Simplified Google Maps

Simplified Google Maps

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Simplified Google Maps (SGM) is a extremely special WordPress plugin, it will permit you to easily make,
administrate and personalize maps at the WordPress site. Most Google Maps WordPress plugins
involve that you need to learn some sophisticated web growth abilities. But not anymore! We
have created a plugin that handles all the hard function for you, so that you can emphasis on the conclusion
Make sure you just take the time to charge SGM and, much more importantly, share it with other folks! This
will allow us to proceed to compose new scripts and update present types.

Simplified Google  Maps Features
Simplified Google  Maps Features


Version 2..4- 15 June 2015        
         - Superior topic integration
         - Stabilization 

Model 2..3- 25 September 2014        
        -  Slight CSS bugfix
        -  Menu place bugfix
        -  Speed enhancements

Variation 2..2- 19 September 2014        
        -  Map tags bugfix
        - Google Maps API conflicts bugfix

Model 2..1 - 31 August 2014        
        -  Map checklist bugfix

Version 2.. - 21 August 2014        
        - Configure  map  options - zoom selection, dragging, double click zoom, zooming applying mouse scroll, mouse scale, and many others.
        - Deal with look for – allows conclusion person to target map on spot by any address or zip code
        - Spot tagging  –  enables  developing a genuinely easy filtering system that can be uncovered to the conclusion consumer
        - Full customization of the map controls  –  you  can exhibit/hide, adjust position for any  of the map standard controls
        - Map design and style as concept – customise design as soon as, help save it and reuse it as you desire 
        - Created in  map design  themes  –  you can use one particular of the  themes that arrives  with the plugin  or upload one particular from 
        - Area clustering – quickly cluster sites on map
        - Start in entire display  - when accessing the web site on which the map is, it will be offered in comprehensive display screen
        - Application method –  not a standalone attribute somewhat the consequence of combination of comprehensive display screen and responsive capabilities, you  acquire anything that appears to be and behave like an app
        - Language  localization  –  you  can  improve  the  language  for  displaying  of  textual facts
        - Import  /  export  and  clone  map  –  you  can  transport  maps  in between  web pages,  import  maps setting and locations or clone an present map

    Model 1.1. - 18 Oct 2013
        -Added responsive guidance
        -Slight bug-fixing

    Model 1.. - 9 Oct 2013
        -First launch