DashLite – React Admin Dashboard Template

DashLite - React Admin Dashboard Template


DashLite React Admin Dashboard Template DashLite React DashLite React Template

DashLite – React Admin Dashboard Template

Softnio is introducing a powerful React based admin dashboard template, built primarily for the ease of developers and programmers. DashLite React comes with all kinds of tools and components that are necessary for the development of any application. The template includes many pre-built pages, built in components and exclusive E-Commerce conceptual apps, all of which is going to make the development phase faster and user friendly.

It also includes standard application layout such as Chats, Support Tickets or Messaging system and Calendar application. This helps you to create your application stress free and quickly.

An overview of Dashlite React – is a fully clean and premium designed admin template which includes beautiful hand-crafted components & elements. DashLite React completely focuses on conceptual base apps or dashboard, as it’s equipped with pre-built screens. Create your web application amazing and more professional with this super user-friendly dashboard template

DashLite React Admin Template Features

  • Conceptual/Functional Apps based layout.
  • Pre-built and Ready to use application pages.
  • Lots of Readymade components and elements
  • Fully responsive layout and well optimized.
  • Dashboard designed for any purpose use.
  • Listing (User, Transaction, KYC) & Details pages.
  • Card / Boxed Style for User Contact and Projects
  • Nice layout for user profile and user details (admin view) page.
  • Supports any modern browser including cross-browser compatibility.
  • Free premium support for the first 6 months.
  • Clean, modern, great UI interface including UX.
  • Handmade custom icons to serve exact purpose.
  • Hand-crafted Font icons, specially designed for DashLite Template.
  • Multiple Applications layout available as Chat, Messages, Calendar.
  • Regular update and introduce new features and concepts
  • And many more features available

Ecommerce Dashboard – Conceptual App

Do you want to develop an Ecommerce back-end dashboard? Our Ecommerce Dashboard template helps you to build your admin/ back-end panel. Our use-case demo makes you feel how your new dashboard looks. It includes necessary components and widgets which gives you ultimate power.


  • Includes standalone 9+ complete pages
  • Products, Orders, Customer Listing Pages
  • Other pages such as Customer details, settings etc.
  • Very clean and elegant design

Messages (Support Tickets) Application

If you want to build an application that manages your messages for support tickets then our modern application layout provides full flexibility and easier management.


  • User profile on right sidebar (hide anytime by simple one click)
  • Left side all messages list with infinity scroll based design.
  • Reply and private note added option in comment section.
  • Well optimized on each device, especially on mobile screens.
  • Full-Screen with sticky header mode

Chat Apps

Our Chat / Messenger application layout helps you to build chat and discussion platforms, as well as make any live messaging application. We designed the necessary component / element for the chat application to meet your all needs.


  • 3 pre-built screens or pages as chat screens
  • Included team/group or channels view, contacts listing etc.
  • Contact/Friend List, Favorite Profile, Message listing
  • Chat Notification, Group Chat panel
  • Profile details with various options
  • Available in 2 different layouts.

Calendar Apps

The Calendar application system allows users to organize events with timings. The events can also be updated upon different criteria or deleted if necessary. We have provided the necessary components required for a fully functional Calendar application system.


  • CRUD operations implemented.
  • Edit Timings as well as months or even dates of events.
  • Themes can be added for any particular event category.
  • Available in 2 different layouts.

What do you get?

  • Main React Template source files
  • Documentation file


We provide support free for the first 6 months from purchase date. We try to answer all questions within 24 hours on weekdays. Support requests received during weekends or public holidays will be processed on the next business day.

Please contact us via the support tab, if you need any help or adding features that helps you to complete your project.

Sources and Credits

Library and Framework
React 16+ and Bootstrap 4.6+

React Plugins
Reactstrap, React Slick, ChartJs, SimpleBar, React Select, React Modal Video, React jvectormap, React Hook Form, React Helmet, React Syntax Highlighter, DropZone, FullCalendar, Moment, Html React Parser.

Roboto (Google Fonts), Nunito (Google Fonts), DM Sans (Google Fonts), Nioicon (Softnio)

Custom Icons & Illustration
All custom icons and illustration fully hand-made by Softnio Team.

Changes log

v1.1.0 – 17 Feb, 2022

@Added several core features into Demo1 including some popular plugins.

Added: Avatar page added to Demo1.
Added: Typography page added to Demo1.
Added: Datatables available to Demo1, with custom markup.
Added: Advanced Controls to Demo1.
Added: Input Group page added to Demo1.
Added: Form Upload page added to Demo1.
Added: Number spinner feature to Demo1.
Added: NouiSlider feature added to Demo1.
Added: Wizard form functionality added to Demo1.
Added: Chart Widget added to Demo1.
Added: Card Widget added to Demo1.
Added: Rating Widget added to Demo1.
Added: Sweet Alert plugin added to Demo1.
Added: React Duallistbox plugin added to Demo1.
Added: React Beautiful Dnd plugin added to Demo1.
Added: Google Map functionality implemented to Demo1.
Added: React Toastify implemented in Demo1 for toasts.
Added: JsTree plugin has been implemented for visualization of folder structure.
Added: Quill rich editor has been included for Demo1.
Added: Tinymce rich editor has been included for Demo1.
Added: Menu Badges into to all Demo.
Fixed: Knobs fixed and implemented using ChartJS.
Fixed: 'Like' functionality implemented to image gallery.
Update: react-script version updated and implemented accordingly.

v1.0.3 – 23 Dec, 2021

Added: New conceptual app Investment Panel added into Demo6.
Fixed: Navigation closing issues in mobile mode.
Fixed: Profile details showing in off-canvas issues.
Fixed: Quick switch issues in chat application for user meta.
Fixed: Fixed issues in SaleOverview component.
Fixed: Several minor bug fix including responsive issue.

v1.0.2 – 10 Dec, 2021

Added: Complete Demo6 layout added with based UI component
Added: Complete Demo7 layout added with based UI component.
Fixed: Minor bug fixes in previous demos.

v1.0.1 – 24 Nov, 2021

Added: Layout Demo4 & Demo5 Added into template.
Fixed: Few minor bug fixes in previous demos.

v1.0.0 – 18 Nov, 2021

Initial Released