Martfury – Multipurpose Marketplace React Ecommerce Template

Martfury - Multipurpose Marketplace React Ecommerce Template


Latest Version 2.2.0. Release July 18, 2021, Click HERE to view the Changelog

  • React Admin Template
  • Support React Hooks
  • Integration REST API
  • Display blog with WordPress
  • Display products with Woocomerce (4+)
  • Display vendor products with Dokan 2.8+
  • Support Dynamic site title
  • Apply a new layout system.
  • Upgrade latest Nextjs (v9.5+)
  • Optimized loading speed
  • Removed unused scss files.
  • Optimized source
  • Using data from API
  • Use Linearicons Premium Version $59
  • Add MartFury PSD $15 Included
  • Lazy Loading Images
  • Back-end Strapi Martfury demo Included but we don’t support strapi
  • Live Search
  • Multiple header and footer
  • Amazing Megamenu
  • Full-With layout support
  • React component library implementing the ant design language
  • Speed optimization: First View (2.8 s), Full Load (4.0 s) GTmetrix and webpagetest
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Martfury - Multipurpose Marketplace VueJS Ecommerce Template

Martfury - Multipurpose Marketplace HTML5 Template with Dashboard

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Martfury React template was built with React, Next JS, Redux, Redux-Saga, Sass and Bootstrap 4. This template is suited for a multi-vendor marketplace, electronics store, furniture store, clothing store, Hitech store and accessories store … With Martfury react template, you can create your marketplace and allow vendors to sell just like Amazon, Envato, eBay. Included are the powerful features listed below.

Martfury - Multipurpose Marketplace React Template with Dashboard

Powerful eCommerce Functionality

The theme was built for eCommerce, the most popular eCommerce solution, which helps you sell anything online, shippable goods, virtual or digital files.

  • Sell Simple or Variable Products
  • Sell External / Affiliate Products
  • Built-in Order Tracking page
  • Unlimted Categories & Sub-Categories
  • Filter Products (eg by size, color, brands, categories, etc.)
  • Optional Wishlist & Compare
  • Multi Vendor Marketplace
  • product Deals countdown
  • Advanced Live Search
  • Gallery lightbox for product images
  • Color, Label and Image Swatches
  • Featured product video
  • Product Quick View
  • Recently Viewed Products
  • Frequently Bought Together


  • React, NextJS, Redux, Redux-Saga, ExpressJS
  • ReactJS without jQuery
  • Using data from API
  • 10+ Demo Home pages
  • Multiple header and footer
  • Linearicons Premium Version $59
  • Martfury Mobile Version
  • Sticky Header supported
  • Different Blog layouts
  • Amazing Megamenu
  • Full-With layout support
  • Newsletter popup
  • My account,invoices, notifications, profile… etc.
  • Multi-Browser Support
  • Using Google Fonts
  • Reliable Support

Note :

Images used in the demo are not included in the download package because they are purchased from shutter stock and we do not have there reselling distribution rights. They are used for demo purpose only.

About License

Regular License
It allows you to use your own, and you’re unable to charge users technically and legally.
Extended License

You’re able to run it as SaaS technically and legally, and charge users. But you can not redistribute the template in any forms.
Please note that Envato doesn’t offer the option that upgrades from Regular License to Extended License.


*Version 2.2.0  (18 July 2021)
- New: Custom hooks
- New: Latest React & Nextjs (v11.0.x)
- Updated: Master Layout
- Remove: un-use stores
- Remove: unused components
- Remove: unused layouts
- Optimize time build & loading
- Fix bugs
*Version 2.1.0  (26 Fer 2021)
- New: Fetch stores (vendors) from API (Strapi API).
- New: Display store information (Strapi API)
- Convert HOC components to functional components. 
- Fetch data inside component (without redux)
- Optimized & removed un-used components of product detail 
- Fixed: searchbox can't close when showed
- Optimized page loading
- Removed un-used components 
- Optimized Responsived
- STRAPI Source: Updated store, post
- Updated nextjs v10.x.x
- Update reactjs v17.x.x
- Remove un-used components
-Remove Multiple Curency, We will make it more standard in the future.
- Fixed bugs

*Version 2.0.0  (07 Jan 2021)
- Add React Admin Template 
- Optimize Code + and fixed bug
*Version 1.4.0 WP Intergration (15 Nov 2020)
- NEW: Support React Hooks
- NEW: Support REST API
- NEW: Skeleton loading
- NEW: Display blog with WordPress
- NEW: Display products with Woocomerce (4+)
- NEW: Display vendor products with Dokan 2.8+
- NEW: Dynamic site title
- NEW: Apply new layout system.
- UPDATED: latest Nextjs (v9.5+)
- IMPROVE: Optimized loading speed
- IMPROVE: Removed unuse scss files.
- IMPROVE: Optimized source
*Version 1.3.3  (15 Aug 2020)
- Remove static mode (Json data)
- Optimized and upgrade Strapi API to newest version (v3.1.x)
- Fixed: Product Variants not working
* Optimize Code + and fixed bug
*Version 1.3.2  (22 June 2020)
- NEW: Add MartFury PSD $15 Included
- NEW: Add Back-end Strapi Martfury demo Included
- UPDATED: categories switch on homepage1
*Version 1.3  (15 May 2020)
- NEW: Using data from API
- NEW: function for call API
- UPDATED: newest Nextjs.
- UPDATED: newest library (Antdesign 4.0)
- UPDATED: lazyload for product
- FIXED: search on mobile not working
- FIXED: header account not working on mobile
- IMPROVE: product mobile layout
- IMPROVE: Speed optimization
- IMPROVE: Styles layout
- IMPROVE: Shopping cart on mobile
*Version 1.2  (01 March 2020)
- Tab in hompeage working
- Removed unused css
- Improve UI on mobile
Menu mobile in product page
*Version 1.1  (01 March 2020)
- FIXED: Filter products by category, by brands.
- FIXED: Menu on mobile

- IMPROVE: Slider banner
- IMPROVE: Deal of the day
- IMPROVE: Detail product

- NEW: Add best sale items
- NEW: Add Recommended Items
*Version 1.0.1  (01 February 2020)
 - IMPROVE: product-detail pages
 - IMPROVE: wishlistTotal notworking
*Version 1.0  (19 February 2020)
  - Initial release