Minimal Portfolio – Arnold.

Minimal Portfolio - Arnold.


Arnold is a premium minimalist and modern flat design portfolio WordPress theme for the professional creative freelancer and agency.

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Compatible with WordPress 5.6 and WooCommerce 5.0


Suitable Portfolio / Photography / Freelance / Architecture …

Arnold is a premium minimalist and modern flat design portfolio WordPress theme for the professional creative.

The fully responsive design and lightweight coding solution make website load fast on mobile devices. It’s easy to use and concentrates on showcasing your work to potential clients and employers with interesting interactions. The unique Drag&Drop custom portfolio builder is built-in.

Features Overview

  • WooCommerce compatible.
  • Fully Responsive Layout.
  • With unique Portfolio Drag&Drop Builder and templates, you can create unlimited layouts of portfolio list,

  • Powerful portfolio option:
    • Columns: 1 – 12
    • Spacer : 0, 10, 20, 30, 40
    • List width: same with container, fullwidth, fullwidth filled
    • Title Align(mouseover): center, left, right, top left, top center, top right, bottom left, bottom center, bottom right
    • What Thumbnail Does: open gallery post or lightbox, it could open extra link by setting link format post
    • GIF supported
  • 8 header layouts:
  • Menu mouseover effect: cross line and heigh-light color
  • Page Builder – Drag & Drop page builder with 20+ useful modules to build your pages.
  • BM Slider included: Tab slider, Classic slider
  • Shortcodes plugin included, 10+ elements, Shortcodes generator built in.
  • 7 Post Formats : Standard, Image, Gallery, Audio, Video, Link, Quote.
  • Gallery post layouts for project item
  • Sidebar for Post/Page.
  • Powerful Theme Options – colour, fonts, social medias.
  • Custom Social Network – social network link on header and footer(with hide/show options).
  • Custom Share Button for post.
  • 600+ Google Fonts – the latest google font data could be updated at any time.
  • IconFonts (400+ Font Awesome Icon).
  • Custom Logo – image logo / plaint text logo with google fonts.
  • Support plugin Contact Form 7.
  • Translation ready (pot file included).
  • Support the popular multi-language plugin WPML.
  • RTL option included.
  • Page loader (slide loading effect) is optional
  • Filter to slide the Category item description (demo) New!
  • SEO Optimized – compatible with industry-leading SEO plugin “SEO by Yoast”.
  • One-click-import demo data.
  • Demo content XML included.
  • Child theme included.
  • Image Layzload enable/disable option.
  • Scrolled animation.
  • Fullscreen background video.
  • Logo: text logo, image logo.
  • WP menu support.
  • WP featured thumbnail support.
  • WP widgets support.
  • Page loader transition(it is optional)
  • Warmly Support and FREE updates
  • GDPR plugins: GDPR Cookie Consent, Cookie Notice compatibility
  • Fully documentation
  • Video Guide

New Feature

Filter to slide the Category item description

Filter to slide the Category item description

What’s Customers Say

Not only is the theme slick, solid and perfect for use - but the support is fantastic. Quick responses to all questions which is invaluable. Keep up the great work guys.

Arnold is one of only two themes I’ve considered well-enough designed to purchase (with the usual tweaks for style and layout preferences). It's the best minimal portfolio theme out there, to my eyes. The support is second to none. I'm super grateful for the patient help I've received. Every support reply has been totally courteous and focused on solving issues and technical difficulties I've faced. Very highly recommended!

Amazing Theme. The minimalist design with all the different customization options. Just a dream for beginners or advanced designers. Love it! Good job guys!

I purchased this elegant theme because of its splendour design! I didn't regret it at all. The theme works perfect and the support is simply as good as it is possible to be: accurate, precise and complete. Design, documentation and code quality are flawless and faultless. This is the first theme I ever bought and I can definitely recommend it to everyone who wants to represent themselves in a better light. Thank you Arnold theme!

ARNOLD theme is made with the best design i have ever ever ever seen and practiced with wordpress-easy to integrate with incredible support and customize by its author, BWSM ! from france, thank you again!

Excellent design and helpfull support. Code is clean and easy to work with when using firebug. Was offered a very quick and working fix when asking for assistance. I am a fairly frequent user of themes and this one is probably the best experience ive had. Thank you - Henrik

Featured on the famous web design and magazines




How to fix WordPress 5.6 compatible? Dec 9, 2020

v1.8.5 2/17/2021
[add] Add Lightbox slide transition option(Theme Option)
[fix] Single Image module Lightbox repeat issue
[fix] Password from repeat issue on single posts

v1.8.4.4 1/19/2021
[fix] Accordion/Toggle, Faq module

v1.8.4.3 1/9/2021
[fix] Contact form single field format
[fix] Single Image module link area on the mobile
[fix] Slider template blank area on the mobile

v1.8.4.1 12/9/2020
[update] WordPress 5.6(please update BM Pagebuilder also)
[update] WooCommerce 4.8

v1.8.4 11/01/2020
[update] WooCommerce 4.6
[update] BM PageBuilder 1.1.4
[improve] Define the footer menu for translating

v1.8.3 9/24/2020
[fix] Customize/WooCommerce Thumbnail width & Cropping
[fix] Post editing JS issue with embed codes
[update] WooCommerce 4.5

v1.8.2.1 08/22/2020
[update] WooCommerce 4.4

v1.8.2 08/12/2020
[update] WordPress 5.5
[update] WooCommerce 4.3
(Update BM Shortcodes plugin also)

v1.8.1 08/09/2020
[add] Narrow option for list width of Portfolio template
[improve] Increase the hot area of the Menu icon
[fix] Header bar is not shown when going back to the previous page
(click Back of the Browser)

v1.8.0 06/21/2020
[add] Showing the category description when user click the filter
[improve] Show original option affect single Gallery post
[improve] Move the position of Show original option in Theme Option

v1.7.12 05/30/2020
[fix] Menu item mouseover Highline color
[improve] Cart page table on the mobile
v1.7.11 04/25/2020
[add] Translated DE, ES, FR, JA PO/MO(front-end) files

v1.7.10 03/13/2020
[fix] Slider gallery template arrow doesn’t show on the Edge browser
[improve] Interactive area for Slider with the columned menu layout
[improve] Lazy load for the Gallery of the shortcodes

v1.7.9 01/22/2020
[add] Footer Widget option for Pages
[fix] New tab link for Text of Gallery Layout Builder

v1.7.8 11/14/2019
[update] WooCommerce 3.8
[improve] Disable link with empty URL on the Single Image

v1.7.7 10/15/2019
[improve] Shop/Archive page subtitle of WooCommerce
[improve] the content issue with the Elementor plugin

v1.7.6 8/16/2019
[update] WooCommerce 3.7
[improve] Post title SEO
[fix] Single field type of Contact Form module

v1.7.5 6/5/2019
[update] WooCommerce 3.6.x

v1.7.4.3 4/21/2019
[fix] BM Slider issue (Tab Slider on the touch screen)

v1.7.4.2 4/10/2019
[fix]  Gallery Layout Builder logic issue

v1.7.4.3 4/21/2019
[fix] BM Slider issue (Tab Slider on the touch screen)
[fix] Gallery Layout Builder logic issue

v1.7.4.1 4/10/2019
(Please reinstall the BM Pagebuilder plugin)
[fix] BM Pagebuilder conflicts with Slider Revolution on WordPress 5.x
[fix] Lightbox image position issue

v1.7.4 4/8/2019
[add] Shop cart ajax number
[add] BM Slider clickable area (Please reinstall the BM Slider plugin)
[fix] Custom CSS order
[add] filter hush URL
[fix] Search position on Safari, BM Slider dot issue

v1.7.3 3/6/2019
[fix] Gallery Layout Builder text(only) repeat issue
[fix] Container width of BM Pagebuilder and WooCommerce

v1.7.2 12/20/2018
[update] Disable block editor by default
[update] Classic editor installation guide

v1.7.1 12/9/2018
[fix] wp_kses lost option on some template

v1.7.0 11/7/2018
[update] WooCommerce 3.5.x
[add] Open on same window option of single gallery post

v1.6.9.3 10/19/2018
[fix] Ajax pagination issue with WPML
[fix] Infinite scroll 3rd page issue

v1.6.9.2 9/13/2018
[improve] remove the blank for iPhone X landscape mode
[fix] logo color when clicking the menu icon on the slider
[improve] font smooth firefox
[add] hide cart icon if empty

v1.6.9.1 7/24/2018
[update] Plugins
[improve] standardization and security
[improve] Google fonts queue 

v1.6.9 6/25/2018
[fix] Link post in the list Background color
[fix] Link post URL cannot be opened in lightbox list
[fix] Font Awesome version different from PB

v1.6.8 6/8/2018
[update] WooCommerce 3.4.x

v1.6.7 5/11/2018
[fix] Fullscreen slider no work on trackPad
[add] Slider navigation by right/left keyboard
[add] Swipe tips icon in single gallery post : slider template
[add] Caption of gallery list in single gallery post
[fix] “Show Tags” change as “Show Category” of Irregular List
[add] Hide post navigation in single gallery : fullscreen template
[update] Plugins

v1.6.6 4/13/2018
[add] Header height option on mobile
[improve] Allow br tag to arnold_shapeSpace_allowed_html
[fix] Text not shown on list layout of single gallery
[improve] WooCommerce:Sold out tips
[improve] CSS / JS files optimization

v1.6.5 3/16/2018
[add] Hide More Button(+) On Project Item Page / Hide Back-to-top Button …
[add] Hide Description under Title

v1.6.4 2/28/2018
[improve] Fullwidth wrap video on new  mobile  browser
[add] BM slider image position option for portrait view
[fix] Irregular list light logo issue
[fix] WooCommerce 3.3.2 overdate

v1.6.3 2/14/2018
[update] WooCommerce 3.3.x compatible
[fix] Some issues of BM PageBuilder: Client, Tab and fullwidth wrap on mobile
[add] Lightbox button option
[improve] Post cover and fullscreen slider size on portrait mode

v1.6.2 1/23/2018
[fix] Link post url option in Inregular template
[fix] BM Pagebuilder > Contact form “Sending” not hidden
[add] Col 1 option for Masonry / Standard template
[fix] Filter on header not work
[fix] WooCommerce default categories style
[add] Open lightbox option in standard grid template

v1.6.1 11/20/2017
[fix] "Open link in a new tab" doesn't work
[add] External link option in Single image of BM PageBuilder

v1.6.0 11/06/2017
[fix] Infiniti scroll issue of Blog Masonry
[fix] Video in Lightbox of the page template
[fix] Text position issue of the page template

v1.5.3 10/13/2017
[add] Slide Duration for Autoplay for BM slider
[fix] Video in lightbox cannot be closed
[update] OwlCarousel plugin update to 2.3.0
[fix] Logo vertical center issue on Safari

v1.5.2 9/12/2017
[fix] Built-in plugins text domain
[fix] Images of gallery post 1px gap issue
[fix] Pot file wihtout lightbox strings

v1.5.1 8/22/2017
[upadte] WooCommerce 3.1.x compatible

v1.5.0 8/11/2017
[add] Introduction section for Blog Masonry template
[fix] BM PageBuilder Image Box
[fix] Text “All” is lost in pot file
[fix] Horizontal scrolling problem on Safari
[fix] Related post does not show the image on old version iOS(6/7)
[fix] Vh-unit bug on old version iOS(6/7)
[fix] Link not work within list layout of the gallery post

v1.4.0 6/28/2017
[add] Logo height option
[add] Mouseover effect option “NONE” for portfolio template
[add] Disable animation option
[fix] Single Gallery Slider template on mobile
[improve] The masking text compatible with Firefox
[fix] Text Logo and Custom css quote symbol issue
[fix] BM Pagebuilder / Button font size issue
[improve] Remove image name when mouseover

v1.3.2 5/16/2017
[add] Use Original Images for Portfolio List option
[fix] Loop within normal post Next/Prev

1.3.1 4/25/2017
[fix] "Transparent for Mask"  option issue
[fix] 1px gap issue in Gallery post

1.3.0 4/20/2017
[add] Mouseover effect option for Standard Grid template
[add] Header sticky option
[add] More options in "Transparent for Mask" 
[fix] Pagination repeat issue
[fix] Lightbox loop issue within Gallery post
[fix] Video gap issue within the Gallery post

1.2.1 3/30/2017
[add] Scroll down button option for the standard layout of the gallery post
[fix] Text in gallery list-builder cannot be linked
[fix] Footer texture quote tag issue
[fix] Some CSS issue

v1.2 2/23/2017
[fix] Custom grid portfolio responsive 768 issue
[fix] Post option “Brightness of featured image

v1.1.2 2/16/2017
[add] Social media – new window/tab option
[fix] Some css issue, like WPML switcher
[fix] List layout(Gallery post) spacer
[fix] Custom grid filter and item number
[improve] Gallery slider image size

v1.1.1 2/6/2017
[fix] Custom grid portfolio animation

v1.1 2/4/2017
[add] WooCommerce compatible

v1.0.4 2/2/2017
[add] Spacing option for gallery post images list layout
[fix] Hot area for the thumbnail of Irregular list

v1.0.3 1/23/2017
[fix] WPML switcher
[fix] Hamburg Icon 3 Layout toggle issue

v1.0.2 1/18/2017
[fix] Hosted video in default editor no playing
[fix] Some CSS issue
[update] BM Pagebuilder plugin(need re-install)

v1.0.1 1/14/2017
[fix] Page cover on header layout "Centered" 
[fix] Customize issue
[fix] Some css issue: like audio player


Thanks to the authors for the awesome demo images: YeongKyu Yoo, byfutura, William Stormdal, Noeeko

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