WooCommerce Colors and Swatches for Variations

WooCommerce Colors and Swatches for Variations



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WooCommerce Colors and Swatches for variations help you display variations of variable products at your online store. This plugin makes it easier for eCommerce store owners to customize product swatches for attributes like color, size, variety, or quantity.

WooCommerce swatches improve the customer experience to a great extent and increase your sales. Smart variation swatches organize the product variations and make it easier for customers to purchase the variation they seek. WooCommerce color swatches provide a beautiful and clean look to your online store, which attracts more customers.


From this update Version 1.0.7 onwards, WooCommerce Colors and Swatches plugin and its support will be handled by WP Swings

WP Swings is just our improvised and rebranded version with all quality solutions and help to be the same, so no worries at your end. Please Connect with us for all setup, support, and update related queries without hesitation

What You Can Do With Color and Swatches for Variations?

  1. With Color and Swatches for variations, you can showcase all variations of your products and give a sorted look to your online store.
  2. Display global as well as per-product variation swatches of selected products.
  3. Present the available variations in one place and provide an excellent shopping experience to your customer .

Benefits of WooCommerce Color and Swatches for Variations:

  1. It has a user-friendly interface to set up a display of color and image swatches.
  2. Increases your sales by making it easier for customers to find product variations.
  3. Defines every selected WooCommerce product with global attributes and swatch images.
  4. The neat visual representation of your product variations will capture customers’ attention.
  5. WooCommerce Color Swatches comes with different size variations for the product detail page as well as the shop/archive/category page.
  6. Per-product attribute swatches provide an option to avoid the use of drop-down fields on your variable products.

Features of Colors and Swatches for Variations:

  1. Allows neat and creative display variations of variable products.
  2. It provides three different types of display variations: Text, image, and color.
  3. Provides an option to add a border to selected color swatches.
  4. Add color swatches for global attributes.
  5. Display variation swatches on Shop, Archive, and category pages.
  6. Add color and image swatches combination for attributes.

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What do Our Clients Say About Us?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is your plugin showing Color or Image swatches on shop and category pages??

A. Yes, Color or Image swatches will show on shop and category pages.

Q. How to enable swatches globally to all variable products?

A. Yes,It can be done by using global attributes so merchants just follow these simple steps.
1: WooCommerce-> product->attribute.
2: Click on attribute(color)-> then all variations are listed (black,blue,black-silver,black-green etc).
3: Click on configure terms->as you click on that, all variations will list.
4: Select any variation->click on edit(button)->there is an option “Display Type” from there you can select the thumbnail-image/color/text which you want to display on the front end.
5: Now this setting works globally for all global attributes and swatches will show on all products.

Q. How many Variations Can be made of each product?

A. Variation can be made according to the requirements.

Q. How would I remove the drop-down option and keep only variation (color/size)?

A. First ,you have to go to the wooCommerce product setting , select the product and then go to the variation swatches setting after that set the swatches value as per your Requirement .

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This plugin is not subjected to GDPR compliant as it does not store any sensitive data of a user. It only holds information related to software which is run by WordPress & WooCommerce of the holder.

Thank you for your interest in WooCommerce Colors And Swatches For Variations, WP Swings.


14.02.2022- Ver: 1.0.7
* New: Change author from MakeWebBetter to WP Swings
* New: Notice display of current version for WP Swings
* New: Minor Bug fixes
* New: Compatible with latest WP and WC 

10.12.2021- Ver: 1.0.6
New: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.6.1 and WordPress 5.5.1
New: Compatibility with WPML
New: Compatibility with Multisite

18.10.2021- Ver: 1.0.5
Fixed: phpcs/QA/security issues
Fixed: License notification issue
Fixed: License URI
New: Tested up to WC 5.7.1
New: Tested up to WP  5.8.1

29.10.2020- Ver: 1.0.4
Fixed: Swatches selection issue on Safari  browser
Fixed: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.6.1 and WordPress 5.5.1

02.03.2020- Ver: 1.0.3
Fixed: Update license functionality
Fixed: Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.9.0

15.05.2019- Ver: 1.0.2
New: Text swatch feature Added
Fixed: Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.6.0

13.03.2018- Ver: 1.0.3
Fix: Global swatch issue fixed 

13.12.2017- Ver 1.0.0
Initial Release