Multi Store Addons For WooCommerce

Multi Store Addons For WooCommerce



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Multi Store Addons for WooCommerce

Introducing Multi Store Addons for WooCommerce! This comprehensive plugin offers a range of powerful modules designed to enhance your E-commerce store management. With features such as the Store Manager Dashboard, Distance Shipping Rates, Multi Store Local Pickup, Store Selection on Product Page, Locations Based Payment Method, and Locations Based Shipping Method, you can take full control of your store operations and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

The Store Manager Dashboard allows each store owner to efficiently manage multiple store locations from a centralized dashboard. Easily update inventory, pricing, and other store-specific settings without any hassle.

Store Manager Dashboard:
Manage multiple store locations by each Store Manager, each store manager can maintain their store listing from the dashboard.

Distance Shipping Rates:
Configure shipping rates based on the distance between the customer’s location and your store.
Ensure accurate and optimized shipping costs for different locations.

Multi-Store Local Pickup:
Offer convenient local pickup options for customers.
Allow customers to select their preferred store location for order pickup.

Store Selection on Product Page:
Enhance the product browsing experience.
Enable customers to select their desired store location directly on the product page.

Locations-Based Payment Method:
Customize payment methods for each store location.
Cater to regional preferences and ensure smooth transactions.

Locations-Based Shipping Method:
Customize shipping methods and rates for each store location.
Accommodate various shipping requirements and optimize the delivery process.

  1. Handle Locations Stock, Pricing, & Stock Quantity Easily
  2. Show Product Pricing Such as Sale Price & Regular Price
  3. Geolocation Icon is available to automatically choose your nearby location.
  4. Add Location-based Pricing to the Product
  5. Add Location-based Stock to the Product
  6. Geolocation Feature help choose closest stores
  7. Display Distance to Store Locations in miles, and kilometers
  8. Calculate Distance Shipping Rates
  9. Calculate Weight Shipping Rates
  10. Calculate Order Total Shipping Rates
  11. Option to Choose the Store from Product Page
  12. Product Page, Cart Page, Local Pickup, and Distance Shipping Widgets are Available.
  13. Location Picker At Checkout
  14. Generate Sales Report to see the Stores Performances
  15. Alerts and Notifications for out of stock by stores
  16. Order Alerts to Each Store Registered Email
  17. Nearly Out-of-Stock Emails to the Stores
  18. Import/Export Stores/Products Stocks and Pricing
  19. Use of Google Distance Matrix API
  20. Options to show limited Stores on Checkout
  21. Position your Store Selection widget on the Product page
  22. Enable/Disable Sale Pricing by Each Store Location
  23. Store Locator on your cart/checkout page to select Store
  24. See Stores Performance through Analytics (Pro version)
  25. Compatible with all the themes and site builder plugins

Multi Store Addons For WooCommerce :: Change Logs

20.05.2022 - ver 1.0
Release of the initial version

A notification has been added when Store rules are not matched
Store Address is added in the order details
Change the order Store from the backend

Support PDF Invoices and Packaging
Local Pick view in Google Maps links in emails
Sales report by Locations
Filter by Locations
Minor updates

The importer stdClass issue is fixed

Stock visible for stores
Option to Location Pricing and Location Stock updated

Local Pickup and Store Distance Widget works together
check updates option
Re-order with Store

07-12-2022 (1.0.13)
Fixed the reorder feature
minor updates

17-01-2023 (1.0.16)
* Bug fix in the Order page
* Bug fix in ReOrder Product 
* Bug fix in Cart and checkout
* Add Store Shipping method
* Store Shipping product wise
* Store Shipping cart wise
* Fix Store emailing 

20-03-2023 (1.1.0)
* Code fix (create modules) and bug fix
* Add lead time in local pickup
* Add Calender schedule in local pickup
* Add Displacement in Distance shipping rates
* Add multiply cost by Qty in Distance shipping rates
* Separate all widget options

30-03-2023 (1.1.0)
Compatible with WordPress 6.2

03-07-2023 (1.2)
Module wise features
Introduce Multi-Store-Vendor System
Vendor`s Dashboard  
Separates WooCommerce and Store vendor system

04-07-2023 (1.2.1)
* Distance shipping bug fixing
* Add tax rules in shipping methods

13-07-2023 (1.2.2)
* fix in product add to cart validation 
* fix js errors in checkout
* add subscription variation for product stores

13-07-2023 (1.2.3)
* Fix required store condition in checkout for local pickup
* Fix library condition in admin pages

26-07-2023 (1.2.4)
* Fix checkout error in distance shipping

15-09-2023  (1.3)
* Detailed Store wise Shipping methods in settings 
* Detailed Store wise Payment methods in settings 
* Bug fix in checkout store locator
* Add Orders panel in Store Manager 
* Add Manage Products panel in Store Manager 
* Add Store Manager's permissions in settings 

18-09-2023  (1.3.1)
* Made Compatible with PHP 8.2
* Fix bug in Store Manager
- Compatible with WordPress 6.4

= 1.3.2 =
* Turned off Error Reporting
* Fix bug for local pickup

= 1.3.3 =
* Fix Displacement error in distance shipping 
* Fix jQuery issues in checkout

= 1.3.4 =
* Fix Weight and Order total rules in distance shipping
* Fix bugs in displacement in distance shipping

= 1.4 =
* Change functionality of "Store wise shipping" 
* Changes in admin options
* Fix bugs
* Add new option in admin panel
* Parent plugin validation msg