Mostore – WooCommerce Mobile Progressive Web App

Mostore - WooCommerce Mobile Progressive Web App


Mostore – Complete Mobile Web App Solution For WooCommerce!

Mostore is a WooCommerce Mobile Web App offers deep and seamless integration with WooCommerce. It’s easy to connect shop and deploy a lightweight mobile app for your existing WooCommerce online. Your visitor can install the app to the home screen on their phone for the next time visiting.

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MoStore is developed with ReactJS. It’s a Single Page Application(SPA) so that brings the online shop visitors very smooth page transition and high shopping experience, just feels like using a Native Mobile App. Especially, it’s faster than the common responsive website.

The other side, when your potential buyers browsing the mobile web App on their mobile browser, they may easy to add the App to the desktop of their smartphone, the shortcut icon looks as same as the native App.

Anyway, Mostore WooCommerce Mobile Web App can be a good alternative for your existing responsive website. Why not?

Please note that it’s not a WooCommerce theme or only a mobile template. Mostore is a complete Mobile Web App that you can connect to your existing WooCommerce shop and deploy it to anywhere without installing in WordPress backend.

Deploy Requirements

  • The latest version of WooCommerce
  • Enable Rest API For WP & WooCommerce
  • SSL should be enabled on your site

Features Overview

  • Retina Ready.
  • It’s Single Page Application(SPA)
  • Fast and Smooth Page Transition.
  • Responsive For Mobile Devices.
  • Across iOS and Android Platform.
  • The Project Source Files Are Included.
  • Included All Main Pages & Features of E-Commerce App.
  • Based On React & Redux.
  • Based On The Powerful UI Framework: Ant Design.
  • SCSS is Available To Use.
  • Webpack is Available To Use.
  • Configure App Visually With The Bundled Helper WordPress Plugin.
  • Home Slider Manager Included.
  • Menu Manager Included.
  • The Language File is Available For App Localization
  • Well Documented.


Thanks for provides free demo pictures as well as ReactJS community and Ant Design Framework!

Change Logs

## V1.1.4 – 25 September 2020

- Fixed the add to cart button invisible issue on the large phone screen.
- Updated the helper plugin to v1.1.6.

## V1.1.2 – 10 December 2019

- Fixed the logout bug.

## V1.1.1 – 07 November 2019

- Fixed the price bug when changing the variable of the product.
- Added a close button on the cart page.
- Fixed the PHP error information on the checkout page.
- Added custom CSS option.

## V1.1 – 05 November 2019

- Added external link option to Mofect Mobile plugin
- Supported the external links in the side menu.

## V1.0.8 – 19 September 2019

- Added primary color option. 
- Fixed on sale products doesn't display properly. 
- Automatically hide the on sale and blog tab when there's no content. 
- Fixed some CSS issues.

## V1.0.7 – 26 April 2019

- Fixed the address and profile editing bug.
- Fixed the stock status bug. 
- Fixed the slider link bug. 
- Fixed all attributes are displayed as variations bug. 
- Fixed when clicking address accordion item, the address info was loaded failed. 
- Fixed the address form validation bug. 
- Added validation and disable the add to cart button if the user hasn't selected any variation. 
- Improved the order list part codes.

## V1.0.6 – 12 March 2019

- Added option JSON files. 
- Added some new text strings into the language file. 
- Fixed the pagination issue for order list and blog page. 
- Fixed the login error bug. 
- Used WordPress Nonce to instead of the fixed token string.

## V1.0.4.1 – 15 December 2018

- Fixed the product category page can't be refresh.
- Fixed the bug on login page.
- Rewrite and renamed the helper plugin to Mofect Mobile. 

## V1.0.2 – 23 October 2018

- Fixed the add to cart button doesn't work on variation product page. 
- Fixed the product page crash sometimes. 
- Fixed the long product category name display issue. 
- Fixed my order list duplicated bug. 
- Added App manager in Mofect Mobile Assistant plugin. 
- Added "Add Shortcut Icon to Homescreen" tip popup. 
- Added offline browsing support.

## V1.0.1 – 16 October 2018

 - Fixed the fullscreen slider page bug. 
- Fixed a small CSS issue.

## V1.0 – 15 October 2018

- Initial Release.