License Manager for Woocommerce

License Manager for Woocommerce

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License Supervisor for Woocommerce 5.5

Compatible with WooCommerce 3.+ and past releases ! .

License Manager for Woocommerce is a Woocommerce extension that adds the operation of controlling license codes to Woocommerce.

This plugin is your best option for controlling license codes on your store. It provides you with the opportunity of:

  • including license codes
  • Separately deleting license codes
  • Providing your potential buyers with a license code
  • tracking license code utilization by means of admin panel

I would suggest this plugin for outlets that provide goods requiring license codes like video games,softwares,or everything that you may well want to assign a license to after acquire  :D

Utilization Of the plugin :

Obtain the plugin from and add it as a result of your plugins site
Navigate to the plugins site and activate your plugin.

Phase 1 : Add your license quantities(.txt structure) or use the enter box to upload license codes separately.

Right after the license codes have been uploaded,the codes are displayed this way

Notice : When a merchandise is purchased,a license code from the top is supplied to that order. The license code is then removed from the inventory then appears on the &#8220thank you web site&#8221 and on the &#8220earlier orders webpage&#8221 just like this

All settings
Since I had in intellect,you may well want to keep observe of the license codes  :) ,I included a way to check out the license code that has been assigned to each and every individual merchandise bought.

Enhancements On 5.1

Electronic mail Templates &#38 Tags :
[blog_name] = Web site Title
[order_id] = Purchase ID
[license_code] = License Code
5089794 = Merchandise ID
[item_name] = Merchandise Title
[receiver_name] = Receiver Title


Refunds ask for on basis of a mistaken invest in will be declined out-rightly.

Transform Log

Added delete all website link to delete all license codes for every product or service.

Preset compatibility issue with WooCommerce 3. earlier mentioned

Preset difficulty with exact same license code being sent for distinctive get merchandise.

-Moved license options page less than options to License options tab on woocommerce configurations.
-Taken off sending license code based mostly on order position.
-License code is routinely despatched only for completed and processing orders.
-Added electronic mail templates and tags
-Fixed compatibility difficulties with woocommerce.

-Mounted buy item hook.

-v4.5 for woocommerce 2.2x earlier mentioned only.
-Fastened numerous metabox produced when solution is duplicated.

-Added license code technology based mostly on standing of order.
-Current documentation 
-Fastened introducing licenses to unsuccessful orders
-Fixed spelling of license on thank you web site