WooCommerce Geolocation Plugin – IP Based Products Filter

WooCommerce Geolocation Plugin - IP Based Products Filter


Add Woocommerce Geolocation Plugin to Focus on your Potential Customers only!

Getting fake orders and spam in your eCommerce store isn’t something you can ignore. Spammy & malicious attacks are commonly used that can crash your store. Therefore, you can use WooCommerce geolocation plugin to ban users of particular areas and regions from checkout your product or interacting with your store. It gives you control and allows you to focus on your potential customers only.

You can avoid these problems by restricting to show off products, categories, or CMS pages to selected areas, countries, or regions.

WooCommerce location filter Plugin auto-detects the IP addresses of your website visitors and bans them from checkout your products or pages.

With this plugin you can either show them an error message or redirect them to other pages. The choice is yours.

You can use the IP exception field to whitelist traffic from banned areas to schedule & prioritize the rules accordingly.

  • Create Rules to ban Users by a country or region
  • Auto-detection of Users’ IP Based Location
  • Ban your entire website for a country
  • Restrict the display of products, categories, CMS pages
  • Redirect banned Users or Show Error Message
  • Add Users’ IP address to Exception for Whitelisting

Create Rules for Blocking Users

WooCommerce geolocation-based products plugin helps you to create rules to restrict users of certain countries from accessing your eCommerce website or selected products and categories. Add a custom title to each rule, and prioritize it to take effect as per your choice.


Auto-detection of IP Based Location

WooCommerce GeoIP plugin automatically recognizes the physical location of a visitor from his IP address using any database service. It ensures real-time automatic detection of users’ location to ban them from accessing the entire website or parts of it.

Block Users by Region and Countries

A list of countries is available with segregation to its content to help you easily select and ban visitors. With the WooCommerce location filter plugin, you can select an entire region to ban or choose countries one by one from multiple continents. Create a region of your own to stop them from browsing your store.


Option to Block Entire Website

You can block your entire website for a specific country or region. If your entire eCommerce website is set to target Europe, you can straightaway ban visitors from Asia or another region, who are irrelevant to your online store.


Option to Block Specific Products and Categories

With the WooCommerce geolocation plugin, you can select products and categories to block for a country. It helps you increase the exposure of certain products to your desired territories, and the irrelevant users will be unable to browse them.


Option to Hide CMS Pages from Users

WooCommerce location filter allows you to hide CMS pages from users of specific countries to communicate the content to the right audiences. It can help you restrict information like shipping details and return policy for a region that may not apply to the other one.


Redirect Banned Users or Show Custom Message

With the WooCommerce GeoIP plugin, you can either redirect the banned users to a more relevant page or show them a custom message to communicate restrictions. Provide an alternative URL if you select the users to redirect or write compelling text for an error message.


Whitelist Web Users with IP Exceptions

With the help of IP exceptions, you can allow users to bypass the restrictions you have created for their country. You will need to add their IP addresses in the exception field to let them continue browsing the store despite regional restrictions.


Schedule GEO IP Ban Rules

Select a start and end date for the rule you create to schedule user restrictions for a specific period. It helps you ban users from a country or region for a limited time and allows them to visit the website once the rule expires.


Change Log

Version 1.0.2
Google console, google analytics stopped working (fixed)
console.log is the inspect console as well as showing (fixed)
Version 1.0.1
Added options to handle GeoLocate API
Fixed Bugs
Improved Response
Version 1.0.0:

1) Initial release of plugin.