Reactify – Powerful React Admin Template

Reactify - Powerful React Admin Template


Reactify - Powerful React Admin Template - 1

Reactify is a Great & Modern Admin UI Template

A great way for developers to quickly get start with pre-made UI which easy to use and highly Scalable.

Reatify is built for modern applications that are powered by any other technology that supports HTML/React integrations. It includes lots of components, elements and widgets It massively helps you speed up you development process and intergrate high ending UI in your high ending application. Just put some components and you are all set, the app looks like it was built by a professional designer.

We are focused on regular updates and we will be extending the project further.

Main Features

  • 5 Different dashboard examples.
  • Plenty of components.
  • Offcanvas menu and topbar menu with notifications dropdown.
  • Beautiful color scheme.
  • Multipurpose template.
  • User pages for login, register, forgot password.
  • Many buttons variations shortcodes.
  • Great looking FontAwesome
  • Badges, labels and avatars.
  • Great looking Forms
  • Fabulous Products page
  • List groups with multiple options, file upload (Select) much more.
  • Timeline shortcode page
  • Ratings system
  • Great looking charts
  • and many other useful shortcodes and features

P.S Email builder isn’t based on reactjs