FlexiBlocks – React Gatsby Landing Page Templates

FlexiBlocks - React Gatsby Landing Page Templates


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FlexiBlocks is a selection of multi-goal landing pages powered by Respond
and GatsbyJS. Our objective is to build templates that are
gorgeous and nonetheless very easily customizable in many aspects.

FlexiBlocks Gatsby templates are built with really adaptable hook-based React blocks to
produce optimum versatility. Every template is linked to a set of JSON data files
by means of the GraphQL info layer
and the JSON data files, handle the glance and articles of
the blocks in the template. The React Blocks can crank out many layouts
dependent on the details props handed to them.

FlexiBlocks templates are blazing quick static web sites that you can add to modern internet hosting companies these as Netlify, Vercel, Github, Firebase, and Amazon S3 or standard hosting products and services.

Gatsby FlexiBlocks Landing Page Templates

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Template Functions

Attractive and Expert Landing Internet pages

In ElegantStack studio, we are passionate about design, modern day frameworks, and techniques. In FlexiBlocks our purpose is to provide attractive patterns into the present day GatsbyJS framework. Gatsby is a Respond-primarily based open-supply framework with effectiveness, scalability, and stability designed-in. Gatsby is a perfect remedy for developing quick and scalable websites and with FlexiBlocks templates, you can add skillfully built internet pages to your GatsbyJS website.

Pre-constructed Gatsby Landing Internet pages

With FlexiBlocks you&#8217ll receive many pre-manufactured templates for various use-scenarios
together with templates for startup, fintech and payment startup, consulting agency, internet marketing agency, Seo expert services, Saas (application-as-a-services), and cellular app landing internet pages. All pre-manufactured templates packed into 1 Gatsby starter for ease-of-entry for the duration of improvement and can be shut-down with a topic choice for the manufacturing stage. The demo web site can be launched with just one one Gatsby command in the terminal. Of course, you&#8217re not minimal to the pre-designed templates and you can create your very own template by combine-and-matching the modular React blocks.

Modular Respond Blocks

Gatsby employs React for setting up sites. React is a library for setting up user
interfaces by using elements. React elements are purely presentation chunk of
Javascript, CSS, and HTML code that can be reused, shared and combined to
develop webpages and templates in GatsbyJS. In FlexiBlocks you&#8217ll obtain 30+ adaptable and modular React blocks with hooks (no outdated course elements). These blocks can generate limitless several layouts centered on the props handed to them. The props comprise the content material and styling settings and are sourced from JSON documents by means of the effective GraphQL data layer in GatsbyJS. There is no tricky-coded textual content inside the modular blocks and you can feed your very own custom info to the blocks via JSON information.


Icons and Pictures:
  • Icons by FontAwesome
  • Icons by BoxIcons
  • Images by Freepik
  • Illustrations by Freepik
  • Illustrations by Open Peeps (Pablo Stanley)
Google Fonts:
  • Fira Sans by Carrois Apostrophe
  • Poppins by Indian Variety Foundry, Jonny Pinhorn

Note: Visuals are not involved.

Release Log ( simply click below for full changelog )

  • 3.7. (2021-11-15)
  • 3.6. (2021-09-07)
  • 3.5. (2021-08-19)
  • 3.4.1 (2021-08-03)
  • 3.4. (2021-08-01)
  • 3.3. (2021-06-17)
  • 3.2. (2021-05-19)
  • 3.1. (2021-04-27)
  • 3.. (2021-04-22)
  • 2.2. (2021-03-27)
  • 2.1.1 (2021-03-22)
  • 2.1. (2021-03-20)
  • 2.. (2021-03-17)
  • 1..1 (2021-03-02)
  • 1.. (2021-03-01)