MedServices – Medical Hospital Health Clinic ReactJS Template

MedServices - Medical Hospital Health Clinic ReactJS Template


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How MedService can help you?

Whether you are a doctor, a physiotherapist, director of a hospital, a medicine shop owner, have a pathology lab, or any other specialized product or service related to the health care sector. Then you must need an attractive and easy to understand website to get maximum customers. If your website is understandable by common man then they will communicate with you easily. As a result of which the number of customers can be significant. At our platform, you will find special templates which are designed only for the services of the health sector.

Features Overview

  • React Bootstrap Framework:

    React Bootstrap is the most popular CSS, and JS framework for
    developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.
  • Slick Slider:

    Create stunning slides with different animation effects easily with Slick
  • Responsive Layout Design:

    What ever you are using the device your site will run as it should be.
    Vister template is fully responsive layout for all type of devices.
  • Awesome Blog Pages :

    Blogging very important! We designed beautiful blog page templates and
    single blog styles for your news and updates..

Why we are different from other platforms

  1. Here you will find various attractive designs for various services related to the medical profession, on MedService you will find 12 different layout styles for the designing of websites.
  2. You will find 21 additional inner pages you can use these pages for your various specified services and products.
  3. In our templates, you will specially find icons related to the health sector which makes your website further impressive and clients can easily understand your concept.
  4. The theme and color combinations of the templates are according to the requirements of the medical profession.
  5. All the templates of our platform are based on advanced technology and they support all modern browsers. Our websites can be accessed from any platform whether it would be a PC, Tablet, laptop or mobile phone.

Special features of MedService

  1. It provides you very attractive 12 Layout Styles for attractive designs.
  2. On our platforms, you will find 21 Additional Inner Pages for the better representation of your ideas.
    With MedService you will find 70 Ready to use sections, which helps you to create a very impressive medical website.
  3. The websites designed by us are Fully Responsive Layout they can be easily used with -PC, Tablet and Mobile phone.
  4. On MedService you will find a very Amazing TimeTable
  5. Here you will get a very Creative Mega Menu, which is designed by highly creative graphic designers.
  6. All the websites developed by our templates are Retina Ready
  7. All the templated are very advanced as they are Based on Twitter Bootstrap 5.x
  8. On MedService you will get 12 Columns Grid System, which gives a unique look to your website.
  9. It is HTML5/CSS3 W3C valid

Other interesting features of MedService

  1. On MedService you will find clean and Ultra-Modern Design, which gives a new look to your medical website.
  2. All the webpages of MedService are SEO Optimized for Search Engine
  3. Here you will also find Google Analytics Ready
  4. On MedService you will find special Icons related to several medical services.
  5. You will also find Working PHP Forms
  6. As it provides Cross Browser Compatibility, so it is independent of browsers. Our website can be quickly accessed by any prevalent browser like- Google, Yahoo, Bing, Opera, etc.
  7. Optimized Speed, makes all the websites easy to load. The data consumption is really low
  8. All the websites are very Easy to Customize
  9. On MedService you will find highly Advanced Typography.
  10. All the webpages designed using templated of MedService provides Modern Responsive Mobile
  11. Navigation
  12. Here you will also get Flaticon 150+ Vector Icons
  13. Font Awesome Retina Ready 675+ Vector Icons v5.7.2 is the main specialty of MedService
  14. Working PHP Contact Form and Appointment Forms makes your website very attractive and user-friendly.
  15. Contact and Appointment Forms Validation further enhances the utility of our websites.
  16. Working MailChimp Subscribe Form is also available
  17. MailChimp Form Validation makes your website further impressive.
  18. On MedService you will find Over 600 Google web fonts.

Important Inner Pages, which are specially designed for medical professionals.

  • TimeTable Page
  • 2 Pricing Page Variations
  • 2 Services Detail Pages
  • Creative Appointment Page
  • Blog Pages
  • Gallery Pages
  • 2 Doctors Detail Pages
  • Departments Pages
  • 2 Pricing Pages Variation
  • General Pages like About Us, Who we are, Services Pages

MedService is a dedicated platform for heath sector, avail our services today to get Sky Heights in Medical world.

Key Features

  • React, NextJs
  • ReactJS without jQuery
  • 12 Layout Styles
  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap 5.x
  • 21 Additional Inner Pages
  • 70 Ready to use sections
  • Fully Responsive Layout (PC, Tablet and Mobile phone)
  • Amazing TimeTable
  • Creative Mega Menu
  • Retina Ready
  • 12 Columns Grid System
  • HTML5/CSS3 W3C valid
  • Clean and Ultra Modern Design
  • SEO Optimized for Search Engine
  • Google Analytics Ready
  • Medical Icons
  • Working PHP Forms
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Optimized for Speed
  • Easy to Customize
  • Advance Typography
  • Modern Responsive Mobile Navigation
  • Flaticon 150+ Vector Icons
  • Font Awesome Retina Ready 675+ Vector Icons v5.7.2
  • Working PHP Contact Form and Appointment Forms
  • Contact and Appointment Forms Validation
  • Working MailChimp Subscribe Form
  • MailChimp Form Validation
  • Over 600 Google web fonts you can use
  • and much more …