WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management

WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management


WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management Plugin provides option to manage Product Stock from Multiple Locations for your WooCommerce Store.

Our plugin is designed to help WooCommerce based eCommerce store that ships products to its customers around the globe from multiple warehouses or a company that sells products from its stores in different locations. The plugin automatically detects the nearest Product Location. It also shows Availability and Pricing of Product based on the location of a product. 

WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management - 1

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Features of #1 Multi Locations for WooCommerce Plugin:

Manage Products stock across multiple locations, Warehouses, or Stores.

 Visitors can find and choose a Location near them on Product Pages or Globally on the website. 

 Option to Automatically choose nearest product location based on users address. (Requires Google Map API key )

✔ Displays product Quantity or Availability based on the location.

Supports Muliti Locations for  Simple as well as Variable product type

 ✔ Option to add Location-wise Price

WooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS - 7 Ajax add to cart with Selected Location. Ajax add to cart allows users to include location info of simple products or variable products in the cart without page reload. It also works on shop pages to speed up the buying process.

WooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS - 7 Rules based Order Fulfillment Flow.

  • Fulfillment from Most / Lowest inventory in stock
  • Fulfillment from Closest location to shipping address
  • Fulfillment as per Location Priority

WooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS - 7 Product Central. Easy way to Bulk edit and Manage Products from all locations on one screen.

✔ WooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS - 7 Store Locator on Google Maps, Allows your users to find stores nearby or close to their location using map. Filter Stores on map by products or radius.

✔ WooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS - 7 Backend only mode. Allows admins to assign fulfillment locations to order from backend, customer won’t have to choose locations while ordering.

✔ WooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS - 7 Set Locations as Local Pickup Locations for the customer to display or choose a pickup location at checkout.

✔ Location Shop Page. Separate page which lists product available at particular Location. 

✔ Lists only Selected Locations products. WooCommerce shop page shows only filtered products from globally selected Locations. Hide Locations from our website’s frontend pages using this option

✔ SubLocation for more granular level inventory control. Sublocations can be rack, bin number, shelf number, sub-area of a warehouse, floor, building etc.

WooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS - 7 Location Groups to club your various locations into one group. It can represent City, Region, District, State or Country etc. It’s very useful to aggregate inventory availability across multiple locations.

Option to assign Shop Managers  to locations 

✔ Notify Location Managers or Employees. Admin Order notification emails are also sent to the Locations email ID and WooCommerce locations Managers. 

✔ Assign Specific Payment Methods to locations

 Automatically detect user’s geolocation from browser and allocate Woocommerce Location based on geolocation. 

 When visitors revisit the website, the site will show the same location visitor had chosen on their previous visit.

 Adds each location’s Inventory to your default Woocommerce inventory

Plugin Increase Conversion by Suggesting another nearest location availability of product when its out of stock at selected location 

Visitors can see selected warehouse / location on checkout and cart page.

Restrict customer to specific locations from WordPress Backend

REST API to get and update product stock for locations

Show Distance to Selected WooCommerce Location in Kilometer or Miles

Add Unlimited Warehouse or Stock Locations for WooCommerce easily without any extra cost 

WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management - 3

Manage inventory easily with one dashboard

Simplify your operations and increase your efficiencies with one dashboard

WooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS - 7 Product Central is a powerful dashboard for Bulk edit and Manage Products from all locations on one screen. Our Customers are using Product Central to figure out the innovative way to control inventory to improve inefficiencies and maximize profits.

 Additionally, Quickly update locations stock levels by updating stock through product listing page in WooCommerce Backend Dashboard. The Stock Update/Edit icons on the WooCommerce Product list in the backend dashboard will give you a popup for updating your inventory.

Unlock Seamless Shipping for Your Business with Multiple Locations

Say hello to a more efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses with multiple locations. With our solution, you’ll enjoy:

✔ Effortless Delivery Area Assignment: Assign a delivery area for each location with ease using WooCommerce Shipping Zone.

✔ Seamless Compatibility: Works with top shipping solutions, including WooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS, FedEx, and EasyPost, which supports over 100 carriers.

  • WooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS
  • WooCommerce Shipping Pro for FedEx 
  • WooCommerce Shipping Pro for EasyPost

 Simplify Shipping with Our In-House Plugins: Our WooCommerce Multilocation solution is compatible with 

  • StockUpp Advanced Shipping for WooCommerce
  • StockUpp – Shipping Packages For WooCommerce
  • Distance Rate Shipping for WooCommerce
  • Local Pickup for WooCommerce

all developed by techspawn, the same team behind this awesome plugin.

✔ Customizable Shipping Rates: Create your own shipping rates based on location with Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce by bolderelements.

 Tailored Shipping Rules: Use WooCommerce Advanced Shipping by sormano to create custom shipping rules based on location.

✔ Automated Order Separation: Automatically split orders based on the location of each product with our Addon to Split Order based on Locations.

✔ Split Package Shipping: Separate packages by location at checkout for easy tracking and shipment of items ordered from different locations.

✔ Integration with ShipStation: Streamline your shipping process even further with ShipStation Integration   by WooCommerce, plugin sends location information to a custom field in Shipstation and automates the routing of orders to the correct location.

Elevate Your Shipping Game with Our All-In-One Shipping Solution for Businesses with Multiple Locations!

WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management - 4

Sell in Multiple Physical Stores and Online

WooCommerce MultiLocation Plugin integrates with POS plugins and lets you sell stock available in your various outlet, both online and offline to maximise the profit. Plugins let you continuously update the stock in stores and on the website. This means that when products get sold in outlet, they’re automatically taken into account and the correct stock number is shown on your website.

 ✔ Compatible with OpenPOS – WooCommerce Point Of Sale(POS)

 ✔ Compatible with Point of Sale for WooCommerce by Actuality Extensions

 ✔ Compatible with StockUpp POS for WooCommerce by techspawn. Buy Multilocation plugin and Get this POS plugin for free.

WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management - 5

Import & Export Stock with Ease

 ✔ Compatible with WP All Import for Import / Export of Stock.

 ✔ Free Addon for Import & Export Stock Quantities via CSV & Excel

More powerful when combined with other top-selling plugins.

 ✔ Get more out of WooCommerce Multi-location plugin by using it with StockUpp for WooCommerce! Using StockUpp, you can organize your sales, purchase orders, suppliers, shipments etc. It also gives Sales, Purchase, Inventory Reports based on locations.

 ✔ Multi-Currency Support. Compatible with Multi-Currency for WooCommerce Plugin

 ✔ Create Dynamic Pricing and Discounts for your locations easily. Compatible with Discount Rules for WooCommerce – PRO plugin by flycart

 ✔ Compatible with WOOF – Products Filter for WooCommerce

 ✔ Compatible with WooCommerce Quickbooks Connector plugin

 ✔ Compatible with Yoast SEO plugin

Sales Report By Location (FREE Addon)

This FREE addon adds Sales by Location report tab to your WooCommerce Reports, allowing you to view Sales reports for specific locations at any time.

Report of Sales by Location is an important tool for business owners to understand location aspects of sales, how much is being sold at each location, which locations are performing the best and so on. You can identify the marketing strategy that will work best for that region by drilling down into location reports.

Easy to Install and Configure

 ✔ This plugin is well documented and includes step by step instructions for installation and configuration. It helps to configure it to suit specific user needs.

 ✔ Developer Friendly. We like to work with other WordPress developers. If you need assistants to use our product for your projects, just open a support ticket.

 ✔ Customisable. We made sure our plugin would cover most of the use cases, but if you have any unusual requirements that need a customisation in plugin, we’re more than happy to do a paid customization.

 ✔ No Monthly / Yearly Fees.

WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management - 6

Benefits of WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Plugin

 ✔ WooCommerce Inventory Management plugin allows you to view a list of locations and their inventory levels and easily make changes to product prices, stock levels, and other location-specific details.
 ✔ WooCommerce Inventory Management (Multi-Location) plugin helps you to make informed decisions about which products to stock, where to place them, and how much to order.
 ✔ Keep your website’s inventory in-sync across all locations / warehouses/ shops / branch using this plugin.
 ✔ Easy to manage multiple locations, both for product and orders
 ✔ No need to manage and install multiple WordPress sites and sync inventory across each site.
 ✔ Delegate Locations Management to Shop Managers
 ✔ Collect payments for each location using separate Payment Method
 ✔ Connect and Sync your Mulitlocations stock to third party inventory tools with WooCommerce REST API
 ✔ Assign a Delivery area for Location with Shipping Zone

WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management - 7

WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management - 8

WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management - 9

Have any Question?

Feel free to ask our Support if you looking for any additional features Or have Pre-Sale Question for Woccomerce Multi Warehouse Plugin

For Free configuration support send request to Skype: techspawn1 or Email to support@techspawn.com 

Read more about us at: www.techspawn.com

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= Version 3.4.8= May 4, 2023
[Fix] Error when "WC Tax To Each Location" setting is enabled

= Version 3.4.5= April 5, 2023
[Fix] Storefront theme > Location info short code not working
[Fix] Stock field for variable product 
[Fix] Validation for extra stock than avilable

= Version 3.3.9= February 15, 2023
[Add]  Warning while enabling location cron

= Version 3.3.8= February 11, 2023
[Add]  Location popup Block in (Gutenberg) Block Editor
[Add]  Location Switch Block in (Gutenberg) Block Editor
[Add]  Location Finder Block in (Gutenberg) Block Editor
[Add]  Location info Block in (Gutenberg) Block Editor
[Fix] Location fee is not accepted in the decimal.

= Version 3.3.5= February 04, 2023
[Fix] Error for "Hide out of stock products" setting is enabled

= Version 3.3.5= January 22, 2023
[Fix] Variable product > able to place order without location selection.

= Version 3.3.5= January 14, 2023
[Add]  "enable all / disable all" feature in column settings of Product central
[Fix]  Limit one location per order issue for a variable product. 

= Version 3.3.3= January 1, 2023
[Fix]  Add Open by text and close by text when we add the location time from the edit location.
[Fix]  Add location open time and close time in advanced list view instead of dropdown and simple list view.

= Version 3.3.2= December 25, 2022
[New]  Location Fees field to each location
[Fix] - REST API Issue

= Version 3.3.1= December 18, 2022
[Fix] [Enhancement] Set Radius >> Should display "We are not serving this area" message in the cart page when we enter the address out of the given radius.
[New] ADD enable disable toggle beside location name in product edit page
[New] Add clear filter button in product central to clear the values in the selected filter.
[New] Manage group > New filed called "loaction" which display all the locations added in manage loaction section
[Fix] Product central > Product id alignment issue
[Fix] Facing warnings in locations dropdown on single product page when fedex and multilocation is actiavted at a time.

= Version 3.3.0= December 10, 2022
[New] Allow Backorder for each location 
[New] Location as a category enhancement of stock value recovery
[Fix] The stock does not increase after cancelling the order.
[Fix]  Group Location >> Only that Location group is displayed which location is assigned to the location group.
[Fix]   Assigned outlet should not be assigned to another location.
[Fix]  Reframe the settings name for "location list view" and "list view" 
[Fix]  Display Setting > User need to scroll down a lot to reach the "Save" button
[Fix]  Set your location time setting is not working as expected

= Version 3.2.9= December 05, 2022
[Add] Location shop manager can able to see only products assigned to location in his order 
[Fix] Get Direction is not working with Location group setting 
[Fix] All Products Filter >When a product's Stock Quantity is "0," for particular location the product is still displayed in the filter results.
[Fix] Back end only mode > Add order >Stock goes to negative 
[Fix] Product central> stock status is not working for variable product. 
[Fix] [wcmlim_locations_popup] shortcode is not displayed on the front end when " Allow users to set location" setting is disabled.

= Version 3.2.6= November 16, 2022
[New]  Advanced List view with shipping cost and time
[New]  Compatibilty with  StockUpp POS for WooCommerce by techspawn
[Fix] 20+ fixes related to user experience

= Version 3.2.5= October 27, 2022
[Fix] Stock is not available for the product, it is still displayed as in stock in the product edit.
[Fix] Total stock is not reducing after deleting the location for variable product.
[Fix] When the Limit 1 location per order setting is enabled, the location is not selectable in the location drop down.
[Fix]  "Show Next Closest in stock Location" settings is not working as expected.

= Version 3.2.4= October 17, 2022
[Fix] The option "use current location" does not appear in the Location dropdown after clicking on it.
[Fix] When product is on "Allow Backorder" , the on frontend add to cart button is not working with list view(display setting)
[Fix] ]Backend only mode >> Product total count is not displayed when we use 'Location with most inventory in stock' rule
[Fix]  Local pickup location > The pickup location address should be displayed the same for both frontend and backend only modes.

= Version 3.2.3= October 11, 2022
[New]  Option to Set Location Cookie Time
[Fix] If admin enter sale price greater than regular price in product central then the message should be displayed as "please enter a value less than the regular price".

= Version 3.2.2= October 01, 2022
[Fix] Simplify backend-only mode settings.
[Fix] Backorder setting is not working for variable product
[Fix] The checkout page is always loading with Backend only modes 2nd rule 
[Fix] Show address details >It displays the street address twice on the product details page with list view.
[Fix] Hide the location dropdown on the product page if the stock status for a specific product variation is disabled.

= Version 3.2.1= September 24, 2022
[Fix] Facing error on checkout page "Error processing checkout. Please try again" Can't place an order.
[Fix] Local pickup location(Back end only mode) Issue for both simple and variable product
[Fix] Added validation > Multilocation > Local Pickup location when the product stock is 0

= Version 3.2.0= September 17, 2022
[Fix] Manage location> location priority field is displayed when the back end-only mode is disabled.
[Fix]  "The total stock does not equal the total stock of the locations." even when the total stock quantity is the same.
[Fix] Allow Backorder > List view > Both variable and Simple product "On Backorder" text does not appear

= Version 3.1.8= August 13, 2022
[Fix] Aligment issues on frontend 

= Version 3.1.7= August 06, 2022
[Fix] Critical error in backend only mode
[Fix] Restrict user's setting issue
[Fix] Detect location on page load setting

= Version 3.1.6= August 02, 2022
[Fix] Multilocation backend mode rule 2 having issue on checkout page
[Fix] Enable WC Tax Class For Each Line Item
[Fix] shop now functionality on variable product  
[Fix] WCPOS compatibility - Set one outlet to one location, Added backorder support
[Fix] WCPOS stock count issue

= Version 3.1.5= July 18, 2022
[Fix] Add to cart issue on the location page
[Fix] Detect location on page load 
[Fix] Nearby location finder

= Version 3.1.4= July 02, 2022
[Fix] Backend only mode - rewriting closest location by shipping address
[Fix] Code optimization 
[Fix] Stock Updation issue once order is placed with rule
[Fix] Backend only mode order critical error once order is placed with php8

= Version 3.1.3= June 19, 2022 
[New]  Compatibility with ShipStation for WooCommerce

= Version 3.1.2= May 29, 2022 
[New] Nearby location feature when using Backend only mode
[New]  Compatibility with Point of Sale for WooCommerce by Actuality Extensions

= Version 3.0.9= March 22, 2022 
[Fix] Order page filter issue 

= Version 3.0.7= Feb 28, 2022 
[Fix] Email notification fixes 
[Fix] Validation for max item allocation in order from backend 
[Fix] Product count issue for backend only mode.

= Version 3.0.5= Jan 16, 2022
[Fix] Variable products location dropdown issue.

= Version 3.0.3= December 18, 2021
[New] Custom Message for Notification 
[Fix] Product Central Fix for huge data 
[Fix] Manage Stock / Stock Updation Improvements

= Version 3.0.2= December 4, 2021
[New] Import Export AddOn [Initial Release]
[New] Get Direction on the selection of location at the product page 
[New] Split Shipping Package by locations
[Enhancement] - Shop Page Filter product by stock for the selected location
[Fix] Main Stock update issue on quick edit at product listing page
[Fix] Variable product stock update issue on quick edit at product listing page 

= Version 3.0.1= November 28, 2021
[NEW] Product central new option for MANAGE STOCK  in product central 
[Fix] Fixes for location group options
[Fix] Safari browser issue for variable product 

= Version 3.0.0= November 18, 2021
[New] Add Location Group feature for multilocation inventory. 
[New] Added Location group taxonomy.
[New] Added Location group user role.
[New] Shortcode for location group select view
[New] Update on popup shortcode if location group enable.
[New] Location group control options.       
[Fix] For shop managers permission to view and restrict location-specific orders.             
[New] Location group manager support for view/update stock and price (regular and sale price) on inventory.             
[Fix] On select safari browser issues updated.           
[New] On select location Set cookies Location Term and Location Group ID to support custom development.
[Fix] Backend Only (Reduce stock as per shipping zone).

= Version 1.2.16= November 4, 2021
[Fixed]  Screen hang issue & Backorder issue for restricted users
[Fixed]  Update restrict users to particular location logic

= Version 1.2.15= November 1, 2021
[Fixed]  Backend only mode line items sorting 

= Version 1.2.14= October 9, 2021
[Fixed] Product central issue

= Version 1.2.13 = October 4, 2021
[Fixed] On order place mail not sent issue fixed.
[Fixed] Fixed rest apis permission callback error
[Fixed] = Fixed Backend only mode stock deducted when order created
[Fixed] if manage stock disables still showing location on product list page fixed
[Fixed] in stock status as per wc settings if nearby location finder on
[Enhancement] Limit one location per order works with nearby location finder
[Enhancement] Refactor code, Removed unnecessary inventory log code, created empty table on activation
[Enhancement] Removed inventory logs dead code.
[Fixed] same product with same location added as new item in cart issue fixed
[Fixed] location not showing selected after product add to cart issue fixed
[Fixed] Fixed nearby location finder issues
[Fixed] Fixed multiple undefined notices on locations map page & added some validation in create locations rest api
[Enhancement] enable billing for map api error has been tracked for Validate api click
[Fixed] = Created location by api it doesn't appear on the map.
[Fixed] = Variable Product Accept button issue
[Fixed] = Force visitors to location popup closed on esc button issue fixed
[Enhancement] = Set popup icon position
[Fixed] = OpenPOS issue on order refund locations stock not updated
[Fixed] = Fixed validate api url protocol issue http/https
[Fixed] = Fixed undefined variable error on order line item location dropdown.
[Fixed] = Fixed WC Rest API Publicly available issue

= Version 1.2.12 = August 28, 2021
Fix: Shortcode tab and Shortcode documentation
Fix: Savay theme compatibility

= Version 1.2.11 = August 18, 2021
Fix: X store theme compatibility fixes
Fix: Next available stock

= Version 1.2.10 = August 02, 2021
New: Product Central. Easy way to Bulk edit and Manage Products from all locations on one screen.
New: Cron and button to update the total of location stock to the main stock 
Fix:  Location selection Issue for safari browser and iOS
Fix:  Share my location not working

= Version 1.2.9 = July 26, 2021
New: Stock update popup on WooCommerce Product list page. Now quickly update locations stock from one page

= Version 1.2.8 = July 20, 2021
New: List and Grid view for locations 
New: Bulk allocate default location to products 
Fix: Regular price sale price issue on variable product 
Fix: Clear cart fix for WooCommerce version 5.5.1

= Version 1.2.7 = July 8, 2021
New:  Bulk allocate default location to users
Fix: Local Pickup Location for backend mode
Fix: Virtual and Downloadable products add to cart issue

= Version 1.2.6 = July 3, 2021
Add: Set locations as Local Pickup Locations
Add: Compatibility with Woocommerce Composite Product Plugin by SomewhereWarm
Fix: Allow to order from only one location per order issue fixed

= Version 1.2.5 = June 18, 2021
Add: Rules based order fulfillment:
   Fulfillment from most inventory in stock 
   Fulfillment from Closest location to shipping address
   Fulfillment as per Location priority
Add:  Default location setting

= Version 1.2.4 = June 5, 2021
Fix: Variation Product Sale price fix
Fix: Location Email Notification template
Add: Option to disable plugin CSS
Add: Location Cluster on Store locator map

= Version 1.2.3 = May 28, 2021
Add: Ajax add to cart with selected location
Add: Location Support for Manage stock at product level for variable products
Fix: Location shop manager fixes
Fix: Order filter by location

= Version 1.2.2 = May 20, 2021
Add: Woocommerce Advanced shipping Compatibility
Add: Option to allocate orders automatically to Nearest Location using Customer Shipping address
Add: WPML Compatibility (WIP)
Fix: Code optimization & Reorganisation of Settings

= Version 1.2.1 = May 8, 2021
Add: Location filter widget
Add: Compatibility with Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce plugin
Fix: Minor UI and UX issues

= Version 1.2.0 = May 1, 2021
Add: Store Locator on Google Maps, Allows users to find stores nearby or close to their location using map.
Add: Store List shortcode
Add: Backend only mode, allows admins to assign order locations from backend 
Add: List only Selected Locations products.
Add: Location Shop Page. Separate page which lists product available at particular Location.
Fix: Backorder Issues

= Version 1.1.7 = April 25, 2021
Fix: Backorder issues
Add: Hide out of stock locations

= Version 1.1.6 = April 17, 2021
Add: Assign Shipping Methods to locations
Fix: Bug fixes 

= Version 1.1.5 = April 7, 2021
Add: Compatibility with Openpos - WooCommerce Point Of Sale(POS)
Add: Better UI with design preview and color options for location data  
Add: Compatibility with Yoast SEO
Add: Option to Limit users to order from only one location 
Add: Suggest other nearest location when product is out of stock

= Version 1.1.4 =  March 15, 2021
Add: Create Sub-location under locations
Add: Assign Payment Methods to locations
Add: Hide/show location on frontend 

= Version 1.1.3 = March 3, 2021
Add: assign Shop Managers to locations
Fix: Enhanced way to store inventory in database

= Version 1.1.2 =
Add: Restrict customers to specific locations
Add: Compressed js files for better speed

= Version 1.1.1 =
Add: Locations Distance from the entered address 
Add: Option to add location-wise price

= Version 1.1.0 =
Note: If you are upgrading from 1.0.0, previously created locations will be deleted, and need to create those once again.
Add:  Assign Shipping zones to each location
Add:  Shortcode to select a sitewide location
Add:  Option to detect visitors location and set nearby location

= Version 1.0.0 =
- Initial Realase.