WooCommerce Related Products C4W – Dynamic rules for Upsell and Cross Sell

WooCommerce Related Products C4W - Dynamic rules for Upsell and Cross Sell


WooCommerce Related Products C4W is the most powerful plugin solution for WooCommerce shops, that displays additional product offers on a product page of your website.

The key is Dynamic Rules, that allow you to link different products with different values, prices, and priorities.

You can add new related product blocks, and replace existing upsell and cross-sell offers. The plugin allows you to define unlimited dynamic rules for displaying products that are similar to the one your customer is planning to purchase or that you want to be sold. The rules for setting related products can be very different and the products can be different and of course only those that you want to see.

WooCommerce Related Products C4W is the new smart option to help you drive your online sales and increases your customers’ engagement and improves.

What’s the Benefit?

  • Create your own rules for related products;
  • Replace default and usually non-relevant related products;
  • Avoid manual type-in of the up-sell and cross-sell products;
  • Utilize dynamic rules to display relevant products to your customers easily.

Main Features

  • Ability to connect products from one collection using SKU;
  • Create rules with global parameter “all” or create rules only for certain products;
  • Link products from similar range of prices;
  • Show products with the same tags or categories;
  • Different blocks layout, position, and sorting;
  • Multiple blocks in one page;
  • Show only instock products or show out of stock;
  • Responsive carousel slider or grid display;
  • Customizable block title, product count, block position and priority.

Rule Targeting

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Price
  • SKU
  • Stock status
  • Weight

More rules will be available in future releases.

Sorting Options

  • Random
  • Bestsellers
  • Newest
  • Price (high to low; low to high)

Plugin Shortcode

This WordPress plugin provides shortcode for embedding linked products blocks into the post content.

Example: [linked-products id=123], where id=”…” — ID of your rule.

Plugin Updates

2021-09-03 - ver 2.1.9
New: compatibility with theme IranKala.

2021-06-24 - ver 2.1.8
Improved: Woodmart theme compatibility.

2021-03-22 - ver 2.1.7
New: license domain;
Fixed: update form with license.

2021-02-24 - ver 2.1.6
Improved: shprtcode positions.

2021-02-24 - ver 2.1.5
New: rules for matching items by titles.

2019-12-09 - ver 2.1.4
Fixed: a few minor errors. 

2019-10-09 - ver 2.1.3
New: compatibility with the WooCommerce Simple Auctions plugin;
New: option to choose the number of columns in slider;
Improved: slider design.

2019-09-2 - ver 2.1.2
New: updates through the admin panel;
Fixed: RTL CSS. 

2019-08-19 - ver 2.1.1
New: compatibility with Woodmart theme.

2019-08-5 - ver 2.1.0
New: global logic for applying rules;
New: match products by similar SKU;
New: match products by similar prices;
New: plugin renamed;
New: other small rules.

2019-02-12 - ver 2.0.0
Fixed: deleting process;
Improved: compatibility issues;
New: matching products by titles;
New: activation process.

2018-08-13 - ver 1.5.1
    - Minor code improvements

2018-02-13 - ver 1.5
    - Minor code improvements
    - Updated .pot translation file
    - Fixed bug with draft products in blocks

2017-11-02 - ver 1.4
    - Minor improvements and bugfix
    - Added ability to disable plugin css and js via hooks (see documentation)

2017-05-13 - ver 1.3
    - Minor improvements and bugfix

2016-10-23 - ver 1.2
    - Minor code improvements
    - Updated documentation

2016-10-20 - ver 1.1
    - Added new features
    - Fixed several bugs

2016-10-05 - ver 1.0
    - Initial release