Dashtar – React eCommerce Admin Template

Dashtar - React eCommerce Admin Template


Dashtar – React eCommerce Admin Template. This is an e-commerce admin template built with React Js
and Tailwindcss with Rest API integration. This template backend is ready and is built with node, express, mongoose
schema validation and uses MongoDB for the database. Actually, it’s a complete MERN(MongoDB, Express, React, and
project but you can use it according to your need or any kind of e-commerce site admin template.

Looking react ecommerce template

Tech We Used:

  • React.js
    Admin template built with React Js.
  • Tailwindcss
    Dashtar admin design with tailwindcss. A utility-first CSS framework.
  • Express.js
    Backend is built with node.js framework express.js for Rest API routes.
  • MongoDB

    Used MongoDB as a database with mongoose schema validation.

Main Features-Admin Template:

  • Admin is validated and only can access after login with valid credentials.
  • Showing total orders, processing, pending, canceling, and delivered orders.
  • All register customers list and show their total orders individually.
  • Staff creates, update, delete options with necessary validation.
  • Product creates, update, delete options with necessary validation.
  • Category creates, update, delete options with necessary validation.
  • Coupon creates, update, delete options with amount and time validation.
  • Order status changing options, pending, processing, delivered, or canceled.

Note :: In Admin Dashboard all changes work(CRUD operation) properly, but as it demos so CRUD
operation is disabled and showing just notification now.

Included files:

  • Admin Template files
  • Backend files



CSS Library

Js Library


Note: It is not a WordPress theme. Demo images are not included in the main downloadable file.
Images, graphics, illustrations are taken from free resources. it used only for preview purposes.


v2.0.0 – 16th February, 2022
- Updated design
- Added Forget password option
- Added daily, monthly, and total order options
- Added multiple product upload and download options
- Updated invoice download option
v1.8.0 – 19th December, 2021
- Added PWA
- Added product details page
- Added product and category show/hide option
- Notification design improved
- Fixed bug on header dropdown
v1.5.0 – 3rd December, 2021
- Fixed admin profile updated option
v1.1.0 – 19th November, 2021
- Fixed real-time data showed after the update.