Hreflang Manager

Hreflang Manager

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What is the hreflang HTML attribute?

The hreflang HTML attribute, which goes inside backlink factors provided in the HEAD part of the web page,
helps lookup engines realize that sure webpages are specific for a
specified language or region. By implementing this attribute you can
send your people to the focused webpages and tremendously improve the Search engine optimisation
overall performance of your web site.

Why a plugin?

The implementation of the hreflang attribute in a web site run by
WordPress can be a really cumbersome system without a certain plugin,
for this reason we formulated Hreflang Supervisor.

How does it work?

With the &#8220Connections&#8221 menu or with the &#8220Hreflang Supervisor&#8221 sidebar you can
link the web pages of your internet site with the similar versions specific for
distinctive languages or various nations around the world. The plugin will tackle your connections by introducing the appropriate html markup
in the HEAD segment of the picked internet pages.

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Tutorials Integrated

In the documentation that will come attached with this plugin we have provided
a variety of illustrations with connected images and three movie tutorials, if this is not plenty of for you really feel
cost-free to get in touch with us right after getting.


If you require additional facts about the hreflang attribute, to understand exactly
what this plugin is about, please verify out the next methods:


This plugin would make use of the pursuing resources:


14.10.2020 - v1.11
  - The "Wizard" and "Upkeep" menus have been included
20.06.2020 - v1.10
  - The Marshallese language is now properly involved with the "mh" ISO 639-1 code
  - A .pot file has been additional to simplify the translation of the plugin
  - Minimal back-stop advancements
16.12.2019 - v1.09
  - Mounted CSS problems brought about by the improvements applied in WordPress 5.3
04.08.2019 - v1.08
  - The "Sample Potential Permalink" choice has been included
20.02.2019 - v1.07
  - The "Hreflang Manager" sidebar has been extra
26.11.2017 - v1.06
  - Documentation up to date (the plugin codebase isn't really modified)
04.07.2017 - v1.06
  - Extra Import and Export menus
  - Extra various new selections
  - Improved again-end menus
  - Enhanced meta box
  - The WordPress default font-relatives stack is now utilised in the again-conclude
  - Added video tutorials in the plugin documentation
17.04.2016 - v1.05
  - Additional clone button in Connections menu
  - Corrected norwegian ISO_639-1 code
06.04.2016 - v1.04
  - The plugin has been fully rewritten with an OOP method and a new back-end menu framework
  - The maximum selection of connections for each site has been enhanced to 100
28.06.2015 - v1.03
  - Small improvements on the composition of the plugin information
22.04.2015 - v1.02
  - The maximum variety of connections for each page has been greater to 60
  - Added new possibilities
  - Preset bugs
28.02.2015 - v1.01
  - Enhanced aid for WordPress Multisite
  - Minor again-conclusion enhancements
11.01.2014 - v1.00
  - Original release

Automatically Deliver Flags

Use the Hreflang Flags plugin to instantly generated the flags, with the acceptable inbound links to the substitute versions (in terms of language or geo-goal) of your pages, primarily based on your implementation of hreflang.

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Increase your visits, market a lot more products or change extra people by strengthening your inside inbound links structure with the Interlinks Manager plugin for WordPress.

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