Timeline Awesome Pro – Timeline and History WordPress Plugin

Timeline Awesome Pro - Timeline and History WordPress Plugin


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Timeline Awesome is a fantastic plugin that helps You to create the Timeline or History interface element into your WordPress Site. Timeline Awesome is easy to use. With only two steps, you can create a stunning timeline interface.

This plugin is suitable for those of you who need to create vertical timeline or horizontal timeline elements in Your WordPress site. If you want an easy way to create a timeline and don’t want to waste time and cost making it, You come to the right page.

What You Will Get?

By using a WordPress Timeline plugin, you don’t need any coding skills. With only two steps of creation, your timeline is ready to show on Your WordPress site.

Timeline Awesome provides a beautiful timeline template that comes along with a great transition. You can customize the design as much as you see fit with Your site.

Timeline Awesome provides customization options that are familiar with WordPress users. After creating the timeline, You can insert the timeline anywhere on the website using a shortcode, Elementor Block, or Gutenberg Block.

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Timeline Awesome Feature

  • 15+ ready timeline template
  • 100+ design possibility
  • 2 step timeline creation
  • Creates unlimited timeline
  • Vertical timeline style
  • Horizontal timeline style
  • Timeline with navigation
  • Multiple Transition and animation
  • Work with any themes
  • Multiple timelines in one page
  • Drag and drop timeline item order
  • Clone timeline item
  • Customize Title  color
  • Customize Time color
  • Customize Description color 
  • Upload Image Timeline
  • Customize border-color
  • Add Icon from Font Awesome icons 
  • Insert Timeline using shortcode
  • Insert Timeline using Gutenberg block
  • Insert Timeline using Elementor block
  • Media embed support
  • Mobile Friendly 
  • Cross-browser tested

You can use this plugin in many ways. Timeline Awesome is also suitable for creating:

  • Company History Timeline
  • Personal Achievement Timeline
  • Career Achievement Timeline
  • Portfolio Timeline
  • Products Roadmap / Release Cycles Timeline
  • Event Timeline
  • Tutorial Timeline
  • Customer History Timeline
  • Program History Timeline
  • Product History Timeline
  • Fashion History Timeline

Timeline Design Demo

Vertical Timeline 1
Vertical timeline display with large images that show the sequence of time. Suitable for delivering the journey process overtime for a career or company history.

Vertical Timeline 2

If you want to show a timeline for your project or career path, or company, this style is suitable for those who like to display it with a flat, simple, and modern UI. A vertical timeline, combined with a large image and title and description, is suitable for those of you who want to convey it in full.

Vertical Timeline 3

Vertical timeline with dashed line in the middle and content on the right and left side alternately, creating a clean look of the timeline with a flat UI design.

Vertical Timeline 4

A vertical timeline displayed in the middle with scrolling transitions emphasizes the delivery of the timeline. Plus, an image on the left side of the dotted line and a vision that also appears on the background with a dark overlay beautifies the timeline’s design. 

Vertical Timeline 5

A vertical display that shows the timeline with a full-screen image as a background Combined with the title and description that blends with the picture, making the timeline appearance on your website memorable. It is very suitable for those who want to display the beauty of images in your timeline.

Vertical Timeline 6

The appearance resembles a blog post, but there is a description of the year on the left, with a combination of portrait images complete with title and description, perfect for those who want a modern and minimalist look.

Vertical Timeline 7

Timeline layout with a flat theme presented with a modern ornament, complemented by a polaroid style image display combined with a timeline and title across from it and a touch of flat icons on the timeline. Suitable for those of you who want to highlight the simplicity and modern design.

Vertical Timeline 8

A vertical Timeline showcase display with a beautiful round image design arrangement, on a line to the text description card with stunning card animation, makes the design look professional, minimalist, and modern. Suitable for those who want to show your portfolio timeline with your WordPress Website.

Vertical Timeline 9
A vertical timeline with an accordion-style that displays the time and title with caption text is perfect for placing it on your website’s homepage. 

Vertical Timeline 10

Boxed Vertical layout timeline design, accented with zigzag lines gives a more aesthetic and minimalist design impression.

Horizontal Timeline 2
This style displays a slider with additional timeline navigation on the top section and an image caption plus a description. It is suitable to describe the company’s journey or the milestone of your project. Make the timeline appearance on your WordPress website look modern and straightforward.

Horizontal Timeline 3
Horizontal timeline with navigation arrows and images and boxes for titles and descriptions, making the timeline that will convey more comfort for readers to understand. With a flat UI design concept and smooth Shift transitions, it makes this design look very modern.

Horizontal Timeline 4
Horizontal timeline view with full image display, with title and description that pop up on hover.

Horizontal Timeline 5
Beautiful Horizontal line timeline with Border image preview and Description that blends in with the design and typography. Very suitable for your client company that prioritizes clean, minimalist.

Horizontal Timeline 6
BeautifulHorizontal timeline slider style blends in with the image frame above and captions below. It is suitable to describe the development or change of a form over time.