd march 2017

  • Updated vue version build system to use laravel mix now

1.7– 26th feb 2017

  • Horizontal menu added
  • Mini Sidebar menu added

1.6– 23rd feb 2017

  • Laravel Spark skin added

1.5 – 22nd feb 2017

  • Updated npm packages
  • Fixed few bugs
  • Added yarn.lock file

1.4 – 18th feb 2017

  • Enhanced Form layouts
  • VueJS version simplified
  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed few bugs in vuejs version

1.3 – 9th feb 2017

  • VueJS version is completed now
  • Added extra vuejs plugins
  • VueJS documentation added

1.2 – 3rd feb 2017

  • Added vuejs light version
  • Added extra vuejs pluginsvue-multiselect, vue-slider
  • Added more pages to vuejs versions

1.1 – 1st feb 2017
Vuejs Files added, some plugins are having issues so still working on them, once fixed we will push an update as soon as possible.