Sticky Audio Player for WordPress

Sticky Audio Player for Wordpress


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Sticky Audio Player for WordPress - 1

Sticky Audio Player for WordPress is a modern audio player for your website with lots of configurable options. It support self hosted audio files and some other external music services like Soundcloud, Podcasts, Google Drive Storage etc..

Using WordPress admin area you can create unlimited number of playlists and players. Playlist media can be mixed together with any kind of media type.

Admin includes playlist creator, where unlimited number of playlists can be created, preset creator, where each individual preset can be customized and optionaly styled with css. Powerful shortcode manager provides eacy way to format a shortcode and use it in your website.

Features and options:

  • Highly customizable
  • Easy style with basic css
  • Responsive and mobile friendly layouts
  • Font Awesome Library icons
  • Content sources:
    • Self hosted audio
    • Podcast
    • Soundcloud
    • Media folder in wordpress (automatically load folder of audio files)
    • Support for media from Google Drive, Amazon S3.. (any public link that plays in browser)
  • Play music continously across web pages:
    • by remembering playback position
    • with option to open player in a separate popup window
  • Mixed playlists (mix different media in same playlist)
  • Features:
    • Start / end time
    • Playback speed
    • Media end action (next / loop / rewind / stop)
    • Playlist download option
    • Playlist link to url
    • Media session
    • Playlist search / filter
    • mp3 and wav audio format support
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Social share (facebook, twitter, tumblr, google plus)
  • Powerful API methods and function callbacks available

tags: html5 audio player, mp4 player with admin, streaming audio player, soundcloud, rss, continous playback, responsive


1. SoundCloud requires API key (make sure you have one or that you can obtain it from SoundCloud)

Soundcloud is currently not available in the player until Soundcloud finishes their platform updates!

2. Player can read different kinds of RSS / Feed Podcasts but we cannot guarantee it can read all of them. Therefore if you are unsure if your Podcast can be read in our player, please provide us with a url link to your Podcast before purchase and we will check if its compatible.

Updates / Changelog

VERSION 1.76 [6.1.2020]

 - [FIX] song statistics error

VERSION 1.76 [15.12.2019]

 - [ADD] option to start player minimized

VERSION 1.75 [3.12.2019]

 - [ADD] option to hide audio url from page source with encryption

VERSION 1.71 [3.11.2019]

 - [UPDATE] statistics updates

VERSION 1.7 [31.10.2019]

 - [ADD] song statistics (likes, plays, downloads, finishes)
 - [UPDATE] added font-awesome namespacing to prevent conflicts
 - [ADD] option to hide player on start and show player after first time song play is called using loadMedia API.

VERSION 1.26 [11.10.2019]

 - [UPDATE] load media with ID on runtime using API

UPDATE 1.26 [17.5.2019]

  • [FIX] Soundcloud songs not download properly

UPDATE 1.25 [28.9.2018]

  • [UPDATE] small code improvements

UPDATE 1.21 [1.6.2018]

 - [FIX] firefox android autoplay

UPDATE 1.2 [20.03.2018]

 - [FIX] continuous playback on firefox
 - [UPDATE] improved Soundcloud usage, now you can use direct url's from Soundcloud in playlist 

UPDATE 1.1 [17.12.2017]

 - [FIX] continuous playback bug fix
 - [UPDATE] some code imporvements

UPDATE 1.05 [28.8.2017]

 - [UPDATE] some code improvements

VERSION 1.0 [10.08.2017]

- first release