The Virtual Business Card (vCard)

The Virtual Business Card (vCard)


Update (20-03-10)

Contact Form updated (Minor bug fix which was affecting few servers). Google Maps functionality updated.

Update (29-11-09)

Facility to display Google Maps(Contact Page) added. Also, have added soft animation for the social networking icons.

Update (21-11-09)

Gallery(Portfolio/Work) Page added  :)

There are now three versions of this theme. See the live previews:

About this Theme

This is a professional, clean, flexible and customizable Virtual Business Card(vCard), great for everyone to showcase their online bio. It’s pretty savvy, minimal and displays your information in style and yet it remains professional.


  1. Ajax contact form (with form validation)
  2. Gallery page can display an image, a group of images, swf files, youtube videos, quicktime videos and a iframe
  3. Other social network icons provided
  4. Clean Design
  5. Highly Customizable
  6. jQuery Tooltips and Animation
  7. Valid XHTML Strict and CSS
  8. SEO and Standards optimized theme
  9. Works even with Javascript Disabled(Note: Live Preview won’t have this feature since it is encrypted)
  10. Documentation and PSD’s included

Changing the order of the slides is pretty simple and it’s easy to create different skins for this theme. Please read the documentation and personalize it for your own needs.

This theme was tested in all major browsers:

  1. Opera
  2. Safari (Win/Mac)
  3. IE 6+
  4. Chrome
  5. Firefox 3+

I thank you very much for buying this theme and I’ll do my best to assist if you need any help. However, I believe if you read the documentation thoroughly, you wouldn’t have any problem installing this theme.

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Buyer Testimonials:

Great theme man! I wanted something simple to replace my blog and point to my other services as well as show off some of my freelance work and this is exactly what i needed! I implemented it in 10 minutes flat!

Purchased it and i’m very happy, i was looking for a slick and simple design (i’m a coder not a grafix designer) … keep up the good work Mustafa !

I bought this template yesterday and it looks great. Thanks for the great work Mustafa.

Great template man, you make it easy to be fancy! The way you coded the portfolio bit is genius! I can display my live sites in the lightboxes and for me that’s a huge win.

Keep posting more work, I’ll be watching for it.

This theme is just awesome dude, EXACTLY what i was looking for.




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