Dokan Vendor Filter

Dokan Vendor Filter


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This plugin is an add-on for Dokan – Multi-vendor Marketplace (powered by WooCommerce). This plugin can help customers easily find stores on your marketplace faster, by using their current location or using country, state, city, zip, or by shop name even can search by phone number using all in one field form.

Using this plugin admin can set an area range for customers to search. that will help your customer to find a more relevant and nearest store within their area based on their global location highlighting distance and duration with getting direction link.


  • Separate Fields form.
  • All-In-One field form.
  • Standard results in HTML view.
  • Map + standard HTML view.
  • Results on Google Map view only.
  • Get Direction for stores.
  • Show distance miles/kilometers
  • distance duration

Sort your vendors:

  • Filter by Country
  • Filter by State
  • Filter by City
  • Filter by ZipCode
  • Filter by Vendor Product Category
  • Filter by Store


  • For Filter
  • For All-In-One Field
  • For Results

Admin options:

  • Set Custom Page for Results
  • Enable/Disable Fields country, state, city, store name etc. whatever you wish to show
  • Enable/Disable Theme support like bootstrap and select2
  • Google Map for Map Only for results only and for both check the demo.
  • Google Map zoom.
  • Google Map height.
  • auto results by user current location

Dokan-Vendor-Filter Form:

By using this form, Users can search vendors by using (their current location, country, state, city, zip-code, vendor category, or name) filters provided in the form. You can use this form anywhere on your website by using its shortcode provided in admin settings.

Dokan Vendor Filter - 1

All-In-One Form:

By using this form, Users can search vendors by any information, such as phone number, products, etc. You can use this form anywhere on your website by using its shortcode provided in admin settings.

Dokan Vendor Filter - 2

  1. Dokan-Vendor-Filter Map:

This plugin provides a map view that shows all registered vendors across the globe according to the user’s search filter. By clicking on the marker a custom-designed info-window pop-up with complete vendor information of selected shop marker.

Dokan Vendor Filter - 3

Dokan-Vendor-Filter Distance Details and Get Directions:

In-store listing the distance details (distance and time-duration) and Get Direction button is added in the vendor information card.

Dokan Vendor Filter - 4

Admin Settings:

General Settings:

In General Settings shortcodes with complete usage information are provided along with the following settings:

  • Result page link (in case the admin wants to show products on a custom page).
  • Number of Products per page.
  • Unit of distance calculation.
  • Show products (on/off).

Dokan Vendor Filter - 5

Form Settings:

In Form field settings shortcodes with usage information are provided along with Enable/Disable fields settings of the following options:

  • Show Country
  • Show State
  • Show City
  • Show Zip
  • Show Categories
  • Show Stores

Dokan Vendor Filter - 6

Scripts Settings:

In Scripts settings admin can customize the basic functionalities of the plugin by selecting from following options:

  • Select Theme (This plugin can work easily with every WordPress theme).
  • Enable Google Map or not.
  • Google Map height.
  • Google Map Zoom.
  • Search Radius (Restrict every user’s search result within a specific area).
  • – Get User Location (Auto/Manual)

Dokan Vendor Filter - 7


Admin has complete controls for customization of settings (fields on/off, search area range, etc.), and all information regarding this is available in the admin panel.

If you have any queries. And for any type of customizations in interface and

functionality according to your need feel free to contact us:

Version 2.0.0
– a lot of improvements and updates

Version 1.2.7
– restructured files
– fixed category issue
– other code tweeks

Version 1.2.6
– fixed google map on https domain
– fixed store listing theme issues
– optimized query
– added product search in results
– added search type field

Version 1.2.5

– fixed results issue
– fixed design issues
– fixed admin link
Version 1.2.4

– Fixed results view
– Fixed results css
– Fixed duplicates
– Fixed js issues
– New category field added
– New widget added

Version 1.2.3

– Major changes and fixes
Version 1.2.1

– Initial release