Side Menu – provide any extra content and functionality with the attention-grabbing side menu

Side Menu - provide any extra content and functionality with the attention-grabbing side menu


Super Side Menu is a great wordpress menu plugin that lets you add sleek and amazing side menus to your website.

WordPress Plugin Side Menu Pro was created to highlight the site compared to other resources that are using a similar design template. By installing the plugin, you also enhance ease of use and the informative content of each page of the web-resource.

The Super Side Menu plugin is the tool to create and configure the navigation sidebar on WordPress web resources. It allows you to increase the usability of the menu on the site due to its compactness and informativeness. The expanded set of parameters will allow you to set navigation with attractive design. Connect modal windows through the Wow Modal Windows plugin to create the unique menu on the page.

Menu item type:

You can create the menu items with type:

  • Link – insert any link
  • Share – 33 social network
  • Translate – translate the web page on any language
  • Search – insert the search form in menu item
  • Print – print page
  • Scroll page to Top
  • Scroll page to Bottom
  • Smooth Scroll – scroll the page to any element on the page
  • Go Back
  • Go Forward
  • Email – set the email in menu item with untispam
  • Telephone – set the number of phone for call
  • Login – link to Login page
  • Logout – link for user logout with redirect
  • Register – link to the page with register form
  • Lostpassword – link to the page with the reset password form
  • Translate – translate the web page on any language

Key features Wow Side Menus, plugin for creation side menus in WordPress:

  • Unlimited amount of buttons
  • 1480 Font Awesome 5 Icon
  • 2 Position: Left & Right
  • Insert any links
  • Open link to new window
  • Item size control
  • Icon and font size control
  • Display control on devices
  • Adding custom ID and Classes to the item
  • Custom Icon
  • Choose color for each button
  • Border control
  • Align the navigation vertically
  • Font style and weight settings
  • Smooth Scroll function
  • Go to Top function
  • Share the page in 20 Social services
  • Print page function
  • Email and telephone links
  • Hold the Item Open
  • Built-in user links: LogIn, LogOut, Register, Lostpassword
  • Show menu depending on language
  • Show menu depending on user (for all users, only for logged-in users, only for not logged-in users)
  • Show the menu on the specific pages
  • And more…


= 5.0 =
- Changed: Admin style.
- Added: option Schedule for display the menu
- Added: option 'browser dependency'
- Added: attribute alt to custom image
- Fixed: options 'Go Back' and 'Fo Forward'
- Fixed: icon compatibility

= 4.2 = 
- Added: item type 'translate';
- Added: item type 'search';
- Changed: FontAwesome Icon 5.15.3

= 4.1 =
- ADDED function scroll to the bottom
- ADDED function  share on: draugiem, whatsapp, diaspora, digg, douban, evernote, flipboard, google bookmarks, hacker news, instapaper, line, qzone, renren
- UPDATED Font Awesome Icons to version 5.14
= 3.0 =
- Added: option for disabling FontAwesome 5 from front-end
- Added: 14 sharing page services
- Added: custom atributtes CLASS and ID to the menu item
- Added: option Hold open
- Added: type link Email and Telephone
- Added: Open link in the new window
- Updated: FontAwesom to 5.6.3