Mintone Reactjs Redux Hook Admin Template

Mintone Reactjs Redux Hook Admin Template


About Mintone ReactJS Admin Template?

Mintone is made on top of ReactJS platform with support of React Redux too. It has code splitting support along with the TypeScript.

Performance Centric Code

Code Performance is our key point while developing Mintone Admin Template and we’ve really nailed it with lots of high end testing.

Mintone is made over only for high performance and we’ve achieve our great effort on it in terms of responsive testing through various devices AND also Design validated by Google Page Speed, Pingdom, gtMetrix and HTML code validated by W3C.

notes – live demos have tons of features active, due to server location score may differ in Google Page Speed, Pingdom, gtMetrix.

Template Supports?

We’ve implemented latest technologies in Mintone ReactJS Dashboard template.

  • ReactJS
  • TypeScript
  • React Bootstrap 4
  • SASS

Top Features

Below are top features of Mintone which makes Mintone differ than other templates.

  • More than 15+ layouts
  • Live customizer to choose what you need exactly for your project
  • Developer-centric code structure for things done easily
  • The responsive and mobile-first design
  • Professional looking design and color combination
  • High-Performance grade and fully flexible to use

Page Layouts Types

We’re introducing 15+ new layouts which never seen on any other admin templates ever. We’ve developed it to fulfill the needs of modern backend applications.

  • Vertical/Horizontal Layout
  • RTL
  • Box
  • Collapse
  • Full Sidebar Version
  • Horizontal Layouts
  • 5+ Page settings


50+ ready to use widget collection like statistics, analytics, user cards, charts, tables, chats, data widgets, slider widgets.

Professional Design

For any backend, the design seems to look better and we’ve made a bunch of work to make Mintone a good looking professional template.
Colors are eye catchy and very professional for high-end backend applications too.

Layouts we offer with Mintone

  • Default (i.e. Transparent)
  • Dark Light
  • Header Color Options


We’ve chosen cool eye catchy colors for entire Mintone. 30+ dark/light color combination available to choose.

Use Bootstrap centric colors to avail the high eye catchy backend design for your project/application.

  • Blue – i.e. Primary
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Info color
  • Dark Gray


Dashboard needs chart to highlight statistics data in your project. We’ve implemented more than 40+ charts with tons of variety options.

Chart types

  • Apex Chart
  • chartJS
  • Highchart
  • knob
  • peity


  • Google maps
  • Gmap search API


Mintone Admin Template comes with all Bootstrap basic components and we’ve also implemented extra 3’rd party tons of components which listed below. All components are in latest version too.

Advance components

  • Sweet alert
  • Date Picker
  • Grid Helper
  • LightBox
  • Modal
  • Notification
  • Nestable
  • pNotify
  • Rating
  • Range Slider
  • Syntax Highlighter
  • Tour
  • Tree view
  • Toolbar
  • Slider
  • User Card
  • Timeline

Form Components

  • Switches, Radio, Checkbox, Tags input, max length
  • Validation forms
  • Form Masking
  • Form Wizard
  • Form pickers – Datepicker, color picker
  • Select 2


  • Data Tables
  • Basic Tables
  • Editable Tables
  • Foo Tables


  • Error Pages
  • Offline
  • Animations


  • Feather
  • Font Awesome5

App & Extensions

Mintone comes with variety of 3’rd party app & extensions which directly usable in your project. We’re continously working on next app & extensions for future release version update.


  • Email
  • To-do
  • Task
  • Gallery


  • Editor – ckEditor, Trumbowyg
  • Invoice
  • Full Calendar
  • File upload
  • Image Cropper
  • Grid


Please refer Item Support Page

Files Included

How to customize & quick start

  • Need to install node & ReactJS CLI first to run the project successfully
  • I recommend to please refer the Documentation for detail setup

Purchased Package Includes

  • Theme Package with Live Customizer
  • Live demo preview Image is not included in package
  • Documentation included in template directory

Resources & Credits

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Open Sans – Work Sans Google Font
  • Free Images – Icon Finder
  • Plugins References – Please refer the Documentation