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  • Homepage and listing pages separate from single item page (not like most themes)
  • All post types supported
  • Circular thumbnails (optional)
  • Logo as an image
  • Infinite Scrolling (thumbnails page)
  • Pages and Ask form supported
  • Show Notes
  • Indexpage and tags page as a thumbnails list page
  • Customizable side navigation (tags)
  • Editable color scheme
  • Google WebFonts
  • Google Analytics ready
  • ShareThis plugin (Facebook, Twitter and Google+)
  • Social Network links: Dribbble, Flickr, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, Stumbleupon, DeviantART, WordPress, PayPal, MySpace, and more?
  • Facebook share optimized
  • 3 Custom Tags (for thumbnails display)
  • 3 Bubble Tags (for thumbnails display)
  • Added optional ‘Tiling Thumbnails’
  • Optimized for viewing in the iPad
  • Enhanced responsive version up to smallest devices (SmartPhones) – Responsive Design
  • Disqus and Facebook Comments



I just want to let you know how much I LOVE your Pop Gallery Tumblr
Theme! \)” title=” :)” /> It is seriously what I’ve been looking for for years. Thank you so much for the effort you put into it and I look forward to your future designs! ? Ashley Irving



I’m very thankful of all these great illustrators who have allowed me to use their work in the demo site. All illustrations are copyrighted and are displayed with permission of their authors. They are not included in the theme files.

By order of appearance in the theme:


April 18, 2019 — v2.4

  • Minor CSS fixes to allow the Tumblr bar not to interfere with any UI element

April 7, 2017 — v2.3

  • Added support for SSL

v.2.2 (Jun 12, 2014):

  • Added: Support for contributors (groups)
  • Added: Bubbletag option for round / not round
  • Added: Option to reverse pagination
  • Added: Header and Footer HTML Code
  • Added: Font option for base/text font
  • Added: Give credit option
  • Fixed: Title color fixed and renamed logo color
  • Fixed: Photoset size when in 2 columns
  • Fixed: Thumbnails spacing in multiple columns layout
  • Fixed: Large text on thumbnails now wraps
  • Fixed: Closed tag for Ask Me block
  • Fixed: Logo (text) side margin
  • Fixed: Some missing localization tags were added
  • Updated: FB Open Graph properties
  • Updated: Fitvids script

v.2.1 (Out 10, 2013):

  • Added: Fitvids (support for responsive videos)
  • Added: Option for full width images
  • Added: Submit functionality
  • Added: Option to show author’s name
  • Added: Pagination as page links
  • Added: Answer post type
  • Added: Option to position info on content page (left/right/stacked)
  • Added: Option to position footer (left/center/right)
  • Added: Option to position content (left/center/right)
  • Added: Option for content width
  • Added: Option to position logo (left/center/right)
  • Added: Optional sidebar left/right
  • Added: Option to show avatar image with the description
  • Added: Optional Description on sidebar column
  • Added: Style formatting for the <hr> tag
  • Fixed: Click-through corrected on photo posts
  • Fixed: Disqus and Facebook comments only appear on post (not pages).
  • Fixed: Thumbnails are now uniform (audio, video, photo) and working well
  • Fixed: Caption in reblogged posts.
  • Changed: Notes are now under Disqus and Facebook comments
  • Changed: Social media icons are now visible on the mobile version
  • Changed: Removed JTruncate – using CSS instead

v.2.0 (Jan 23, 2013):

  • Added: Support for the click-thorugh link on photo posts
  • Added: Enable Lightbox option
  • Added: New overlay tag (now there are 3 overlays tags)
  • Changed: Improved custom blockquotes display
  • Fixed: Lightbox styles (caption is hidden)
  • Fixed: Large audio titles are truncated in thumbnails
  • Fixed: Social sharing links were cropped in internal pages
  • Fixed: Overlay tags now show description text when mouse-over
  • Fixed: Viewport meta tag

v.1.9 (Dec 6, 2012):

    Important: ‘Custom Tag’ is now called ‘Overlay Tag’
    Important: ‘Top Tag’ is now called ‘Bubble Tag’

  • Added: Optional Show Email button / Editable Email button text
  • Added: ‘Bubble tag’ colors can now be chosen on the colors panel
  • Added: Separate option for thumbnail overlay colors in ‘custom tags’
  • Added: Overlay opacity value for thumbnail overlay in ‘custom tags’
  • Added: JQuery to truncate text on thumbnails caption
  • Added: Optional Bubble Tag size
  • Added: Overlay tag now applies to all post formats
  • Added: Optional Background Image (+ Page Bkg Repeat + Enable Transparent Background Options)
  • Added: Optional/editable Social Media Title
  • Added: New code reset
  • Changed: Multiple typographic fixes
  • Changed: Audio cover art fills entire area in the permalink page
  • Fixed: Last thumbnail alignment (iPhone)
  • Fixed: Z-index for back to top button
  • Updated: Border-radius now working in IE
  • Updated: Latest JQuery URL

v.1.8 (October 25, 2012):

  • Added: Optional photoset layouts for permalink pages
  • Added: Photosets thumbnails show only the first image now
  • Bug fixed: Pagination links margin fixed
  • Bug fixed: Facebook share is now showing photos from photoset posts
  • Bug fixed: Permalink pages are showing meta-info even when there’s only one post
  • Bug fixed: Footer is showing even when copyright text is not defined
  • Bug fixed: When ‘Show Notes’ is off, no mention to notes will show
  • Removal of meta-info from Pages is now using another method

v.1.7 (October 20, 2012):

  • Added: Optional Show Date
  • Added: Optional Show Tags
  • Added: Support for Facebook Comments on post pages
  • Added: Discus comments on post pages (won’t show in static pages)
  • Added: Color option for ‘Mobile Header Title’ and centered horizontally
  • Added: Title tags to all Social Icons
  • Added: Storenvy icon
  • Added: Mouse-over information in photo/photoset thumbnails (v.1.6) is now optional
  • Added: Addition to the meta description tag
  • Added: Correction to the viewport tag element
  • Added: Title tag fix for search results compatibility
  • Bug fixed: Mouse-over text is corrected now (had strange characters)
  • Bug fixed: IE9 – information on thumbnail is only shown on mouse-over
  • Bug fixed: Transparency on mouse-over layer (over thumbnails)
  • Removal of meta-info from Pages (permalink, date, contact button)

v.1.6 (September 27, 2012):

  • Added: Animated link ‘Back to Top’
  • Added: 3 New social media icons (Ebay, Instagram, Soundcloud)
  • Added: Lightbox script to zoom image to high-resolution – Slimbox2
  • Added: Search (optional)
  • Added: Mouse-over information in photo/photoset thumbnails
  • Bug fixed: Thumbnail Background for Tag 2 corrected as Accent Color 1
  • Bug fixed: Photoset thumbnail posts show now the bubble tags
  • Bug fixed: Duplicate pagination links on narrow viewports (SmartPhones)

v.1.5 (July 2, 2012):

  • Enhanced responsive version up to smallest devices (SmartPhones)
  • Added optional ‘Mobile Logo’ image and background color
  • Added optional ‘Show Permalink’
  • Added optional ‘Centered Logo’
  • Added configurable ‘Header Height’
  • Added 14 new social media icons (AboutMe, Amazon, Apple, AppStore, Behance, Blogger, Cargo, Coroflot, Creative Commons, Delicious, DeviantART, Digg, Etsy, Pinterest)
  • Small changes to the layout: footer is under the new #wrapper area (instead of the #container)
  • Javascript moved to the bottom of the page for quicker rendering of the page (except for the HTMLshiv)
  • Bug fixed: Width of internal image no longer stretched to the max width of column
  • Bug fixed: Bubbles in the thumbnails page can now use numbers (bug in css when using a number as class

v.1.4 (Mar 22, 2012):

  • Added optional ‘Tiling Thumbnails’

v.1.3 (Mar 9, 2012):

  • Added optional ‘Different colors for Top Tags’
  • Added 2 new ‘Top Tags’
  • Added ‘Accent Color 3’ to be used if different color for top tags
  • Custom tags related bug fixed

v.1.2 (Feb 26, 2012):

  • Contact Email button corrected
  • Navigation by tags corrected
  • Tag title added on tag page

v.1.1 (Feb 14, 2012):

  • IE fix: Circular thumbnails are switched off on all IE browsers (IE9 has buggy support for border-radius CSS3 property)
  • Other minor fixes

v.1.0 (Feb 11, 2012):

  • Release of this theme


Please send me any questions that you have or any bugs you find (or any feature that you would like to see added) – to support@themelantic.com. I will be happy to help and would be very useful to keep this theme updated, improved and bug-free.

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