Coupons + | Advanced WooCommerce Coupons Plugin

Coupons + | Advanced WooCommerce Coupons Plugin


Latest Version: 1.4.2 – November, 3 2023

Big 2023 HOLIDAY update coming soon!

Coupons + is an awesome WooCommerce extension that extends the default WooCommerce coupon functions to allow you to create very complex offers & deals like Buy One, Get One (BOGO) deals, discounts on new customers, shipping discounts, tiered & quantity discounts and much more using a very powerful and flexible offers builder. Design almost any type of offer with Coupons +!

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Full Features List

  • 10+ Conditions (+ more coming soon!)

    1. Customer Purchase History
    2. Cart Subtotal
    3. Subtotal in Categories or Tags (NEW)
    4. User Role
    5. Checkout Field
    6. Coupon Usage Number Of Times
    7. Customer Type
    8. Custom User Meta
    9. Account Registration Date
    10. Location (NEW)
    11. Time (NEW)
    12. + more already in development
  • 6+ Cart Filters

    1. Specific Products
    2. Individual Item Price (NEW)
    3. Number Of Items
    4. In Categories
    5. In Tags
    6. Featured Products
  • 4+ Offer Types

    1. Extra Product
    2. Discount
    3. Bundle Pricing
    4. Shipping Discount
  • 5+ Column Types

    1. Simple
    2. And
    3. Or
    4. Tiered
    5. Multi
  • Powerful offers builder
  • Automatically apply coupons
  • 20+ built-in presets
  • Advanced quantity & tiered discounts
  • One-click presets import
  • Create fixed-price bundle deals
  • Offer shipping discounts
  • Limit to new customers
  • Offer different discounts based on user role, number of times used, amount of items, cart subtotal + more
  • Full WooCommerce Support
  • FREE lifetime updates
  • Premium Support with personalized recommendations
  • Clean code – 1500+ passing automated tests

Updates (Changelog)

VERSION 1.4.1 – May 4, 2023

#FIX: Removed the default values of some presets.
#FIX: Some sites were having problems when trying to add a product in the dashboard using the Products filter.
#FIX: Autoloaded coupons now load more than 10 coupons (fixed default WP_query limit).
#FIX: Conflict when a coupon was applied automatically and another coupon with the "individual use only" option was enabled. Woocommerce use to remove the automatically applied coupon, they're both used now.

VERSION 1.4.0 – November 13, 2022

#DEPRECATION: The Combined Cost of Items filter has now been deprecated due to problems with scalability, stability and performance. Coupons using this filter will continue to work as before but you will no longer be able to add it to new coupons and contexts. It is advisable to replace this filter with the some of the new alternatives provided in this update, described bellow.

#NEW: Individual Item Price filter. You can now limit your offers on items of a certain price.

#NEW: Subtotal in Categories or Tags condition. Apply offers only when the combined cost of items in specific categories or tags is met. For example: Minimum of $100 in category A.

#UPDATE: The Number of Items filter will now prioritize the cheapest items. On previous versions, this filter would select the items in the order that they were added to the cart, but now they'll be picked from cheapest to most expensive.

#UPDATE: The Discount offer now prioritizes the cheapest items when selecting "Apply To: Filtered Items" and a limit has been set. On previous versions, the Discount offer would take the items in the order that they were added to the cart.

#UPDATE: Coupons can now be auto–applied using classic coupon discount types only without having to use Coupons+ offers. So now coupons can be automatically applied in 2 scenarios: 1) Coupon has Coupons+ conditions, filters and offers and the customer is eligible (the conditions and/or filters return a valid offer). 2) A coupon has NO Coupons+ rows (conditions and/or offers) but it has classic WooCommerce discount types.

#UPDATE: The Number Of Items filter can now use any combination of items when selecting "exactly", "maximum of" and "in range". On previous versions, if you'd set "exactly: 1" and the cart had a 2 items of the same product, nothing would be selected. After this update, 1 item of the same product would be selected (using virtualization).

#FIX: The Discount offer used to consider the "limit to: X items" option when "Apply to: Cart Subtotal" was selected. This only happened when selecting "Apply to: Filtered items", explicitly setting a limit and then changing the option back to "Apply to: Cart Subtotal". Limiting only applies to filtered items so this minor bug has been fixed.

#FIX: The ExtraProduct offer only added 1 product when the "Product from filtered items" option was selected regardless of the quantity that was set. The exact quantity is now correctly added.

#FIX: Fixed 2-digit decimal comparison when using the 'minimum' parameter

#FIX: Classic coupon discounts (Fixed Cart Discount, Percentage Discount, etc) were not being applied on some installations. This has now been fixed.

VERSION 1.3.0 – June 12, 2022

#NEW: Time condition. You can now offer time-based discounts. For example, offer a 2 for 1 only on Tuesdays or discounts based on the time of the day (EG: 10% from 10 A.M. to 13 P.M.).
#NEW: New Time and Location presets.
#NEW: The coupons list from the WordPress dashboard now shows the apply type (auto or manual) for each coupon.
#UPDATE: Improvements to the algorithm of the automatically applied coupons.
#UPDATE: The In Categories condition now considers ancestor/multi level categories. Eg: Food (category) > Italian (category) > Pizzas (category) > Deep Dish Pizza (product), The Deep dish pizza will now be matched when selecting the Food category.
#FIX: When using Shipping Discount (offer), taxes are now calculated based on the discounted amount.
#FIX: The shipping cache is cleared when a coupon has been updated.
#UPDATE: Minor UI style improvements.
#UPDATE: A message when the cart is empty and the coupon is invalid no longer shows to the user (the coupon is just silently removed).
#UPDATE: Added more info to the User Role, Location and Products conditions and filters.
#UPDATE: Auto-applied coupons can no longer be manually removed since they are automatically applied for the customer, therefore the [Remove] button from the cart page has been removed (only for auto-applied coupons).

VERSION 1.2.0 – May 16, 2022

#NEW: Location condition. You can now restrict offers based on the location of the customer and/or shipping address.
#UPDATE: Columns now display their type before the close button.
#UPDATE: Added some missing translatable strings.
#FIX: Fixed server error with cookies on the front-end of some servers.
#FIX: Improved WooCommerce dependency functionality.

VERSION 1.1.3 – Minor Update – May 8, 2022

#UPDATE: Some sites were having problems with the cookies on the admin side. This minor bug has been fixed.

VERSION 1.1.2 – Minor Update – May 6, 2022

#UPDATE: Improved support for javascript translations as well as setting a preferred directory for translation files.

VERSION 1.1.1 – Minor Update – May 4th (b w/ u), 2022

#UPDATE: Improved support for translation strings

VERSION 1.1.0 – Major Update – Internal

#NEW: ExtraProduct can now add products dynamically from the filtered items.
#UPDATE: improved the filters and conditions algorithm when using ExtraProduct.