WP File Access Manager – Easy Way to Restrict WordPress Uploads

WP File Access Manager - Easy Way to Restrict WordPress Uploads


Ever wondered about uploading files for specific users or restrict one or multiple users from accessing a file you uploaded on your WordPress site ? This is the solution for you!

WFAM Woocommerce Setting

WP File Access Manager is a WordPress plugin that allows you to control access for every single file you upload to your WordPress Media Library. It comes with the integration of WooCommerce & Paid Memberships pro which lets you set up your eCommerce or membership site media restriction management a lot simpler.

NGINX Users: If you’re using nginx web server, you’ll need to add a rule to your nginx config, please make sure you/your server admin can take care of this part mentioned in the documentation

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WP File Access Manager Features:

  • Setup Restrictions for Individual Files
  • Setup Restrictions for File Types (e.g: pdf, jpg, png, zip, txt, docx, doc, mp4, mp3, mov, ppt, xls, csv and any other file type)
  • Setup Restrictions for All the files
  • Restrict access to files based on logged in status
  • Restrict Access to files based on User’s Roles.
  • Restrict Access to files based on individual user id (Added through admin panel)
  • Works with PDF Viewer for WordPress Plugin to restrict PDF FIles.
  • Very Lightweight
  • Very Easy to use
  • Well Documented
  • Strong customer support

Multisite Compatibility

WP File Access Manager is not currently compatible with Multisite. It only works with single WordPress installations.

Documentation of WP File Access Manager

Documentation for WP FIle Access Manager can be found here

Support for WP File Access Manager ?

We provide support through our helpdesk, Click here to go our helpdesk.

Changelog of WP File Access Manager

2.5 ( 26 March 2022 )

* Fixed issue with selecting user role.

2.4 ( 17 March 2022 )

* Fixed Warnings on setting pages
* Fixed Warning on PDF Viewer page
* Fixed Compatibility for Scaled Images
* Updated Compatibility with Php 8.0+
* Misc. Performance Improvements.

2.3 ( 28 October 2021 )

* Fixed issue with purchase registration.

2.2 ( 7 June 2021 )

* Added option to redirect to a specific page on error
* Misc. improvements & cleanups

2.1 ( 11 April 2021 )

* Fixed issue on File Type Settings options
* Added a filter
* Misc. improvements & cleanups

2.0 ( 9 August 2020 )

* Added WooCommerce Integration. You can now provide access based on Woocommerce purchase
* Added Paid Memberships Pro Integration. Allow/Disallow access based on pmpro level
* Updated Require login functionality to make a file either protected or public.
* Fixed saving issue on File Type settings page
* Misc. improvements & cleanups

1.3 ( 1 June 2020 )

* Updated the restriction logic/system slightly. previously configured files will still work but its recommended to reset to the settings for each of the old files as it may cause issues in future.
* Hidden updates menu from non-admin users even if the File Access Manager Menu is set to display to non-admins
* Added Protected message in media details page/popup for restricted files

1.2 ( 8 May 2020 )

* Fixed bug with Single user access

1.1 ( 22 April 2020 )

* Added Automatic Update Checker
* Added One Click Updater
* Updated some messages to make settings fields more clear and easy to understand.

1.0 ( 20 April 2020 )

* Initial Release