Rcwd Upload for Advanced Custom Fields

Rcwd Upload for Advanced Custom Fields


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Rcwd Upload for Advanced Custom Fields - 1

Rcwd Upload for Advanced Custom Fields - 2

Rcwd Upload for Advanced Custom Fields - 3


This add-on extends the functionality of the free WordPress plugin Advanced Custom Field.

Il allows to add a new single file upload field that is external to the WP media core.

Yes, you will not find the loaded file inside the media manager, also it uses a different folder for every location (page, post, taxonomy, user, options page etc.) and inside any folder all the files are further divided in subfolders by the id ( post id, user id etc.).


\ custom rename tags filters: acf_rcwdupload_rename_tags and acf_rcwdupload_rename_tags_replace
\ JS trigger to customize upload filters ( acfrcwdupload_filters and acfrcwdupload_object). See F.A.Q. section


\ Support for TIF and PDF thumbnail preview before and after upload with size settings! (for all modern browsers)
\ setting block for ACF5: “Requirements for upload”. Now you can set the width and height requirements (for both min and max) for upload

\ Upload in chunks (by using the filter acf_rcwdupload_chunks)


\ Support for image preview before upload with size settings! (for all modern browsers)

\ AUTO UPDATER (always made a backup before do it).

\ Option for autoupload after file selection

\ Rename the file
\ File size limit (KB or MB)
\ Resizing (clientside and serverside)
\ Allowed extensions filter
\ Drag&Drop
\ file field value editable in admin entry
\ Javascript triggers

\ It works with ACF 5 PRO version

\ Tested with repeater fields and flexible-content fields
\ It works on every ACF location (page, post, user, options page, category etc.)
<!\ (optional) Hidden file path with the (optional) possibility to treat the file as an attachment (force download)
\ Language translation for english and italian

ACF compatibility

This add-on will work with:

  • version 4 and up
  • version 3 and below


You can find the documentation in the downloaded zip, inside the “help” folder. Just click the “readme.html” file inside it.


You need support for it? no problem! Send me an email at rcwdsupport@cantarano.com.

No support in comments section. Please use it for presale questions only, thanks  :)


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  1. login to CodeCanyon -> Downloads section -> re-download the plugin
  2. Use the auto-updater feature