WooCommerce Product Variation Table

WooCommerce Product Variation Table



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WooCommerce Product Variation Table allows you to arrange your product variations in the form of a variation table. You can provide an organized view of your product variations in the grid and tabular format. It offers different layouts and various options for table customization. Also, It has a search feature for variation tables, which further increases the ease-of-use. So use this plugin and improve your user experience.


From this update Version 1.1.0 onwards, WooCommerce Product Variation Table plugin and its support will be handled by WP Swings

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What you can do with the Product Variation Table plugin

  1. You can showcase all variations of products in the form of tables as well as grids on your online store.
  2. Customize column names and select your preferred color for the table header.
  3. Provide a user-friendly view of your product variations to your customers.
  4. Change the background color or image of the product variation table.

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Benefits of WooCommerce Product Variation Table

  1. Provides a well-arranged look to your online store With product variation in tables and increases the ease of selecting desired variations.
  2. Enhances your customer’s shopping experience by saving their time.
  3. This plugin is mobile responsive. It also works great on devices like computers, tablets, etc.
  4. Allows customers to view all product variations in tabular format with one click on the ‘show All Variations’ button.

Features of WooCommerce Product Variation Table

  1. It provides seven types of table structures.
  2. Every column name is customizable in the WooCommerce product list table.
  3. It Provides two types for grid view of variations.
  4. All tables are mobile responsive.
  5. Border color, text color, table color, and background image are customizable with the new advanced table.
  6. Search and filter features are available for many product variation tables.
  7. Enable customers to place orders in one click from the variation table.

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Live Demo

Visit a demo to experience the powerful features of Plugin and explore.

  • Frontend demo of Product variation table: Click here

  • Backend demo of Product variation table: Click here

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Is this plugin working on a Variable Product?

A. Basically this plugin is created for variable products. We provide the tabular variation for all variable products.

Q. Can I change all text of the Variation?

A. Yes you can change the text of variation table. Go to the Variation Table -> Default Variation Table Setting -> here are the text boxes. You can easily change the text.

Q. Is there any search box when many Variation are listed on Product Page?

A. We provide a search box for searching the variation. Go to the Variation Table -> Default Variation Table Setting -> Enable Check box for applying filter and pagination on Table View.

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This plugin is not subjected to GDPR compliance as it does not store any sensitive data of a user. It only holds information related to software that is run by WordPress & WooCommerce of the holder.

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14-02-2022: Ver 1.1.0
New: Change author from MakeWebBetter to WP Swings
New: Notice display of current version for WP Swings
New: Minor Bug fixes
New: Compatible with latest WP and WC    

18-12-2021: Ver 1.0.9
New: Tested up to WC: 6.0.0
New: Tested up to WP: 5.8.2 
New: Compatibility with WPML
New: Compatibility with Multisite

18-10-2021: Ver 1.0.8
Fixed: Phpcs/QA/security issues
Fixed: All Git issues
New: Tested up to WC: 5.7.1
New: Tested up to WP : 5.8.1

11-03-2021: Ver 1.0.7
Fix: Compatible with latest WP and WC 
Fix: Update language file

01.08.2019: Ver 1.0.6
New Table Structure added.
Fix: Bugs fixed

03.03.2019: Ver 1.0.5 
New: Added setting for widget enable/disable

28.12.2018: Ver 1.0.4 
Fix: Minor fixes

05.04.2018: Ver 1.0.3
New: Plugin Auto update feature.
New: Compatibility with WooCommerce Colors and Swatches for Variations 

26.02.2018: Ver 1.0.2
New: Added two new table structure for variations. 

12.11.2017: Ver 1.0.1
New: Quantity Grid View for Two Global Attribute.
New: Grid View Table of Variations with Cart Buttons.
Fix: Allow Back Orders.

30.08.2017: Ver 1.0.0
Initial Release