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WooCommerce Shop the Look


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Showcasing complete looks is getting more and more important in 2021. Not only Zalando does, but more and more online shops show get the look products to increase their sales. Image yourself seeing an outfit of a person you like and want to buy. Our WooCommerce plugin makes this possible by showing not only the outfit or set itself, but by showing all shoppable items directly at the same page. From here customers can choose their products and add them manually or all to cart with ease. Simply sell lookbooks & get the look products with ease! Some example use cases:

  • Sell outfits for Women or Men including size + color variations
  • Showcase complete living room examples with tables, chairs, lights
  • Present gaming equipment sets containing PC, mouse, keyboard

Complete the look Features

WooCommerce Complete the Look features

Simply sell complete the look products. Live add to cart functionality, variation product support, out of stock support and adding all products to cart at once. Simple and easy to use!

More features

Latest WPMP, WooCommerce & WP Support

Our plugin was tested with latest versions of WordPress, WooCommerce and WPML.

Well documented

As all our products, we created an easy to follow documentation including an explanation & setup video.
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- NEW:    Added flatsome custom hooks
- FIX:    Wholesale plugin error
- FIX:    Removed stock status when no variation found

- FIX:    Price not shown on shortcode variation select
- FIX:    Price missing thousands seperator
- FIX:    Total price not rounded
- FIX:    Price display wrong when excl. TAX was set
- FIX:    Not matching variations will disable product button

- NEW:    Performance improvement
- FIX:    URL encoding issue for Greek Attribute Names
- FIX:    Currency symbol not showed when using currency position WITH space
- FIX:    WPML Keys missing

- FIX:    Deleting all shop look products not possible
- FIX:    Shortcode for elementor more dynamic (no need to enter product id)

- FIX:    Error not found in JS

- NEW:    Added support for "any" variations
- FIX:    fatal error on product pages

- NEW:    Performance option in general settings
- NEW:    Added support for porto & woodmart
- NEW:    Added is_purchaseable() function on add to cart & checkbox button
- NEW:    Alert issue when ajax failed
- FIX:    Using document jQuery listeners now

- FIX:    Moved the "Shop the Look proudcts" to linked products 
        section in backend in order to support variable products
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====== 1.0.0 ====== - Inital release