Headless – React GraphQL Firebase Ads Template

Headless - React GraphQL Firebase Ads Template

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Want to create a web page like Gumtree, With Headless you can quickly do that. You can establish your next MVP utilizing Headless Graphql. Headless is a GraphQL centered template that will support consumer to produce promoting system / multi user centered any written content driven application very immediately. It makes use of firebase-firestore for info storing. Created with Future JS which is the best SSR framework on major of React JS. We tried out to use all the bleeding edge stack to do this so modern day world-wide-web developer can use it in their have app or develop application on major of it. Anything (GraphQl, Node.js, Firebase Features, Apollo, Following.js) has been deployed into Firebase, So with our deployment option you don&#8217t have to take any headache for deploying separate servers.

Created with:

- React JS
- Following JS
- Apollo
- Apollo Hooks
- Context API
- GraphQL convey
- Firebase Mobile Auth
- Firestore
- Cloud features
- Firebase Storage
- Progressive Graphic loading
- Styled-Parts
- Monorepo [ lerna + yarn workspace ]

Headless - React GraphQL Firebase Ads Template - 1

Version v1..2  7 September 2021
1. Missing reusecore deal included
2. reusecore missing mistake situation preset

Variation v1..1 25 Aug 2021
1. Caching eradicated
2. Online documentation up-to-date
3. Logout button type issue set
4. google map error situation fixed
5. Pointless script taken off from offer.json
6. Fastened bundle model selection

Model v1..1 28 July 2021
1. Firebase question cache support added
2. 2x a lot quicker question aid
3. Efficiency enhanced

Model v1.. 25 Febrary 2021

1. offers version up-to-date for all the major libraries
2. node10 deployment situation preset
3. most current firebase resources issues mounted
4. 10x overall performance improved
5. Emulator help additional

Model ..2  25 Sep 2019

1. update all packages .
2. use env value from `next.config.js` (get rid of `.env`file) from net.
3. clear away customized server in favour of following 9 `dynamic routing.`
4. `.yarnrc` file and `npmClientArgs` important(to `lerna.json`) additional to prevent `node engine`version mismatch difficulty.
5. update root `babel.config.js` file.
6. update `.gitignore` file.
7. update _app web site (get rid of deprecated Container and ApolloProvider)
8. update _doc web page
9. take away `react-apollo-hooks` offer in favour of official `@apollo/react-hooks` offer.
10. clear away `init-apollo.js` and `with-apollo-shopper.js` file and make new one referred to as `apollo.js`
11. `ACCOUNT_PAGE` continuous rename to `PROFILE_PAGE` in accordance to define route.
12. Correct look for page class loader component's dimension.
13. use `.env` variables from server deal.
14. take away app.js function from server in faviour of subsequent 9 dynamic routing.
15. take away `env` variables from `next.config.js`

Headless - React GraphQL Firebase Ads Template - 2