Portfolio Air.

Portfolio Air.


Air is a lightweight portfolio responsive WordPress theme for professional creative. It is clean and minimal style theme with smooth user experience.

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Compatible with WordPress 5.5 and WooCommerce 4.6








Suitable Portfolio / Agency / Photography / Freelance / Blogging …

The Air is a creative responsive WordPress portfolio theme for the professional creative. It’s easy to use and concentrates on showcasing your work to potential clients and employers with interesting interactions. The self-developed drag&drop Page Builder makes it very intuitive and easy to create your pages.

We do many coding works to make the interaction more smooth, lightweight and polished, for all the details, for the perfect user experience.

Features Overview

  • Fully Responsive Layout.
  • Unlimited Portfolio Layouts
  • Portfolio column / spacing option on mobile(New!)
  • Unlimited Gallery Post Layouts for project item
  • Page Builder – Drag & Drop page builder with 20+ useful modules to build your pages/blogs.
  • BM Slider included.
  • Shortcodes plugin included, 10+ elements
  • 7 Post Formats : Standard, Image, Gallery, Audio, Video, Link, Quote.
  • Sidebar and Fullwidth layouts for Post/Page.
  • Filter to slide the Category item description (demo) New!
  • Masonry Blog
  • Powerful Theme Options – colour, fonts, social medias.
  • Custom Social Network – social network link on header and footer(with hide/show options).
  • Custom Share Button for post: Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest Digg Reddit Linkedin Stumbleupon Tumblr
  • 600+ Google Fonts – the latest google font data could be updated at any time.
  • IconFonts (400+ Font Awesome Icon).
  • Custom Logo – image logo / plaint text logo with google fonts.
  • Header sticky option (New!)
  • WooCommerce compatibility (Online Shop)
  • GDPR plugins: GDPR Cookie Consent, Cookie Notice compatibility
  • Support plugin Contact Form 7.
  • Translation ready (POT file included).
  • Support the popular multi-language plugin WPML..
  • Pot file ready
  • 5 translated po files(ja.po, de_DE.po, es_ES.po, fr_FR.po, zh_CN.po) ready New!
  • RTL option included.
  • Page loader (slide loading effect) is optional
  • SEO Optimized – compatible with industry-leading SEO plugin “SEO by Yoast”.
  • One-click-import demo data.
  • Demo content XML included.
  • Child theme included.
  • AJAX loading.
  • Scrolled animation.
  • GIF supported.
  • Fullscreen background video.
  • Logo: text logo, image logo.
  • WP menu support.
  • WP featured thumbnail support.
  • WP widgets support.
  • Page loader transition(it is optional)
  • FREE support and updates
  • Fully documentation

New Feature

Filter to slide the Category item description

category description



What’s Customers Say





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v1.9.7.3 11/2/2020
[update] WooCommerce 4.6
[update] BM PageBuilder 1.1.4
[improve] Define the footer menu for translating

v1.9.7.2 9/23/2020
[fix] Customize/WooCommerce Thumbnail width & Cropping
[fix] Post editing JS issue with embed codes

v1.9.7.1 9/2/2020
[fix] WooCommerce single product image on iPhone

v1.9.7 8/22/2020
[update] WooCommerce 4.4 compatible
[update] WordPress 5.5 compatible

v1.9.6.2 7/14/2020
[update] WooCommerce 4.3 compatible
[fix] Gallery on right/left Filled layout CSS on the mobile(images left/right spacing)

v1.9.6.1 6/18/2020
[fix] JS issue in  v1.9.6

v1.9.6 6/12/2020
[add] Showing the category description when user click the filter
[fix] Search CSS issue on the Safari
[improve] Show original option affect single Gallery post
[improve] Tap event for the portfolio thumbnail on the mobile
[improve] Cart page table CSS
[fix] Post Navi/Prev is not shown sometimes

v1.9.5 5/7/2020
[add] Footer Widget for Pages option
[add] Use Original Images for Thumbnails option

v1.9.4 3/31/2020
[add] 5 translated(the strings in frontend pages) po files
– /languages/

v1.9.3 3/11/2020
[update] WooCommerce 4.0.x compatible
[fix] Slider gallery template arrow on Edge browser
[add] Lazyload on Gallery of BM shortcode

v1.9.2 1/16/2020
[fix] Slider gallery template arrow

v1.9.1 1/9/2020
[add] WooCommerce Mini Cart options
[fix] “Hide category” for some page template

v1.9.0 11/13/2019 
[update] WooCommerce 3.8
[fix] Fullwidth issue on Gallery on left/right
[improve] Disable link with empty URL on the Single Image

v1.8.9 10/22/2019
[improve]  Compatibility with Elementor plugin(fix the_content issue)
[fix] Theme Options tab style issue

v1.8.8 9/12/2019
[add] HTML5 version
[add] Nav Arrow option for BM Slider
[improve] Demo Data

v1.8.7 8/15/2019
[update] WooCommerce 3.7
[improve] Post title SEO
[fix] Content font size for mobile
[fix] Single field type of Contact Form module

v1.8.6 5/17/2019
[update] WooCommerce 3.6.x
[fix] Sidebar option gone on WordPress 5.2

v1.8.5.1 4/10/2019
(Please reinstall the BM Pagebuilder plugin)
[fix] BM Pagebuilder conflicts with Slider Revolution on WordPress 5.x
[fix] Lightbox image position issue

v1.8.5 4/2/2019
[add] “Random” order option of portfolio template
[add] Shop cart Ajax number
[add] Hide shop cart icon when empty
[fix] the_content() doesn’t work on some 3rd type posts
[fix] Container width of BM Pagebuilder
[fix] Custom CSS order

v1.8.4 2/16/2019
[add] Font size options for mobile
[add] Logo height for mobile
[fix] Some CSS issue like text mask

v1.8.3 12/20/2018
[update] Disable block editor by default
[update] Classic editor installation guide

v1.8.2 11/06/2018
[update] WooCommerce 3.5.x
[add] Open on same window option of the single gallery post

v1.8.1 10/16/2018
[fix] Ajax pagination issue with WPML
[fix] Infinite scroll 3rd page issue

v1.8.0 9/13/2018
[add] link post open new tab option
[add] filter hush URL
[fix] Gallery Layout Builder caption layout issue
[improve] remove the blank for iPhone X landscape mode

v1.7.4 7/24/2018
[update] Plugins
[fix] WooCommerce login link
[improve] standardization and security
[improve] Google fonts CSS queue
[improve] Resize function optimization

v1.7.3 6/8/2018
[update] WooCommerce 3.4.x

v1.7.2 5/23/2018
[fix] Fullscreen slider cannot be navigation by trackPad
[add] Slider navigation by right/left keyboard
[add] Swipe tips icon in slider template of the single gallery post
[add] Caption of gallery list in the single gallery post
[update] Plugins

v1.7.1 4/13/2018
[add] Hide category/Hide data on blog masonry
[add] Hide Excerpt on page
[add] Header height option on mobile
[add] Hide Back-to-top Button option on footer
[add] Hide More Button(+) option on single gallery post
[add] Several options like Disable Zoom button on Lightbox
[improve] CSS / JS files optimization
[update] Plugins

v1.7.0 3/8/2018
[add] Portfolio list col/spacing option for mobile
[add] Header sticky option
[update] WooCommerce 3.3.2 compatible
[update] BM Pagebuilder Fullwidth wrap background video on mobile

v1.6.4 2/12/2018
[update] WooCommerce 3.3.x compatible
[fix] Some issues of BM PageBuilder: Client, Tab and fullwidth wrap on mobile

v1.6.3 1/30/2018
[fix] Mobile 2-tab issue on the portfolio item
[improve] Slider size on mobile portrait mode
[fix] WooCommerce default category template layout

v1.6.2 1/17/2018
[add] Search icon on the header option
[Fix] Fullwidth wrap: a Half background image on mobile
[improve] Product thumb image size
[fix] Menu icon not work when disable “Enable Mobile Layout” option

v1.6.1 11/22/2017
[fix] Lightbox caption of portfolio template
[add] Link option for Single image
[fix] Logo size on WooCommerce page
[fix] Gallery post 2 Cols hot area issue

v1.6.0 10/12/2017
[add] Page number option for page template
[add] Slide Duration for Autoplay for BM slider
[fix] Video in lightbox can not be closed
[update] OwlCarousel plugin update to 2.3.0
[fix] Logo not centered on Safari

v1.5.6 9/12/2017
[fix] Built-in plugins text domain 
[fix] Light/Dark logo rule

v1.5.5 9/5/2017
[fix] Lightbox strings lost in POT file
[fix] Light logo on scrolled header

v1.5.4 8/16/2017
[fix] Unclickable on touchscreen issue for title shown grid 

v1.5.3 8/15/2017
[upadte] WooCommerce 3.1.x compatible

v1.5.2 8/3/2017
[improve] Mouseover effect of the portfolio on the touchscreen
[fix] Text "All" is lost in the Pot file

v1.5.1 7/25/2017
[fix] Horizontal scrolling problem on Safari
[fix] Vh-unit bug on old version iOS(6/7)
[fix] Related post does not show the image on old version iOS(6/7)
[fix] Background clip text CSS complicate
[fix] Gallery post responsive issue: text width, align and PostNavi

v1.5.0 6/27/2017
[add] Allow BMSlider and Cover Image on all Pages
[add] Mouseover effect option : NONE
[add] Logo height option
[improve] The masking text compatible with Firefox
[improve] Slider template on mobile
[fix] Disable sticky_column on the mobile device
[fix] Logo z-index issue with menu center layout
[fix] Text Logo and Custom CSS quote symbol issue

v1.4.2 5/25/2017
[add] “Hide category” option for portfolio
[add] “Opened in New Tab or Window” option for social media
[improve] “Slider” template of single gallery post
[fix] “Content slider” module of BM PageBuilder
[fix] Loop within normal post Next/Prev

v1.4.1 5/8/2017
[fix] Google fonts issue with https
[fix] Link issue with the page loader

v1.4.0 2/23/2017
[add] Next&Prev text description option
[update] BM PageBuilder
[fix] Gallery post password issue
[fix] IE9 loading issue
[fix] Hosted video in default editor lazy load issue
[fix] Some css issue like PagaBuilder slider

v1.3.1 12/29/2016
[add] Add lightbox option: loop images in single post
[fix] Filter, ajax lightbox and GIF issue

v1.3 12/09/2016
[fix] Customize function issue on WP4.7
[add] Masonry Blog template

v 1.2.2  11/25/2016
[update] BM PageBuilder add Google Maps ApiKey option
Note: The BM PageBuilder need to be re-install

v 1.2.1  11/23/2016
[fix] Gallery post image does not show
[fix] Menu panel input space issue

v1.2 11/18/2016
[add] WooCommerce compatible
[fix] Page Cover issue on iOS
[improve] Image Lazy-load on/off option
[improve] Portfolio list lazy load late issue
[fix] Gallery post video padding issue

v1.1 11/7/2016
[fix]  Team item type post content issue
[improve] Theme Option Logo dark and light setting user-friendly
[improve] Blog page title text option
[fix] Portfolio list lazy load late issue when the page opened

v1.0.2 10/24/2016
[fix] Theme-import.php alert on low version PHP

v1.0.1 10/19/2016
[improve] Menu Icon Animation


Thanks to the authors for the awesome demo images: Robinsson Cravents, Futura, Asís, Gunther Gheeraert

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