Look: Minimal Magazine and Blog WordPress Theme

Look: Minimal Magazine and Blog WordPress Theme


LOOK is a minimal magazine, news and blog WordPress theme best suited for sites that deliver news about Fashion, Dry Handmade, Beauty, Travel, Lifestyle, Recipe…

With just one purchase. You will receive a beautiful modern website with multiple layouts, access to lifetime updates at no extra cost.

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LOOK is WordPress theme packed with tons of features, with 1 Click Installer, a powerful Page Builder & include 6 months supports.

LOOK comes with a huge range of powerful tools in the back-end saving time and more money including a Page Builder, Theme Options, Shortcodes, Widgets, Mega Menu and much more.

Every website demos shown is included for FREE and can be quickly import and set up with one click via the Theme Options

Check out some of the stunning Demos!

Optimized for speed:

LOOK is optimized for speed. This is a lightweight and fast theme available. All the queries to be optimal, all the scripts are profiled and modified to make your website run at top speed.

Main Features:

  • Multi-concept, clean and elegant design can be used for many types of news, magazine and blog websites
  • 100% Responsive, focus on mobile user experience
  • Strong focus on usability, typography, reading
  • Unlimited homepage layouts
  • 1 Click Installer to import all demos
  • Automatically upgrade theme via Envato plugin
  • Retina support, sharp high-resolution graphics
  • SEO base already built-in with rich snippet microdata for articles and reviews, SEO Optimized (compatible with
    SEO Plugins like Yoast, All In One SEO)
  • RTL support, The design of this theme match languages that are read from right to left. One example of a popularly spoken right to left language is Arabic.
  • AMP support
  • Support Google fonts, over 600+ fonts, you can also change any font types as font size, line height, letter
    spacing, font subset.. very easy from Theme Options panel.
  • Responsive Google AdSense, The theme loads different google Adsense spots for each screen size.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Chrome, Edge, FireFox, Safari, IE10, IE11
  • Off-Canvas Section: support menu and widgets, white and black layout
  • Custom CSS via Theme Options panel
  • Translation ready with POT file
  • Full-width and boxed layout
  • Support body background
  • Control overall site width
  • Human time format with on/off option
  • Show/hide almost elements of blog layouts
  • Excerpt length control for list, grid and classic layouts
  • Scrolling animation with on/off option: fade, zoom, fade from the bottom animation
  • Ruby Page Composer: help you easily to build creative layouts. Ruby Page Composer is a
    fast, simple, easy to use and powerful page builder to help you create page layouts. It supports
    section and Has sidebar section. for each section, Ruby page composer
    supports a lot of layouts so that the theme is very flexible, you can create any layout as you wish.
  • Advanced Blog listing options: The theme supports a lot of layout for blog listings page, with featured area include sliders, carousel, grid layout. that allows you can create a beautiful, clean blog page without any effort.

    • 7 blog listing layouts
    • All of layouts can have left or right sidebar, or be full-width
    • classic layout for the first post with on/off option
    • 4 featured area layouts: Full-width slider, Wrapper slider, Carousel and Grid
    • Featured area is very flexible: it allows you can select what queries you wish: categories, tags, number of posts, post offset, popular comment, popular views, top reviews, post type, random, author…
    • Support 3 columns at the top of blog page allowing you can put promote banner. This option very flexible, You can also choose between 1, 2 or 3 columns.
  • Advanced Theme Options: LOOK comes with 100+ Options, hope to help you customize any
    elements of your website via Theme Options panel without code knowledge.
  • Advanced Page/Post Options: Page and Post options are individual per page or post, meaning they
    only affect the page or post you set them on. They will override theme options which allow you to have a unique
    page or post outside of your global settings

    • 6 single post layouts
    • Post format: Standard, Gallery, Video, Audio
    • Gallery Format: slider & grid
    • Video Format: Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Self-Hosted video
    • Support Youtube thumbnail as featured image
    • Support Vimeo thumbnail as featured image
    • Audio Format: Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Self-Hosted audio
    • Primary Category allows you can set the main category for each post
    • Featured Credit Text
    • Review Options
    • Powerful related filter
    • On/off option for almost box on single page
    • On/off and sort order option for all meta tags
    • Unique sidebar for each page, post
    • Sidebar position: right, left, none
    • Popup images in post contents with on/off option
    • On/off comment box option
    • LIKE/TWEET/G+ buttons with on/off option
    • On/off page title
  • Advanced Shortcode: LOOK supports a few useful shortcodes to help you build content for your

    • Button shortcodes: default, round, and 3D style
    • Dropcap shortcodes: default and background style
    • Accordion tab shortcodes
    • Columns shortcodes: 1/2, 1/3, 2/3, 1/4
  • Infinite Load Posts: LOOK supports infinite ajax load posts with on/off option. It will help you never lose any visitors when they surf on your site.
  • Built In Review System: allow you can provide meaningful product feedback with review/rating systems.
  • Author Team Template: LOOK supports author team template with “Excepted Author IDs” option, allow you can select what the author to display.
  • Advanced Categories Options: LOOK supports options for all categories and each category
    • 7 category layouts, options can be individual per category meaning they only affect the category you set
      them on.
    • on/off classic layout for the first post
    • Header Category background
    • Category tag color
    • Category sidebar: you can assign any sidebar you wish for category page
    • Category sidebar position: left, right and hide sidebar options
  • Advanced Mega Menu
    • Column mega menu design for large menus
    • Category mega menu option lists the latest posts from each category with on/off option for each element
    • Smart sticky main menu
    • Support top bar navigation with on/off option
    • Main menu position option
    • On/off option for almost header elements
  • Unlimited Sidebars: LOOK supports multiple sidebars, It means you can create any sidebar sections and can assign them to any pages, posts on your website.

    • Left, right and hide sidebar options
    • Sticky sidebars with on/off option
  • Custom Widgets: LOOK supports 12 widgets to help you build sidebars and footers
    • Posts widget: This is a powerful widget to listing posts, including 8 layouts, many types of queries:
      categories, tags, post offset, popular by views, comments, best reviews, post type, author, random…
    • About Me widget
    • Google Adsense widget
    • Banner widget
    • Facebook like widget
    • Flickr grid widget
    • Sidebar Instagram grid widget
    • Social counter widget
    • Youtube subscribe widget
    • MailChimp widget
    • Footer Instagram widget
  • Popular Plugin Design Integration: LOOK compatible with almost plugins of WordPress and integration and support layouts for some popular plugins

    • WooCommerce compatible with full design integration
    • Contact Form 7 compatible with full design
    • MailChimp for WordPress with full design integration
    • Compatible with Yoast SEO Plugin
    • Compatible with All In One SEO
    • Compatible with WP Super Cache Plugin
    • Compatible with W3 Total Cache
  • Optimise for Google Mobile-Friendly check
  • Support child theme for advanced custom
  • Compatible with latest WordPress version
  • Built with Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3
  • Well documentation
  • And much more…

Thank you for checking out LOOK

You can post your re-purchased questions here, we will answer as fast as possible. For further information and
detailed instructions, send email via the support tab of this item.


Version 5.9 – 27 July 2023

  • Added: Google Tag Manager supported
  • Added: Preload google fonts
  • Added: Preload icon font
  • Added: Native browser share
  • Improved: Update Envato Market plugin
  • Fixed: Remove the Twitter tweet widget, as OAuth Twitter Feed for Developers is no longer supported.
  • Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 5.8 --------
Added: new Google fonts
Improved: compatible with WordPress 6.x
Improved: compatible with PHP 8.2
Improved: Update Envato Market plugin
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 5.7 --------
Improved: Compatible with PHP 8 & WordPress 6.0.x
Improved: Theme Options settings panel
Improved: Update Envato Market plugin
Improved: Update Google fonts
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 5.6 --------
Added: Table of contents
Added: Option to disable the block editor for the widget page
Improved: Metabox layout on the edit post page
Improved: Compatible with WordPress 5.8
Improved: Update Google fonts
Fixed: JS issue in Ruby Composer
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 5.5 --------
Added: Reading time entry meta
Improved: Compatible with WordPress 5.7
Improved: Update Google fonts
Improved: Update Envato Market plugin
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 5.4 --------
Added: Support for the Post Views Counter plugin for the post view meta (https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-views-counter/).
Improved: Compatible with WP 5.6
Fixed: Composer switch mode button not showing in WordPress 5.6
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 5.3 --------
Improved: Update Envato Market plugin
Fixed: Cannot get YouTube thumbnail in the video post
Fixed: Create multi-sidebar option issue
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 5.2 --------
Added: New options for the social counter widget
Improved: Update Instagram API
Improved: Update Google fonts
Improved: Metaboxes settings layout
Fixed: Editor issue in WordPress 5.5
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 5.1 --------
Added: posts per page option for the new slider block
Improved: switch to use the "srcset" for the retina feature
Improved: load custom fonts issue in the editor panel
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 5.0 --------
New: Lifestyle demo
New: Slider block
New: Subscribe box
New: One-click importer panel
New: left margin option for single post content
Improved: related box query
Improved: update Redux framework
Improved: update Metaboxes
Improved: update Google fonts
Improved: Font load speed
Improved: Update Ruby Composer compatible with Gutenberg
Improved: update editor layouts
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 4.5 --------
Added: Left margin in post content option.
Fixed: Facebook Fan counter
Fixed: Remove GooglePlus
Improved: Gutenberg optimize
Improved: Update WooCommerce
Improved: HTML Microdata, SEO optimize
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 4.4 --------
Improved: AMP styling
Fixed: Page Builder cannot update with the latest version of the Classic Editor plugin.

------Version: 4.3 --------
Fixed: Single Post Video/Audio/Gallery options don't appear in Editor WordPress 5.0
Fixed: Single Post subtitle option doesn't appear in Editor WordPress 5.0

------Version: 4.2 --------
Improved: Compatible with WordPress 5.0
Improved: Update Redux
Fixed: Widget social counter "fans" text issue
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 4.1 --------
Fixed: Composer sidebar settings could not be saved in version 4.0
Fixed: Change Composer Font when active Gutenberg.
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 4.0 --------
New: AMP support
New: New AdSense features, Allow you to manage all ad size for each device, including hidden it.
Improved: Ruby Composer, Support Gutenberg plugin.
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 3.3 --------
New: RTL support
Improved: Woocommerce template updated
Fixed: Image align issues
Fixed: GDPR Comment Privacy Opt-in Checkbox
Fixed: Composer quick edit issue
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 3.2 --------
New: Unique post featured for the page composer.
Improved: PHP7.2 compatible
Improved: Update Woocommerce template
Improved: Update Redux Framework
Fixed: Caption issue
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 3.1 --------
Fixed: Fix color option layout issue.
Fixed: Remove Google+ post share count (API has been no longer)
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 3.0 --------
Improved: Compatible with WordPress 4.9
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 2.9 --------
NEW FEATURE: social icons in the main navigation for header style 2
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 2.8 --------
Improved: Update Woocommerce
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 2.7 --------
Improved: Theme options layout
Improved: Ruby page builder layout
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 2.6 --------
Fixed: Facebook counter issue.
Fixed: gallery slider in single 5.
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 2.5 --------
Fixed: remove Ad scripts in single infinite load ajax.
Fixed: update Redux framework.
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 2.4 --------
Fixed: customize page
Fixed: share on email issue
Fixed: import menus on PHP7
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 2.3 --------
NEW FEATURE: add featured grid.
Fixed: compatible with WooCommerce plugin v3.0
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 2.2 --------
Fixed: Theme Options issues
Improved: update redux framework
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 2.1 --------
Improved: added widget ID
Improved: added user URL for the Instagram widget
Fixed: google font issues
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 2.0 --------
NEW FEATURE: add fully filter options for latest blog listing section
NEW FEATURE: none sidebar option for latest blog listing section
NEW FEATURE: ad banner at the top and the end of single page options
NEW FEATURE: 3 Custom social icons, allow you can input your social in the case the theme doesn't support it
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 1.3 --------
NEW FEATURE: sidebar position option for each category
Fixed: AdSense issues
Fixed: translate issues
Fixed: shop page issue on iPad
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 1.2 --------
NEW FEATURE: added VK social counter
NEW FEATURE: added social icons for topbar
Fixed: Twitter name issue
Other improvements and minor bug fixes

------Version: 1.1 --------
NEW FEATURE: added Food demo
NEW FEATURE: added Travel demo
NEW FEATURE: added new slider block
NEW FEATURE: added new grid block
NEW FEATURE: added subtitle option
NEW FEATURE: added main theme color
Improved: update redux package
Other improvements and minor bug fixes