Justified Social Gallery

Justified Social Gallery


Grabs all your albums and images from your WordPress gallery or from an online source like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or Youtube and display them on your site. It allows you to browse albums and galleries, or display just one Gallery at a time.
Take a photo with your iPhone, post to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or YouTube and it is automatically added to your site as well.

Now people have an easy way to update and maintain their photos via, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, etc and their old photo galleries on their website quickly become outdated. This plugin takes your albums and photos from your online gallery and streams them directly to your website or individual blog/news posts.

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  • Display your albums and images from an online source like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or YouTube to your site’s gallery.
  • Create unlimited albums. It will generate the shortcodes automatically which you can copy/paste into your post or page
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible Configuration

What users are saying about this plugin?

“Very Very nice. Thank you! Everything works great.
http://www.juloaliaspython.sk/?page_id=9432”. manitu951

“Great job. It does exactly I need: social, simple and FAST. Perhaps just one idea to improving: Shortcodes could accept parameters to exclude/include certain albums (individual exception, independent by settings)”. murosk

“I think I?m going to purchase anyways (looks awesome!)…”. taliwalt

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Change Log:

Ver 3.0.9
  - [FIXED]: Facebook display photos

Ver 3.0.8
  - [INCLUDED]: HTML version included.

Ver 3.0.7
  - [FIXED]: Bug fixes

Ver 3.0.6
  - [UPDATED]: Improvements

Ver 3.0.5 (12/10/2016)
  - [UPDATED]: Update Instagram
  - [FIXED]: Lightbox doesn't work on some theme
  - Documentation updated

Ver 3.0.4 (14/04/2016)
  - [ADDED]: option to show/hide wp attachment's title, caption, description

Ver 3.0.3 (01/02/2016)
  - [UPDATED]: Responsive style improved
  - [ADDED]: Add an option to show full album title or ellipsis

Ver 3.0.2 (11/12/2015)
  - [UPDATED]: Facebook App Token updated.

Ver 3.0.1 (03/12/2015)
  - [ADDED]: Option to enable/disable auto-zoom in lightbox.

Ver 3.0.0 (21/9/2015)
  - [ADDED]: Display Plus Gallery with Bootstrap tabs. For EX: A tab with Facebook and another with Instagram.
  - [ADDED]: Zoom feature for the big images in lightbox.

Ver 2.0.5 (22/8/2015)
  - WordPress Albums: Thumbnail Size option added.
  - Fixed caption length option.

Ver 2.0.4 (3/7/2015)
  - WordPress Albums: Removed limit the number to be display

Ver 2.0.3 (6/7/2015)
  - WordPress Albums: Fixed limit the number to be display
  - Instagram: Fixed error on init load images
  - Flickr: Fixed error on init load albums 

Ver 2.0.2 (2/13/2015)
  - Add data album id, include/exclude album, data limit to manage WordPress albums.

Ver 2.0.1 (1/7/2015)
  - Fixed minor bug

Ver 2.0.0 (12/18/2014)
  - WordPress album support!
  - Compatible with Visual Composer page builder

Ver 1.0.4 (08/26/2014)
  - Fix minor bug: Just shows the code on some themes.
  - Improved widget area
  - Add an option to show or hide the caption
  - Fix shows two scroll bars when the lightbox opened.

Ver 1.0.3 (08/18/2014)
  - Improved Admin area 

Ver 1.0.2 (07/03/2014)
  - Fix a minor bug regarding Flickr API.
  - Added the parameters to shortcode. Now, you can create more galleries from the same source.
  - Documentation updated

Ver 1.0.1 (06/16/2014)
  - Responsive updated
  - Fixed inline custom CSS bug
  - Documentation updated

Ver 1.0.0 (05/26/2014)
  - Initial Release

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