MSP – MultiSport & eSport WordPress plugin with 90 Visual Composer addons

MSP - MultiSport & eSport WordPress plugin with 90 Visual Composer addons


MSP - MultiSport & eSport WordPress plugin with 90 Visual Composer addons - 1

MSP - MultiSport & eSport WordPress plugin with 90 Visual Composer addons - 2

MSP - MultiSport & eSport WordPress plugin with 90 Visual Composer addons - 3

MultiSport platform – is a most complete sport plugin for WordPress. It can be used for management of sport & esport teams, leagues and tournaments. MultiSport platform lets you manage different sport events, players, etc.

Built with Visual Composer, the plugin has more than 90 custom addons and shortcodes that will give you full experience of a advanced sports and esports editor for player, team and event. MultiSport Platform plugin gathers all the sport stats data for sport events, calculates, summarizes it and displays in different ways: graphs, tables, and circle diagrams.

Add your own sports and esports with the help of plugin’s modern and convenient interface and create custom statistic types for every sport you have.

Do not hesitate to get MultiSport Platform for WordPress and experience the magic of a truly great sport addon.

One click test-drive MultiSport pluginMSP - MultiSport & eSport WordPress plugin with 90 Visual Composer addons - 4

Visual Composer included

Layouts Builder included

90+ special sports addons

Sport and eSport wordpress content managment system

Extended wordpress admin panels

Statistic ststem based on match scores

WPObject - MVC abstraction on wordpress for plugin development

Auto updating MPS plugin

Fully ready for translation

Team WordPress Documentation or How to create the most awesome sport website

Looking for support? CLICK HERE! We awailable from Monday to Friday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. (GMT +2)

MSP - MultiSport & eSport WordPress plugin with 90 Visual Composer addons - 5


If you have any questions please feel free to email us via contact form here.

Change log

4.1.19 - 14 December 2018
+ Added capability with Gutenberg editor
# Fixed issue with VC Addon "Players slider" 
# Fixed issue with coupon activation on cart page
# Fixed grammatical issues
# Fixed issue with players positions showing in VC Addon "Players grid listing" and others
^ Update Visual Composer version to 5.6

4.1.18 - 03 September 2018
# Fixed sorting issue with VC Addon "News media line" 
# Fixed duplication stats in VC Addon "CS:GO Match Table results" 
+ Linked team name and logo in VC Addon "Match header" 

4.1.17 - 17 July 2018
# Fixed error with saving start date of match
# Fixed issue with VC addon "Event location map" 

4.1.16 - 25 June 2018
+ Added sorting by statistic in VC addon "Championship teams table listing" 

4.1.15 - 25 June 2018
+ Added player spells for League of Legends

4.1.14 - 13 June 2018
# Added VC addon "Championship teams table listing" for showing matches and statistics from championship.

4.1.13 - 05 June 2018
# Fixed issue with duplicated League of Legends items

4.1.12 - 05 June 2018
# Fixed K/D/A showing in VC addon "DOTA table" 
+ Added and correct statistic types for League of Legends

4.1.11 - 29 May 2018
+ Added to VC Addon "Media post slider" links on posts.

4.1.10 - 18 May 2018
#Fixed issue with showing VC addon "Store list light version" 

4.1.9 - 17 May 2018
# Fixed issue with users subscribe registration
# Fixed issue with VC Addon "Post media slider" 

4.1.8 - 16 May 2018

4.1.7 - 04 May 2018
+ Added Revisions for post-type "Matches" 
# Fixed issue with displaying VC addon "championship standings" 
+ Added responsive displaying for VC addon "match text stream" 

4.1.6 - 10 April 2018
+ Added multiple sorting for matches, players and team. 
# Fixed issue with Teams deletion, now relative matches will be deleted too.
+ Changed UI in match editing panel for time setting
# Fixed issue with matches query in time series statistics charts
# Fixed date translation in VC Addon "Championships Listing" 
# Fixed sorting by statistic value in VC Addon "Championships Standing" 
# Fixed issue with deleting selected value in multiple-selectors in admin panel UI
+ Added counters in multiple-selectors in admin panel UI
+ Added variation option for players pull in match settings.
# Fixed issue with incorrect "system id" when adding data.

4.1.5 - 26 March 2018
# Fixed issue with showing dashboard. If directory path has "http".
# Fixed issue with adding or redefined scripts and styles for VC addon by documentation.

4.1.4 - 23 March 2018
# Fixed: VC Addon "Timeline tabs" 
# Fixed: VC Addon "Store list light version" 
# Fixed: Statistic displaying with value "0" in table listings
# Fixed: duplication of tabs in VC Addon "Best players" 
# Fixed: displaying without columns in VC Addon "Players table listing" 
# Fixed: match page live update
+ Added translation for match date
+ Added sorting types for players in VC Addon "Match Player List" 
+ Added ready for translation all country names
^ Updated translation file msp.pot

+ Added in Layouts Builder rule options by Games for pages: Players, Matches, Championships, Broancasts and more...
+ Added in Layouts Builder rule options by Teams for Players, Trainers and Broadcasts pages.
^ Upgrade to WPObjects version 1.1.2
^ Update WordPress Layouts Builder to v3.0.0
    ^ Fully code refactoring
    ^ Update to WPObjects v1.1.2
    + Added more rule option for layouts templates
    + Added fully backward compatibility to v2.0.3

    + Fixed issue with displaying MSP dashboard page

    + Added VC Addon "Broadcasts listing grid" 
    + Fixed Fatal error with directories  "data" and "Data" on Windows servers.

    + Added integration with API for auto upate broadcasts status and details.
    + Added Broadcasts relative with Player, Championship and Team.
    + Added VC Addon "Broadcast player with details" 
    + Added VC Addon "Broadcasts viewer" 
    + Added Sponsors post-type
    + Added VC addon "Sponsors logos slider" 
    + Added VC addon "Sponsors grid listing" 
    + Added VC addon "Sponsors logos grid" 
    + Added option "Page cover image" in to setting panel for Pages, Player, Teams, Championships, Matches.
    + Added VC Addon "Page title with cover image" 

    # Fixed workable without Visual Composer

    # Fixed fatal error with legacy php versions
    # Fixed counter of latest matches results in match header addon

    ^ Migrate on WPObject v1.1
    ^ Fully code refactoring
    + Added data presets for eSport League of Legends
    + Added VC addon "LOL pitch with players positions" for eSport League of Legends
    + Added styling presets in to wp customizer for all VC addons

    # Fixed matches sorting issue from context query
    # Fixed translation issue on player page

    + Added player owner to trophy settings
    + Added titles to timer in match header VC addon.
    + Fixed twitter slider links

    # Fixed issue with languages translation via .pot files
    # Fixed issue with creating statistical index
    + Added sport selector in match editing panel

    + Add new VC addon "Player socials" 
    # Fixed player trophies image sizing in VC addon 
    # Fixed warnings in VC addon "Organisation header" 
    # Fixed match events without originator 
    # Fixed match N/A winner

    # Fixed warnings in VC addon "Player summary information" 
    # Fixed match player listings addons in cs:go, dota and other sports.

    # Fixed match page displaying error (weather type error)

    + Added developers hooks for extension build-in Visual Composer addons.
    + Added special php class MSPVCCustomAddon for quick create custom VC addons with use MSP system.
    + Added documentation for developers
    # Fixed build-in statistic types names, rate - is correctly named AVG.
    # Fixed cs:go build-in duplication statistic types 'wins', changed main match statistic type to 'Raund wins'.
    + Added esport type attribute for esport: moba & shooter.
    # Fixed displaying dota inputs in cs:go when match editing.

    # Fixed matches sorting in ALL Visual Composer addons
    + Added more filters in Visual Composer addons for matches, players, broadcasts, championships and other system objects.
    + Added custom attributes to player
    # Fixed not displayed weather settings in match

    # Fixed championships query for form selectors in VC

    # Fixed translation file: added more text for translate
    # Fixed match captains listing

    # Fixed match events listing
    # Fixed setting 0 in teams match scores

    # Fixed matches sorting in Visual Composer addons
    # Fixed teams sorting in Visual Composer addons
    # Fixed fatal error in less variables compilation
    + Added to player header addon more player information: age, weight, height, city, country.

    # Fixed and extend color setting for Visual Composer addons

    # Fixed WordPress customizer working

    # Fixed player information 
    # Fixed error at match creation

    # Fixed the issue of displaying the dashboard

    + Updating all UI in admin panel
    + Fully code refactoring on WPObject library
    + MVC PHP objects architecture
    + REST API

    + Added float statistic values
    # Fixed select heroes and items for players settings in match
    # Fixed Statistic index with empty values and deleting matches.
    # Critical! Fixed Mustisport Dashboard games activation.
    # Fixed Visual Composer Addon: "Next match", now he has extended match query
    + Added player match activity "participated" for including statistic index.
    # Fixed icons x-line in charts 
    # Fixed matches status with draw result
    + Added +40 visual composer addons
    + Adeed commentators social links editor
    + Adeed players social links editor
    + Adeed teamp winners in championship
    # Critical! Fixed matches query building for status "live".
    + Added a possibility to choose what elemets to display in the Broadcasts listing addon
    + Added a possibility to insert custom text with external links in the Broadcasts listing addon
    + Added a functionality to choose what social networks to display in the Social sharing line addon.
    + Added a functionality to add custom social sharing links.
    # Critical! Fixed selecting status of match "live" for different timezones
    # Fixed statistic types order issue in Organizations table listing addon.
    # Columns "Next opponent" and "Results" in Organizations table listing addon are now optional to display.
    # Black background highlights for statistics types in Organizations table listing addon are now optional.
    + Added sorting of organisation by statistic types in table listings
    + Changed editing panel of match
    + Added possibility to choose statistic type to be displayed as a match result in the MultiSport Dashboard.
    # Fixed statuses selectors in match
    # Fixed countdown to match start for different timezones
    ^ VC aaddon "players slider" was extended. Added possibility to choose what tabs to display: teams, positions, roles.
    # Fixed post queries in following VC addons: News media line and Ticker. Free query building, filters by all possible taxonomies