WP One Time File Download – Unique Link Generator WordPress Plugin

WP One Time File Download - Unique Link Generator WordPress Plugin


WP One Time File Download (WP OTFD) is a Premium WordPress Plugin that generates Unique Download Links for your files. Simple to use and customize, fully compatible with any WordPress theme and plugin. Use it as a shortcode on your website and display it as a link/form or just generate download links from the admin dashboard.

Version 2.6.4 / Updated October 17th, 2021

WP One Time File Download - Unique Link Generator WordPress Plugin
WP One Time File Download - Unique Link Generator WordPress Plugin
WP One Time File Download - Unique Link Generator WordPress Plugin

Why you should use WP One Time File Download?

WP OTFD plugin will help you to grow your audience and engage more visitors on your website. A direct link to a file can be sent via multiple channels like slack, messenger, skype etc. and the user doesn’t have to visit your website to download it. Our plugin comes with a solution: it generates Unique Download Links for each visitor and once it was used to download the file, it will not work anymore. Of course, you can set a validity period for a download link – for example, from the moment that file was downloaded, the link should be valid 10 more minutes (or whatever value you want). To find out how to use the plugin, check the ‘Plugin Functionality’ section.

WP One Time File Download - Unique Link Generator WordPress Plugin
WP One Time File Download - Unique Link Generator WordPress Plugin
WP One Time File Download - Unique Link Generator WordPress Plugin


2.6.4 / October 17th, 2021
- fix: email content not stored properly
- fix: nonce check condition logic wasn't correct
- feature: improved code quality
- feature: added translation (.pot & de_DE .po .mo) files
- feature: 1 click plugin update

2.6.3 / March 28, 2021
- feature: added option to redirect to custom page if link is expired
- feature: generate multiple unique download links and download as CSV file
- feature: added option to search shortcode by title

2.6.2 / June 05, 2020
- feature: improved the download process for internal files

2.6.1 / May 29, 2020
- fix: getting correct file size when HTTP/2 protocol is used
- feature: display admin warning message if allow_url_fopen is not enabled

2.6 / 17 September 2019
- fix: issue related to loading assets (because plugin zip is renamed by Envato)

2.5 / 26 August 2019
- fix: resolved the “get file size” issue when curl is disabled
- fix: “continue 2;” warning on php version > 7
- feature: option to not load css in the frontend. Example: [wp_otfd id=“ID” hide-css=“1”]
- feature: auto update functionality

- feature: when accessing the download link, display a page instead of force download the file. In the page content the following shortcodes can be used: {{WP_OTFD_FILE_SIZE}}, {{WP_OTFD_FILE_NAME}}, {{WP_OTFD_FILE_EXTENSION}}, {{WP_OTFD_FILE_DOWNLOAD_LINK}}

 2.3 / 25 May 2019 
- added css area for download page 
- display file size on download
- removed some unused code

2.2 / 6 February 2019
- fixed the delete shortcode functionality (blank screen)
- fixed the redirect issue on create new shortcode functionality (happened when the WordPress was installed in a directory like https://domain.tld/directory

2.1 / 22 January 2019
- fixed the download issue (corrupted file) when the file contains space in filenameexample when link is generated in newsletter)
- fixed the fatal error for PHP < 5.5
- added pagination on form entries/submissions page
- added pagination on shortcode page
- added new feature to display a page with content instead of force downloading the file

- fixed the GMT timestamp issue
- display the download url when link title is not set (works only with links that are generated via php, not with js)

1.9 / 23 October 2018
- added do_action when shortcode is displayed as link and not cached (useful for 3rd party extensions to store reports, for example when link is generated in newsletter)
- fixed some html class tags in backend templates

<code>1.8 / 10 October 2018
- fixed the rewrite url issue on nginx servers</code>
<code>1.7 / 28 September 2018
- fixed ajax expiration bug
- fixed the multisite issue on shortcode save
- functionality to add form custom fields
- fixed issue on form entries page (all files were displayed as external file)</code>
<code>1.6 / 01 August 2018
- added option to enable auto cleanup form entries after X days (useful for GDPR)
- added option to manually remove form entry</code>
<code>1.5 / 20 July 2018
- added option to set css class for links
- added option to set link title
- added option to include content/images/other html tags in link -> use the shortcode style [wp_otfd id=“ID”]your needed content goes here, images, other html tags[/wp_otfd]
- other small fixes</code>
<code>1.4 / 12 July 2018
- changed the download functionality and tested with files up to 1GB
- changed the download functionality to work on Nginx servers
- added the option to add a filename and extension for a downloaded file (ie: your file is <a href="https://yourserver.com/uploads/yourfile.zip" rel="nofollow">https://yourserver.com/uploads/yourfile.zip</a> but the downloaded file will be mydownload.zip)
- added rel="nofollow" to download links</code>
<code>1.3 / 21 June 2018
- added a spinner animation on form submission
- added new page in admin dashboard -> list with all form submissions</code>
<code>1.2 / 14 June 2018
- Bug: fixed the issue that trimmed the last char in the email sender name</code>
<code>1.1 / 11 May 2018
- Feature: mailster integration
- Feature: external file functionality
- Update: fixed the caching issue</code>
<code>1.0 / 10 May 2018
- initial release</code>